November 5, 2020
Hey, Grace’rs,

As of this writing (Wednesday afternoon), we still don’t know who will be the next President. By the time you read this, we might. 

But what we can say is that half of us will be thrilled and half of us will be out of our minds with despair!

So this is a great weekend to spiritually and emotionally regroup with your church family as we refocus on the one question that really matters: Who is Jesus? (Mark 8:27-30) 

You can worship in the building or online. See below!
The worship center is now open for two services each weekend: Saturday@5 and Sunday@9. It’s safe! And it’s good to be back if you want to join us. You can RSVP at

As always the Saturday@5 service will be live-streamed on and now also live on
Remember to download the kids worksheet and have bread/wine/grape juice ready for communion.
New way to connect with us: If you would like instant information, use our new text line: 602.806.9406

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Coming Up:
  • November 7/8: Jesus, Peter, and the Essay Question (Mark 8:27-30)
  • November 14/15: Jesus and the Call to Follow (Mark 8:31-38)
  • November 21/22: Jesus and the Meeting on the Mountain (Mark 9:2-8)
  • November 28/29: ADVENT! Joy Comes to the World

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Mission $450 + $175 online/text = $625
Youth $45 online/text
Samaritan $15 ACH
Hunger $25 online/text
Campus Maintenance $60 ACH
LPE $100

Thrivent Members: Many of you have access to Choice Dollars that you can designate each year to Grace. For more information:

This weekend: Who do you say Jesus is? The answer will change your life!
Pastor Tim
Pastor Tim
Pastor Kathleen
Pastor Kathleen
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