eKnight Newsletter - May 24, 2018

Franciscan Virtue of the 4th Quarter: Goodness
The Old Monastery - A Reflection on Goodness
There was once an old monastery that had fallen upon hard times. Centuries earlier, it had been a thriving center where many dedicated monks lived and worked and had great influence on the realm. But now only five monks lived there, and they were all over seventy years old. This was clearly a dying order. 
A few miles from the monastery lived an old hermit who many thought was a prophet. One day as the monks agonized over the impending demise of their order, they decided to visit the hermit to see if he might have some advice for them. Perhaps he would be able to see the future and show them what they could do to save the monastery. 
The hermit welcomed the five monks to his hut, but when they explained the purpose of their visit, the hermit could only commiserate with them. "Yes, I understand how it is," said the hermit. "The spirit has gone out of the people. Hardly anyone cares much for the old things anymore." 
"Is there anything you can tell us," the abbot inquired of the hermit, "that would help us save the monastery?" 
"No, I'm sorry," said the hermit. "I don't know how your monastery can be saved. The only thing that I can tell you is that one of you is an apostle of God." 
The monks were both disappointed and confused by the hermit's cryptic statement. They returned to the monastery, wondering what the hermit could have meant by the statement, "One of you is an apostle of God." For months after their visit, the monks pondered the significance of the hermit's words. 
"One of us is an apostle of God," they mused. "Did he actually mean one of us monks here at the monastery? That's impossible. We are all too old. We are too insignificant. On the other hand, what if it's true? And if it is true, then which one of us is it?" 
One monk's contemplation was similar to the four others': "Do you suppose he meant the abbot? Yes, if he meant anyone, he probably meant the abbot. He has been our leader for more than a generation. On the other hand, he might have meant Brother Thomas. Certainly Brother Thomas is a holy man-a man of wisdom and light. He couldn't have meant Brother Elred. Elred gets crotchety at times and is difficult to reason with. On the other hand, he is almost always right. Maybe the hermit did mean Brother Elred. But surely he could not have meant Brother Phillip. Phillip is so passive, so shy- a real nobody. Still, he's always there when you need him. He's loyal and trustworthy. Yes, he could have meant Phillip. Of course, the hermit didn't mean me. He couldn't possibly have meant me. I'm just an ordinary person. Yet, suppose he did? Suppose I am an apostle of God? Oh God, not me. I couldn't be that much for you. Or could I?" 
As they continued to mull the hermit's words, the old monks began to treat each other with extraordinary respect on the off chance that one of them might actually be an apostle of God. And on the off-off chance that he himself might be the apostle spoken of by the hermit, each monk began to treat himself with extraordinary respect. 
Because the monastery was situated in a beautiful forest, many people came there to picnic on its tiny lawn and to walk on its paths, and even now and then to go into the tiny chapel to meditate. As they did so, without even being conscious of it, they sensed the aura of extraordinary respect that now began to surround the five old monks and seemed to radiate out of them, permeating the atmosphere of the place. There was something strangely attractive, even compelling, about it. Hardly knowing why, people began to come back to the monastery more frequently to picnic, to play, to pray. They began to bring their friends to show them this special place. And their friends brought their friends. 
As more and more visitors came, some of the younger men started to talk with the old monks. After a while one asked if he could join them. Then another. And another. Within a few years the monastery had once again become a thriving order and, thanks to the hermit's gift, a vibrant center of light and spirituality throughout the realm. 
Sometimes, just like the old monks, we ask, "How can we attract more goodness to our school? How can we get some new life in here and grow, both numerically and spiritually?" Perhaps the answer has to do with how we regard each other. How do we treat each other? Are we always putting each other down and creating an atmosphere of criticism and negativism? Or are we treating each other with extraordinary dignity and respect? 
John 17 records Jesus' prayer to his Father for the church-for you and me. He asked that all of us would be one so that the world might believe. When we care for each other and treat each other with love and respect, then those in the world find the church to be attractive, even compelling. Let's stop fighting and hurting each other and instead, begin being good to each other.  
KNIT to Broadcast Graduation 2018 Live, Online
SFHS Graduation Live, Online: Sat., May 26 @ 10:00 a.m. - KNIT Television is pleased to offer you the opportunity to watch our Class of 2018 commencement ceremony live, online via the Livestream link below. We look forward to celebrating our graduation with you...GO KNIGHTS!
Graduation Ceremonies - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What are the times of the graduation ceremonies?
Baccalaureate Mass is at St. Bede the Venerable Church on Friday, May 25, at 8:00 p.m. Graduates should arrive on campus no later than 7:15 p.m. that evening. The Mass will take approximately 90 minutes.
Graduation begins on Saturday, May 26 at 10:00 a.m. Graduates should arrive on campus no later than 9:15 a.m. that morning. Graduation generally takes about 75 minutes.
Both events will start on time, so we encourage an early arrival. 
Is there reserved seating for the Baccalaureate Mass?
Seating is limited at St. Bede Church, so we recommend that graduates invite only their immediate family members. Other than the section reserved for the graduates, there is no reserved seating at St. Bede.
Is there reserved seating for graduation?
Four tickets to the graduation ceremony will be distributed to each senior at the last graduation practice. People holding those tickets will be permitted to sit in a section reserved for the graduates' families. We cannot honor requests for additional reserved tickets. Seating for others attending the ceremony is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The campus gates will open at 8:00 a.m. Fifteen minutes before the beginning of the ceremony, people will no longer be permitted to save seats. They will be released to those still needing seats. If someone is saving seats, a person must be physically present (guests are not permitted to place reserved signs on seats) and may save no more than four additional seats. There is no limit to the number of invitations you may send. Parking is limited however!
What arrangements are there for elderly guests?
A live feed of the graduation will be shown in the Degheri Performing Arts Center. The seats are comfortable and the theater is air-conditioned. We recommend this for elderly guests, but not for children (unless they are accompanied by a parent). There is limited handicapped parking adjacent to the gym.
In addition, for those unable to attend but who are interested in viewing the graduation ceremony, it will be live-streamed. Please visit the link HERE to access the live broadcast.  
What is required of seniors to participate in graduation?
Seniors are required to attend both graduation practices AND the Baccalaureate Mass-attendance at these activities is not negotiable. As a Catholic institution, Baccalaureate Mass is considered part of the ceremony. In the past, we have denied participation in the graduation ceremony to someone who did not attend Baccalaureate Mass.
What is the behavioral expectation for graduates and their guests?
These are formal occasions and intended to be dignified-a public celebration that we take seriously! Artificial noisemakers are not permitted. In the interest of time and to allow each name to be heard, individual celebrations are also prohibited. The entire class will receive an ovation after all the graduates have received their diplomas.
What is the dress code for the graduates?
Dress code for the graduates at both events: dark color slacks, dress shoes, shirt and tie (no bow ties nor bolo ties are permitted)! If a student arrives out of dress code, he will not be permitted to participate.
At Baccalaureate Mass-graduates wear gowns, no caps and no other regalia.
At Graduation, graduates wear cap and gown and the school-sanctioned regalia. We prefer that students not wear sunglasses at the graduation. The school dress code is in effect (hair, earrings, etc.) at all graduation activities.
When are caps and gowns distributed/collected?
Caps and gowns will be distributed at the end of the first graduation practice, provided students have fulfilled all of their obligations. When students return their caps and gowns (the Tuesday after the ceremony), diplomas will be issued.
What school-sanctioned regalia may be worn at graduation?
Students may only wear the following academic decorations to graduation: NHS collar, CSF Stole, Kairocks/Mu Alpha Theta/Spanish Honor Society/Sports Medicine Honor Society/Team State Academic Decathlon Medal/Honors diploma cord/LINK pins/school medals. Any other decoration (club insignias, leis, personal messages) will not be permitted.
Can parents come to the stage to take pictures?
We have contracted with a company that will take a picture of each graduate as he receives his diploma. A proof will be automatically emailed to the family; your family may choose to purchase them or not. Having this service allows parents to enjoy the ceremony rather than photograph it. At the conclusion of the ceremony, parents are welcome to come to the stage to take photographs.
Can I order a DVD of the graduation ceremony?
The school's television station, KNIT, will sell a DVD of the ceremony. These will not be available for pick up until the end of June. Order Forms are available in the front office or the link HERE
Which restrooms are available at graduation?
The restrooms in the theater and the gym will be open to the public for graduation. Visitors and guests may not use the facilities in the school office.  
When are final transcripts available? 
Final grades will be e-mailed on June 11. Final transcripts will be submitted to colleges in the last week of June.
Alumni Association Celebrates and Congratulates the Class of 2018
A special thanks to Stephan Taylor '00 and Kevin Danni '97 for speaking to and encouraging our soon-to-be graduates at this year's Alumni/Senior BBQ last Friday. This was a great opportunity for the Alumni Association to welcome the Class of 2018 into the community of St. Francis alums and wish them well as they continue their journey. Congrats gentlemen...GO KNIGHTS! 
St. Francis Celebrates "Field of Dreams" Baseball Project
On Thursday, May 10, the St. Francis family gathered at the Glendale Sports Complex Field #1 to officially celebrate the completion of the school's "Field of Dreams" project. Fr. Tony and Head Baseball Coach Aaron Dorlarque each recognized Mr. Jim Brewer '65, a member of the Board of Directors and the lead for this important initiative. It was a beautiful evening and wonderful celebration. We are grateful to everyone who made this possible for St. Francis High School. The Golden Knights look forward to many wonderful years of baseball at this impressive facility...GO KNIGHTS!   
National Latin Exam Results Highlight Success of Golden Knights
The following St. Francis students have been recognized for their performance in the 2018 National Latin Exam, which was taken by over 143,000 students in all fifty states and 24 foreign countries. Please join Dr. Adams in congratulating them for their achievements!

Gold Medal
(Summa Cum Laude)
Kai Garcia '19
Marc Morreale '19
Danny Bozanic '20
Alden Hauser '21

Silver Medal
(Maxima Cum Laude)
Joe DeGroot '20
Roman Wickman '20
Edmund Tuck '21
Garret Schier '21
Cobhan Kale '21
Adam Schroeder '21
Zack Ferry '21
Lars Martin '21
Bronze Medal
(Magna Cum Laude)
Sam Eisele '19
Tomás Quiroz '19
Carsten Petersen '20
Miles Straw '21
Ryan Frick '21
Chris Johnson '21
Honorable Mention
(Cum Laude)
Xander Penzato '19
Edward Kingston '19
Kenneth Hiyake '19
Andrew Wong '19
Charles Cepielik '20
Nathan Finney '20
James Mills '20
Luke Nelson '20
Michael Smith '20
Andrew Karamian '21
Jonathan Ahn '21

St. Francis' Matthew Molina '19 claims two track championships
By Andrew J. Campa, Glendale News-Press
Congratulations to St. Francis' Matthew Molina '19 on winning the CIF-SS Division III Championship in high jump and 110-meter hurdles! With these impressive victories, Matthew advances to the CIF Southern Section Masters Meet on Saturday, May 26, back at El Camino. We're proud of you Matt...GO KNIGHTS!
EL CAMINO - Dual championships from St. Francis High junior Matthew Molina and La Crescenta resident Mia Barnett highlighted a huge afternoon of winning and qualifying at the CIF Southern Section Track and Field Championships at El Camino College.
Overall, Crescenta Valley, St. Francis and the city of La Crescenta qualified 10 entrants to Saturday's competition.
Outside of the four titles, Molina and Barnett qualified to the CIF Southern Section Masters the following Saturday at El Camino as did Falcons seniors Colin FitzGerald and Artin Allahverdian.
Molina, a junior, followed in the footsteps of his one-time teammate Jasher Foster by claiming twin titles. Molina won the Division III high jump and 110-meter hurdles and advanced to the CIF Southern Section Masters Meet next Saturday back at El Camino.
Last season, Molina finished second in the high jump with a mark of 6 feet, 6 inches to Alemany senior Earnest Sears. Without Sears around, Molina cruised to a title in 6-6. The mark was four inches higher than division runner-up Brendan Cormie of Santa Margarita.
"I'm pretty happy with that although I know I could have done better," said Molina, whose personal best is 6-8 1/4. "The last couple of jumps I was a little far out, but I made some adjustments."
Molina passed on heights of 5-10 and 6 feet, before hitting first attempts at 6-2 and 6-4 and needing two tries at 6-6. Molina eventually missed on three tries at 6-9.
Molina's 6-6 was the fifth-best mark across four divisions.
In between leaping, Molina flew to a victory in the 110-meter hurdles in a time of 14.73 seconds, which easily topped runner-up Matthew Wang (14.82) of Harvard-Westlake.
Molina's time was fourth-best across four divisions and merited him a berth to the Masters Meet. He's the city's lone Masters Meet qualifier.
"My goal was to do better than I did, but 14.7 is still pretty good and I'm happy," Molina said. "It means a lot to make it to Masters and I have another week to get better."
Molina is St. Francis' first CIF high jump champion and only second-ever field event winner as he follows pole vaulter Andrew Steban (2006). His hurdles crown follows back-to-back 110-meter championships for Foster in 2015 and 2016.
Thanks to his exploits, St. Francis finished tied for sixth in the final Division III standings with Esperanza and Servite with 25 points.
St. Francis also saw a pair of seniors cap nice careers as Blake Howard finished fifth in the Division III pole vault in 13 feet, while Andrew Monarrez earned eighth in the Division III long jump in 20-7 1/2...(read the full article HERE
St. Francis Mountain Bike Team Finishes Season with Strong State Finals Performance
The St. Francis Mountain Bike Team had a terrific year with many riders advancing in skill and standings throughout the season! Here are some fun photos of a few of our riders at this past weekend's state finals in Petaluma, CA. Congratulations to the entire team for an outstanding race season...GO KNIGHTS! (Pictured right to left: Nico King '20, Dane Grey, Colin Grace '21, and Shane Rivera '20)

St. Francis Summer School Offers Enriching Courses and Exciting Camps
St. Francis High School's 2018 Summer School Curriculum & Camps Catalog is available and registration is now open for a wide variety of courses, workshops, and camps for both boys and girls entering grades 6 -12. Perhaps you might be interested in taking the CSI: Forensic Science course because you hope to become a crime scene investigator. Maybe this is the summer you finally chase your dream of becoming a musician by signing up for the Introduction to Guitar course. This might also be the right time for you to hone your leadership skills in our Leadership course. Regardless of what you are interested in, we have something for you!

Summer Intensive Prepares Golden Knights for 2018-19 Theater Season
Sign up online at www.sfhsarts.com/summer . Visit the link to learn more about our summer intensive as we prepare for an impressive 2018-2019 theater season. 

Thanking this Year's Kairos Leaders for Their Indelible Impact
It takes a special type of young man to lead his peers through the Kairos retreat experience. This past Tuesday Mr. Eric Gleason '93 hosted a lunch to thank this year's Kairos student leaders for their tremendous impact on the lives of their classmates. Pictured are some but not all...well done, gentlemen!

Booster Club Hosts Mother/Son Communion Breakfast
A special thanks to our Booster Club for hosting another wonderful Mother/Son Communion Breakfast. The rain couldn't damper the spirits of those in attendance. We are grateful to everyone who worked so hard to make this event a success...GO KNIGHTS!

Spring Mothers' Brunch Welcomes New Moms and Honors Graduating Moms
The Mothers' Guild hosted a wonderful celebration for all of our St. Francis moms. As is the tradition, incoming moms were welcomed and "graduating" moms were honored. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this special occasion possible.  


New Crop of LINK Group Leaders Begin Preparations to Welcome New Students
Meet the 2018-19 SFHS LINK Group Leaders! This talented and motivated group of current sophomores and juniors is already preparing to welcome our newest Golden Knights to campus in the fall. Each one of these students volunteered to serve as a big brother to our incoming family members. We're proud of you for stepping up...GO KNIGHTS!

2018-2019 SAT/ACT Test Dates
Planning ahead for SAT/ACT testing? St. Francis High School's College Counseling Office would like to make sure you keep the upcoming dates in mind as you work with your college counselor to develop your individualized testing plan. Our dedicated staff is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance/assistance...GO KNIGHTS! 
Bro Vic Releases Two New Singles
Our beloved Bro Vic is at it again! We are thrilled to announce the release of his newest singles, "Blessins On Blessins" and "Scandalous Mercy". What a blessing indeed to be inspired by Bro Vic's awesome music ministry!
Honoring Our Boy Scouts
Congratulations to our most recent Eagle Scouts, Chris Stamos '18 and Lenny Pieroni '18! Thank you both for your service to the community and outstanding leadership! GO KNIGHTS!  
Chris is a member of San Marino Troop 355. He started his scouting experience in 2nd grade at Clairbourn School. For his Eagle project, his family and friends helped Chris plant over 70 hedges to beautify and create privacy screens for residents at the Broadview Christian Science Care Facility. His a ctivities in Troop 355 included being a Patrol Leader, Assistant Patrol Leader, Chaplain's Aid and Instructor. He enjoyed several trips to Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island, especially building his own shelter and sleeping in it while earning his Wilderness Survival Merit Badge (one of 25 merit badges he earned). Chris played 4 years of baseball and 1 year of basketball at St Francis and looks forward to attending Principia College in Illinois in the fall where he will have the opportunity to play baseball with his older brother.
Lenny is a member of BSA Troop 502 and will be attending Notre Dame next year.
Chris Stamos '18
Lenny Pieroni '18
Golden Knights Commit to Play Baseball in College
St. Francis congratulates baseball players Chris Stamos '18, Aaron Treloar 18, & John Politis '18 on committing to play baseball at the next level! Chris will attend Principia College, Aaron is going to Point Loma, & John is heading to Illinois Tech. We are proud of you, gentlemen, and we wish you the best at the next level. GO KNIGHTS!
St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles Honors Paula and Jim Orlandini '72
On Wednesday, May 23, Paula and Jim Orlandini '72 were honored at the St. Vincent de Paul of Los Angeles 2018 Benefit Dinner and Awards Ceremony. It was a wonderful event in support of a great cause and quite a few members of the St. Francis community, including many Golden Knights from Jim's Class of 1972,  were present to show their support. Congratulations to all of the honorees and thank you for your continued generosity, dedication, and service to those in need! GO KNIGHTS!

Stephan Taylor '00 Battles on Behalf of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society
Brothers...here's a great opportunity to support our fellow alum Stephan "Steph" Taylor '00. Step is working hard to raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society...a cause that is near and dear to his heart. Steph is a good man, loving husband & father, selfless community advocate, and proud Golden Knight. His battle against cancer and his resilience in the face of adversity is exactly why he's the perfect candidate for Man of the Year in support of the Leukemia and Lymp homa Society (LLS).  
The SFHS community was extremely supportive when Steph was battling cancer and the school has been a constant support and resource ever since. Below is a quick synopsis of his journey and two links to support his initiative. The first is for Casino Night next Friday at the University Club in Pasadena, the second is to donate directly, for those who aren't able to make the event.
Here's a little more about Steph's story:
"I'm reaching out because I am embarking on a journey. A journey I would like for you to be a part of. A journey that began for me on August 29, 2000...
...I am a husband, a father, a mentor, and a friend...
On August 29, 2000, just a few months after my graduation from St. Francis, I was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia, on September 28, 2000 I was released from the hospital, and in January of 2001 I was officially in "clinical" remission. I have been cancer free for the last 17 years. Most of the people I've met since 2001, and a surprising amount of people who I knew before my diagnosis, have no idea that I battled cancer. To me that's unfortunate because people are missing out on a huge piece of my story.
I realized recently that I can do more than share, I can help the patients of today become to the survivors of tomorrow, much like I have-Survivors are born from research and technology, which is why I am writing you today.
I am proud to announce that I have been nominated as a candidate for Man & Woman of the Year in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS).
I invite you to join "Team Live, Love, Share" by making a donation. No donation is too small; every dollar is one dollar closer to the cancer cure!
To make a donation please utilize the enclosed donation form and self-addressed envelope, or visit my fundraising page at: http://pages.mwoy.org/calso/los18/staylor. All donations are 100% tax deductible!
I am a husband, a father, a mentor, and a friend.
I am all these things because I am a cancer survivor!"
Ty Gangi '14 Ranked as One of Mountain West's Top Quarterbacks
Quarterback play in the Mountain West remains relatively strong despite the loss of a first-round pick in the NFL Draft (Josh Allen), along with the league's top passer from 2017 (Nick Stevens). Boise State's Brett Rypien ranks as the Mountain West's No. 1 quarterback, as the senior guides a team poised to rank in the top 25 of many preseason polls. Nevada's Ty Gangi, Fresno State's Marcus McMaryion, San Diego State's Christian Chapman and UNLV's Armani Rogers headlines the next tier of quarterbacks.
To help compile the rankings, there was some projection involved for 2018. This was not a ranking of quarterbacks only based on accomplishments so far or pro potential. All factors - pure talent, supporting cast, having a clear hold on the No. 1 position, previous production, 2018 projection and scheme changes (just to name a few) - were considered and projected to rank the quarterbacks in the Mountain West for 2018.
Ranking the Mountain West's Quarterbacks for 2018
2. Ty Gangi, Nevada
Gangi had an interesting 2017 season. He opened the year as the starter but lost the job to Kaymen Cureton for two games in September. However, Gangi regained the starting job and closed out 2017 as one of the Mountain West's top quarterbacks. He threw for 2,746 yards and 25 touchdowns and connected on 61 percent of his passes. Gangi also added four scores and 180 yards on the ground. In conference-only matchups, Gangi led all Mountain West quarterbacks by averaging 283.8 passing yards a contest...(read the full article HERE)
St. Francis Grads Cross the Stage as the Adventure Continue
Graduation season is upon us and we could not be more proud of our St. Francis alumni who will be crossing the stage at colleges/universities across the nation this spring! We look forward to highlighting individual stories as we receive them. We want to highlight your success so please reach out to us by emailing burghdorfa@sfhs.net. Once again, congratulations gentlemen! Please know that we are praying for you as your journey continues...GO KNIGHTS!
Joe Mudie '14 (Chapman)
Joseph O'Neill '14 (Baylor)
William Hurtado '14 (Gonzaga)
Mark Munoz '14 (USC)
Gregory Lupica '14 (Notre Dame)
Frederick Balian '14 (USC)
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 
Images from Across the St. Francis Community  
The SFHS alumni choir is practicing for this year's Baccalaureate Mass.
Our St. Francis moms are the absolute best! Every month these ladies voluntarily prepare a wonderful lunch for the faculty/staff. It's a much-appreciated tradition and a highly anticipated highlight...thank you for taking such good care of us!
The St. Francis Drumline and Percussion Ensemble performed at Disney on April 30th, 2018. GO KNIGHTS!
Congratulations to the St. Francis varsity volleyball team on reaching the 2nd round of CIF-SS DII Playoffs! We're proud of your teamwork, sportsmanship, and dedication! Thanks for a terrific season...GO KNIGHTS!
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