Switch your Cyber-Security Training Up this Year with Brand New Immersive Games 

eLearning games and gamification are great ways to boost learning retention. Cyber security is the perfect topic to gamify. Our games listed below are fun, take less than five minutes each to complete, and provide a great alternative to learning strong cyber security habits and practices.

Game - Phish Catcher: Last Line of Defense

This interactive game emphasizes decision-making skills by presenting users with multiple phishing scenarios, both on a computer and a mobile device. Users must play the role of human firewall, the last line of defense, to help an organization identify phishing and c attacks. With a small randomized question bank of scenarios, this one offers some replay value since it’ll be different each time. Takes about 5 minutes to complete.  

Game - Double Trouble Trivia - Password Security

Test your password security knowledge with this Jeopardy-style trivia game. The contest features four categories. Each category consists of four questions with point values ranging from 100 to 400. To win, you must earn 3,200 points before your opponent, who earns double the points for each question you answer incorrectly. This game is about 5 minutes long.  

Game - Danger-Zone Advanced Scenarios

In this module, learners will be presented with immersive video scenarios, helping them choose the correct path for our hero, an average employee trying to get to the end of the day without any security breaches. This module builds on basic security awareness training content, so you should have completed entry-level training before starting this module. This game/course is 5 minutes 

Game - CyberSpace Mars

In this choose-your-own adventure style game, players will join the crew of the CMS Conrad on their mission to Mars. Along the way, they will encounter a variety of security-related scenarios and must make the right decisions to ensure the Mission’s success. This game lasts about 5 minutes. 

Game – CyberSleuth

In this “who did it” style game, you’ve been hired as a cyber sleuth to investigate a major security incident at a large organization. Your mission is to interview employees and collect evidence to unravel how the incident occurred so the organization can take measures to ensure it never happens again. Note: This game is not optimized for mobile browsers. For the best experience, it should be played using a traditional desktop or laptop computer. This course is 5 minutes long.  

Game - Office Mayhem

Data security and privacy mishaps happen daily, especially at work. This game is designed for users to practice spotting safe and unsafe security measures around the office. 

Comprehensive In-Depth

Cyber Security Training  

Has it been a while since you have rolled out or taken cyber security training? The platinum standard for cyber security training can be found in the 2023 versions of KnowBe4’s Security Awareness Training and the Kevin Mitnick Cyber Security Training courses. Both courses are 30-45 minutes long, and cover cyber security at an in-depth level. The Kevin Mitnick course is approved for county clerks by the Secretary of State as well. 

Addressing Specific Cyber Security Issues 

Also brand new for 2023 are issue-specific courses we strongly recommend. These new courses represent current trends in cyber security attacks and issues to be made aware of for 2023:

Protecting Information Using Security Awareness Fundamentals

Cybercriminals use social engineering to gain access to sensitive information. Protecting information from unauthorized access helps prevent serious harm to both individuals and organizations. This module covers information security threats, as well as best practices for safeguarding information and detecting, assessing, reporting, and addressing information security risks. This course is 30 minutes 

Foundations of Malware

The dangers of malware range in severity from data breaches to life-threatening scenarios. This short course answers common questions about malware, reviews real-life examples, and focuses on the techniques every individual should prioritize to avoid malware at work, at home, and on the go. This course is 5 minutes.

The Four P’s of Vishing

Scammers have figured a phone call conversation is a great way to cheat you out of your money. Some scams use a helpful and friendly approach such as IT services or human resource departments. Others may try to scare or threaten you, pretending they are from the government or the police. In all cases, you can be certain that the phone scammer is after your money or personal information. This module will show you how to avoid these scams. This course is 10 minutes. 

Avoiding Password Re-Use

This short course will explain how re-using the same password for multiple web sites or accounts can be detrimental, and how hackers can easily discover other accounts using the same passwords.  

New Aquatic Courses for Lifeguards –

Perfect Timing for Swim Season  

Five-Minute Scanning Strategy - Lifeguard Training

The Five Minute Scanning Strategy© was developed after a decade of research and through surveying more than 10,000 lifeguards. Researchers from Penn State University, The University of Maryland and East Carolina University collaborated on the project. The Five Minute Scanning Strategy borrows techniques from science and medicine to make lifeguards more alert and vigilant. The Five Minute Scanning Strategy not only offers flexibility to individual lifeguards, but also makes them more effective through movement and tracking techniques. This highly effective system of scanning has been adopted by Ellis Associates, Starfish Aquatics, the Pool Management Group and other highly respected lifeguard agencies. This video will not only help you be more alert, but also look more alert to the patrons. 

Shallow Water Blackout - Lifeguard Training

Why is it that good swimmers “drown”? What causes a water loving and highly skilled individual to drown in guarded pools? How is it possible that triathletes, swim team members, lifeguards, and even Navy Seals drown, particularly in traditional competitive swimming pools? After years of reviewing medical and scientific research, and interviewing hosts of medical experts to find the answers to the questions above, renowned author and educator Dr. Tom Griffiths discovered that good swimmers don’t drown, but instead die of other medical causes that often do not show up in an autopsy. In fact, this video reveals a myriad of medical maladies that cause sudden death in the water, rather than drowning, even when coroners mistakenly misdiagnose the death as a drowning. 

Disappearing Dummies - Lifeguard Training

Disappearing Dummies© clearly illustrates just how difficult it is to see under the surface of the water, even under perfect swimming pools conditions. You’ll find out why other swimmers in the pool often find victims on the bottom before professional lifeguards on duty. Witness the dangerous situations in which lifeguards can lose track of underwater swimmers and what can be done to prevent them. 

New/Updated Core Courses 

All of the primary yearly compliance courses listed below have been updated, and are ready to go for 2023 roll-out.  

Nevada Anti-Harassment Training for Supervisors – 2023

This brand new course was rebuilt from the ground up, developed in-house and developed in an easy-to-read eBook-style  

Nevada Anti-Harassment Training for Employees – 2023

This brand new harassment course developed in-house is one of our most immersive experiences yet, and utilizes adaptive learning and in-depth scenarios.  

Ethics in Nevada Government – 2023

Updated to be a self-paced walk-through, this course is brand new as well.  

Safe and Sober Workplace for Employees/Supervisors 2023

Updated player controls and accessibility 

Blood borne Pathogens Awareness 2023

Brand new course in our popular eBook-style format makes it easy to read even on a mobile device  

Workplace Violence Awareness 2023

New narration and updated scenarios and course player controls 



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