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Fourth Sunday of Easter
Paraments color White

Scripture Readings for Sunday

The gift of new life, of eternal life, is the gift of the risen Christ. It is the promise of Jesus. It was true for Dorcas in Joppa. It was true for those “who have come out of the great ordeal” in the Revelation vision. It is true for us and for all the baptized: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.
Grace, peace and every good be with you!

May the 4th be with you...and like good Lutherans, we respond...and also with you!

Growing up, I really didn't think much about this call and response type greeting. Not knowing any different, this style of greeting seemed normal and its just what we did.

When somebody said "The Lord be with you", it was automatic to say "And also with you". When we shared the peace, "Peace be with you"..."and also with you". Again, it was just what we did.

I came to know somebody who used this phrase "peace be with you" outside of the worship context. It struck me at how powerful that phrase really is; AND how powerful the response is.

It is amazing how we can take what we think is ordinary, automatic and routine and pause for just a moment and allow the depth of the thing sink in. What a lovely way to greet someone to wish peace upon them; peace - what lovely lasting words to depart by.

So as we joke about today's date and all - may we take time to let our automatic greeting sink in. May we take time to offer and receive a word of peace. Our world needs peace and perhaps that will happen when it begins right inside our own hearts.

Peace be with you always.

Pastor Katie

Details you need to know about our in-person worship opportunity are on our website - www.huttolutheranchurch.org Live-stream option for worship will remain indefinitely.
Please don't hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.

Covid-19 Protocols: Masks are optional at Hutto Lutheran Church. Wear a mask based on your personal preference.
We are also resuming the practice of receiving communion in a continuous style distribution. This includes communion being brought to you if you have mobility concerns. Individual packets will still be available if you prefer to remain at your pew for communion.
If you would like to volunteer as a Communion Assistant or Altar Guild to prepare the bread/wine, please contact the church office or sign up on the Worship Service Assistant Sign Up Genius.
Coming Events
April 14-16, 2023: Spring Congregational Retreat at Camp Chrysalis

Recurring meetings and events
May 4 (Wed) 6 PM Worship & Music meeting
May 5 (Thu) 6 PM Neighborhood walk (Thursdays)
May 9 (Mon) 6 PM Property Committee Meeting (First Mondy of month)
May 11 (Wed) 7 PM Wine and the Word
May 12 (Thu) 7:30 PM Stewardship & Finance meeting
May 18 (Wed) 9:30 AM Women's Bible Study (Third Wednesdays of Month)
May 19 (Thu) 6:30 PM Council meeting (Third Thursday of the month)
Neighborhood Walks are happening Thursdays. Meet at the church at 6 PM to walk around the neighborhood. A chance to meet our neighbors and maybe just say Hi. Depending on the number of people, we will break up into groups to walk different directions.
Organ Maintenance: Organ repairs are being completed - thank you to the generosity of those who made that project possible!
The repairs being made will put the organ in 'like-new' condition; good for another 50-75 years. We're halfway done with the repairs and it will be completed a few weeks after Easter.
Adopt-A-School: Hutto Elementary: All the slots for the remainder in the school year are filled! Thank you to all who contributed to this project and supporting HES faculty and staff!

Campuses are open for volunteers and mentors - Talk to Pastor Katie if you'd like to be involved in this way.

Please keep all students, staff and administration for all Hutto ISD Schools in your prayers!
Adult Sunday School

Look for details soon of when we'll start back up.

Out of Office Office Hours
Tuesdays, 9:30-10:30am

Meeting number: 2386 356 4834
Password: OOOChat 

Children's and Youth Ministry

Sunday School for PK - 5

Financial Status
The Financial Status of HLC thru the end of April follows:
Total budget $74,825
Total expenditures $72,153
Total income $66,232 for a
income under expenses by $5,921
Income under budget by $8,593
The Portals of Prayer devotion booklets are available for pick up on the table in the gathering area on the way into worship and the porch of the office building. They are in the white mailbox - please sanitize your hands before and after picking one up.
Have an idea for a virtual gathering or way to connect with one another in this unique situation? Email Pastor Katie.
Prayer List
Will you help us with keeping this list current and pertinent? Email the Office for updates or deletions from this list.

Bowen David; Stacie Welch; Lana Guckian, niece of Christina Pompa; Steve Robles Jr.; Tonya Cermeno; Weldon Zimmerman; Chris Harris; Tommie Barrera, mother of Catharena Rydell; Jackie McGary; Nathan Pompa, grandson of Dennis & Christina Pompa; Sherry Fincher; Linda Wahrmund; Kelly Wilkerson; David Lidell; Sandra Williams, friend of Connie Seigmund; Randa and Doug Nowotny, parents of Catherine Regan; Buddy & Karyl Townsend & Debra Schmidt, friends of Dave & Barb Kinnaman; Helmer Dahl; Kathy Kinnaman, mother of Dave Kinnaman; Benedicta Ilouno, adoptive mother of Storm Britten-Ilouno; Kathy Svoboda, her coworkers, those who's COVID-19 tests they are running; Fred Schmidt and family, co-worker of Dave Kinnaman; Jarvis Thormalen, Leslie Doty's grandfather; Curtis and Mimi Shoemaker, friends of Barb and Dave Kinnaman; Gay Rie McLaughlin, friend of Irene Hackbarth; Anne Hinkle friend of Catherine Regan; Brett Leech, cousin of Pat Hayden; Lynda Herrin; Marvin Stromberg; Doug Nowotny, father of Catherine Regan; Roland Hernandez; Tyler Raisbeck friend of Heather Duewer; Jenna Arnold; Debbie Cummins; Katie Wissink, niece of Barb Kinnaman; Caleb Graef, friend of the Seigmunds; Donna Adams, sister of Glenda Mattingly; Nolan Davis Sturm, great grandson of Iola Sturm; Katie Wissink, niece of Barb Kinnaman; June Puckett, aunt of Bruce Duewer; Filemeno Hernandez, father of Roland Hernandez; Mary Hill-Jensen, friend of John Campbell; Daniel Wiederhold; Lois Haag; Buddy Vanecek; family of Roberta Reyes, friend of Heather Duewer; Barb Kinnaman; Irene Hackbarth

Seeking personal prayer?
If your need is private, and you don't want your name publicly posted in this eLink email Pastor Katie directly.
Your request can get passed along to HLC's small confidential prayer team. In life's difficult times (we all have them), know that HLC is ready to lift you up in prayer.

Military Service
Grant Carter, Johnathan Davis, Brighten Miller, Kasey Taylor and James Fletcher.
Hutto Resource Center Food Pantry
Hutto Rsource Center will continue to operated in drive-thru fashion. If you are able to donate, donations can be placed in the bin outside the south-side door to the fellowship hall.
Worship Participants

Altar Guild
Carol Conrad

Joe & Mercedes Cook

Assisting Minister
Jane Bolgen

Communion Assistant
Kirtus Kolar

Children's Message
Claudia Cook

Altar Flowers

Thanksgiving Moment

Council Rep
Cathy Bryant

Worship Volunteers
or email the office if you wish to put your name on the sign-up.
Greeter - Welcome members and guests
Lector - Read the lessons for the day in worship.
Assisting Minister - One or two people to offer the prayers of intercession.
Communion Assistant - Assist with serving communion.
Altar Guild - Set up for and take down after communion.
Thanksgiving moment - One person to share briefly (two or three minutes) something they are grateful for.
Altar Flowers provide flowers for both sides of the altar.

Please consider continuing to give financially to support our mission and ministry:

Mail a check
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Download Vanco Mobile to your device and search Hutto Lutheran Church.

Use the 'Give Now' button on our website to make a one-time or recurring offering gift.

May Birthdays
01 Daniel Doty
03 Doyle McGary
03 Marvin Stromberg
05 Randall Craig
05 Leslie Doty
05 Iola Sturm
06 Marie Arnold
09 Tyler Hutson
11 Ernie Schmeisser
18 Rodney Westphal
22 Grayson Doty
24 Lloyd Mattingly
25 Dave Kinnaman
27 Becky Zimmerman
28 Brenda Graham
28 Kirtus Kolar
29 Megan Lorfing
29 Avery Martin
30 Kaedyn Kolar
30 William Lorfing
30 Julie Rydell
05 Martin & Jenna Arnold
06 Randall Craig & Darlene Rydell
14 Dave & Barb Kinnaman
15 Eric & Carol Stromberg
16 TJ & Barbie Johnson
17 Frank & Trudy Simon
29 Dennis & Christina Pompa
Hutto Lutheran Church Council
Name & Ministry Team
You may send a person an email by clicking on the bold ministry team position

Executive Committee
Frank Simon - Council President
John Campbell - Vice-President
Emily Page - Secretary
Rodney Westphal - Treasurer
Council Members
Rodney Westphal - Stewardship & Finance; Worship & Music
Daniel Doty - Education & Youth
Nora Regan - Education & Youth
Frank Simon - Worship & Music
Becky Zimmerman - Property
Sara Santoliquido - Property
Emily Page - Property
Office Info
Pastor Katie's Hours
Pastor Katie is primarily working from the church office. Please utilize her email or cell phone. She welcomes you to connect with her. Her office hours will vary with visitations and other church business that takes her out of the office.

Office Hours
Office hours are Tuesday to Thursday 9am - 1pm or by appointment.

Contact info
Reach the office by leaving a message on the Church phone (512) 759-2064 or email the church office at office@huttolutheranchurch.org

To contact Pastor Katie for emergencies (24/7) phone her on her cell phone (210) 416-3059.