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The latest VMAP Working Tools newsletter announces the VMAP Challenge. Read More
Honors Conferral Comments
Bro. Jeff Breault 32°, KCCH was the KCCH candidate during the 2015 Honors Conferral.  Bro. Jeff made the comments during the evening banquet with assembled guests.  The comments outline potential solutions for the challenges ahead for our fraternity.  Read Banquet Comments
Tyler's Place
This month, host Bro. Maynard Edwards, 32°, interviews a WWE Superstar who just became a Master of the Royal Secret!  Maynard also talks with Lt. Grand Commander Jim Cole, 33°, who's going to tell you why you should pack your bags and head to one of the 2016 Scottish Rite Workshops.
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24-25 Office Closed - Christmas
 1 Office Closed - New Year's Day
 5 Elmo Lodge Meeting - 7:00 pm (No Dinner)
 6 Knights of St. Andrew
      Dinner - 6:00 pm
      Meeting - 7:00 pm
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