Tip #1: Need a survey tool?

Say goodbye to survey websites, such as SurveyGizmo and Survey Monkey, that require paid membership to access the full survey features. Cal Poly Pomona has a site license for Qualtrics available at cpp.qualtrics.com , which gives you full access to all the tools and unlimited surveys at no cost. Use your CPP credentials to log-in.

Tip #2: Avoid busy work, be transparent!

For every assignment, make sure there is a resource that supports that assignment. Such examples can be: a website, journal article, or the specific section of the textbook that provides context about how the assignment is relevant. Having an assignment with no resources can be confusing to the students who may think the assignment is busy work. 

Tip #3: Use the "Read Out Loud" feature in Adobe Acrobat to hear how screenreaders read your PDF.   

This is Acrobat’s own built-in screenreader-like function that can give you a pretty good idea of what a student using a screenreader will hear when they view your PDFs. To do this: 

  1. Open a PDF file
  2. Click View > Read Out Loud > Activate Read Out Loud 
  3. Finally, start the screenreader by going back to the Read Out Loud menu and select Read to End.