Tip #1: Use Bb Ally to give you a report about the accessibility of your course.

Bb Ally's new Course Accessibility Report feature can give you a pretty good sense of where you are with the accessibility of your course. Use the following steps to access your report.

You will need to add a new Tool Link to your Blackboard course’s left-hand navigation menu. Inside your course:

  1. Ensure Edit Mode (located in upper-right corner) is On
  2. Click the plus (+) icon in the upper-left corner of your course navigation menu
  3. Click Tool Link
  4. Give your new Tool Link a name (e.g., “Ally Report”)
  5. Change Type to Accessibility Report
  6. Leave Available to Users unchecked (unless you’re comfortable allowing student access to your Ally report)
  7. Click Submit

Tip #2: Beat the 10 Week Slump

If you feel like your students are giving up on you around week ten, try some of these active learning strategies for interactive ways to make your class more engaging. Some of our favorite ones include: Chalk Talk (#238), Student-Generated Test Questions (#218), Infographic(#62), and Think-Pair-Share (#97).

Tip #3: Take a break to an amusement park with discounted tickets! 

We all need a break and it helps to get discounts on tickets! The Bronco Student Center offers discounted tickets to fairs, amusement parks, and even movies. Give them a visit online to find out if they have the tickets you want.