1. Alternate Descriptions. When writing descriptions for your accessible content, do not use use the phrases "image of ..." or "graphic of ..." to describe an image. Screenreaders will automatically add the phrase "image of..." making it redundant if you add it to the description

2. Stress-Free Semesters. Work with eLearning early on to achieve a stress-free semester conversion for your course.

3. Clean Blackboard Course Using the Blackboard QM Course Template to prepare your Fall ‘18 course(s)? Do this before copying to prevent menu clutter:

  1. Open your Fall Blackboard course(s) and delete each left-side menu item individually
  2. Open the QM Course Template or previous course you’ve been working on
  3. Navigate to the Control Panel > Packages and Utilities > Course Copy
  4. Indicate the Fall course you wish to copy into in the Destination Course ID
  5. Click the Select All button under Select Course Materials
  6. Click Submit