77.18 Shen Guan and
Three Emperors – Master Kidney Point
By Susan Johnson, L.Ac.
“Shen Guan” means Kidney Gate. This is Dr. Tung’s master Kidney point (#77.18), and there is no more powerful point for the Kidney. It tonifies not only the Kidney, but also the Spleen and the Yin, and benefits Qi. It connects UB 23 and Ren 4, and this internal pathway between the Kidney back Shu and front Mu points is what makes it such a powerful point for the Kidneys. It addresses Kidney deficiency and all accompanying signs and symptoms.
Learn the Master Tung's Magic Points System with Susan Johnson, L.Ac.
There is much value in learning Tung’s style, as most patients respond to treatments within 1-2 sessions, and very few needles are used during treatment sessions – the Tung family acupuncture method is unique and produces repeatable and reliable results. Eastern Currents Learning offers a comprehensive online series of courses that encompasses the full scope of Master Tung’s material as taught by Susan Johnson, internationally recognized teacher of Master Tung’s Style Acupuncture.
COMS In-Depth 2018 Recap
The 15 th annual COMS event has come and gone, and all those that attended this year’s in-depth event can attest to the richness of information that was shared by the two very different speakers...
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Wei Syndrome
With Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee
In this course, Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee presents the classical Chinese medicine understanding of the Wei pathology. This course is centered on the study of Suwen chapter 44 and other classical texts, and covers the main characteristics of Wei pathology that are often translated into English as "wilting" or "atony". Clinical presentation of Wei pathology covering Biomedicine disease categories such as muscular atrophy, paralysis, and dystrophy are examined in detail. This course also includes a synthesis of the meaning and treatment of Wei syndrome in various ancient and modern Chinese texts.

CEUs: 6
Approved: Standard, NCCAOM, CAB, IVAS, Florida
Hacking Chinese Medicine Webinar Series With Janice Walton-Hadlock, DAOM, L.Ac.
In Hacking Chinese Medicine Class 7: Balancing Yin and Yang, and an Intro to Channel Theory,  Janice gets to the root of the meaning of the colloquial phrase, "Balancing Yin and Yang" and what it means for practitioners in the field of Chinese medicine. The lecture concludes with a foray into a new field altogether: channel theory and its applications, starting with an example of treating asthma.
Join us for this colourful armchair expedition into Chinese Medicine. Plus, don't miss classes 1 - 6!

CEUs: 1 per class
Approved: Standard, NCCAOM, CAB, IVAS, Florida
Great Courses for Spring!
Spring is the perfect time to refresh your skills, or brush up on a topic or two to help your practice blossom and flourish in 2018. EC Learning offers over 200 online courses, both comprehensive and bite-sized, so that you can easily make education an important part of your practice. Check out some of our favourite courses for Spring below!
Liver Disorders (Part 1) (2 CEUs)
with Jake Fratkin
Liver Disorders (Part 2) (2 CEUs)
with Jake Fratkin
The 5 Elements of Acupuncture Medical Ethics (4 CEUs)
with Greg Sperber
Diet, Lifestyle, Acupoints and Herbal Formulas Through the Seasons (3 CEUs) with Christine Chang
Small Intestine, Hormones, Autoimmunity & Fertility (10.5 CEUs) with Kiiko Matsumoto
Nervous System Disorders & Chinese Medicine
 (10 CEUs) with Jeffrey Yuen
Depression in Chinese Medicine (4.5 CEUs)
with Suzanne Robidoux
The Green Dragon and the White Tiger: The Liver and the Lungs (10.5 CEUs) with Peter Firebrace
Moxa (1 CEU)
with Holly Guzman
Clinical Record Keeping for TCM Professionals (4 CEUs) with Kim Graham
Love, Romance & Healing - A Chinese Medicine Perspective (1 CEU) with Felice Dunas
Signs of Sexuality in Chinese Facial Diagnosis (6 CEUs) with Lillian Bridges