January 21, 2021
Hey, Grace’rs,

This weekend we begin a new series: Cross Stories—The Parables of Jesus. Up first: Jesus’ most famous story, but the second half of it which is often ignored. We’ll look at birth order, Jesus, and your identity in Christ.
The service, as always, will come to you live on Saturday@5 pm on our online campus: www.Facebook.com/communityofgraceaz/ and www.Youtube.com/communityofgraceaz. Can’t join us at that time? The service is there for you when you’re ready!

Remember to download the kids worksheet and have bread/wine/grape juice ready for communion.
Our friends at Lord of Life Lutheran Church have created a short video to help navigate the Government’s COVID sign up site. You can view it here: https://youtu.be/SileoaRtKmQ

General $12,824.50 + $7,282.25 online/text = 20,106.75
FMSC $20

Samaritan $20
Contribution statements were emailed on January 13. Some of our members have told us that their contribution statement went directly to their Junk mailbox. If you add “noreply@shelbynextchms.com” to your contacts, that will hopefully prevent it from being marked as spam in the future. If you did not receive your contribution statement, please contact Kendrah Volunteer@BoldRecklessGrace.org and she will re-send that to you.

This weekend: First borns, siblings, and a Father’s reckless grace.
Pastor Tim
Pastor Tim
Pastor Kathleen
Pastor Kathleen
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