This Week at Grace, July 27, 2020
Pastor Tim
Hey Grace’rs,

Here is all you need to know to stay connected to Grace this week!

2 Heads up for this week:

1) Tuesday@6: How to Re-Set Your Life During Covid. I interviewed my friend Dr. Gregg Jantz who has spent his life helping people reclaim their lives.

3) Wednesday@6: We’re taking a one week break from our Mark Bible Study to listen in to an interview I did with Pastor Warren Stewart, Jr. and his experiences with racism.
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Interview with Dr. Gregg Jantz@6 pm. How to Reset Your Life During Covid.

Interview with Pastor Warren Stewart, Jr.@6. Another in our series on Racism. 

Noon:  TNT  for the kids.  Join us  on Zoom  for games, Bible study, friends & fun! Email Brita for the Zoom link:

Worship Concert @6 pm. Sing along with Tony and Lise.

Prayer Time @6 pm.

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