December 31, 2020
Hey, Grace’rs,

Happy New Year!

Take a look at the logo at the top of this E-Grace. You will notice some new words. While Bold and Reckless still define God’s grace for us, we’re using two new words to reset our imaginations of how God works in our lives: Disruptive and Transforming. Those two words will set the agenda for this weekend and for our mission together in 2021.

This weekend we’re going to kick off 2021 by looking at how to Hit the Reset Button.  This won’t be your normal, guilt-based, get your act together, message. God has something disruptively transforming in store for you this year.
The service, as always, will come to you live on Saturday@5 pm on our online campus: and Can’t join us at that time? The service is there for you when you’re ready!

Remember to download the kids worksheet and have bread/wine/grape juice ready for communion.

As you look ahead to a New Year, I invite you to deep dive into the power of God’s grace in Jesus. Our online campus has several opportunities for you to do just that.

Join us Tonight for our New Year’s Eve Trivia Party. You will need to join our Grace Lobby Group. Go to At the top you will see a blue Visit Group link. Click that. Request to join the lobby group. Then, at 6:30 tonight go to the Grace Lobby group and hit the Trivia Room link and you will be able to join with other Gracer’s for a Trivia Challenge!
Coming Up in 2021

Wednesday Night Online Bible Study: If you have questions about Faith or the Bible that keep tripping you up, send them to me at We will use them from time to time as a part of our Wednesday Bible Study.
Men, we’re going to look at the Book of Genesis and how it lines up with Science. We re-start Saturday, January 9@7:45 am on Zoom. If you want to join us email me at for the zoom link.

General $17,346.50 + $28,569 online/text + $10,480 stock gift = $56,395.50

Youth $20 online/text
Mission $100 + $50 online/text = $150
Samaritan $2,500
Holiday Outreach $590

All contributions for 2020 need to be received by our office, posted online or postmarked by today, December 31, 2020.

If you set up a Bill Pay service with your bank, and you direct them to issue the payment to us by December 31, that will qualify as a year-end gift, even if we receive it from the bank after the first of the year. The beauty of Bill Pay is that we do not get charged a credit card fee for that like we do with online or text gifts.

Thrivent Members: Many of you have access to Choice Dollars that you can designate each year to Grace. For more information:

This weekend: After a tough year, are you ready to hit the reset button?
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Pastor Tim
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Pastor Kathleen
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