Due to the resurgence of the Corona 19 virus, In-person worship services at Trinity will be suspended indefinitely; effective this Sunday, June 28. We hope that each of you will continue to watch our online services on Sundays at 8:00 a.m., 10:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Farewell to Father Ed
and the Thompson Family
Dear Fellow Trinity Parishioners,

This Sunday, June 28, is the final Sunday that Father Ed and the Thompson family will be here  with us at Trinity. They have been a blessing and gift to Trinity for the past two and a half years, but the time has come to thank them and say "until we meet again."
Please donat e - as you are able - to a “purse” – a check! – as a parting gift symbolizing our affection and gratitude for the many gifts Father Ed and his family have bestowed on us during their time at Trinity. Non-deductible donations can be made by check or online.
1.      Make your check out to Trinity Church noting that is for Fr. Ed’s gift and either:
·        Mail a check to the church office at 2216 Ball, Galveston TX 77551
·        Drop a check off at the church office or through the mail slot in the Ball St. door.
2.      Donate online at  From the drop-down menu for Select a Fund, choose Gift for Clergy.

I truly believe what I said at the presentation of our gifts to Susan and Bill. Today we are strong and confident about our ability to persevere in times of trial and continue to serve one another and our community. Father Ed and the Thompson’s have contributed greatly to our reaching this point. We have been blessed and will continue to be blessed by our clergy leadership during this period of transition.


Susan Duif
Senior Warden

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The flowers on the altar today are given by the Staff in gratitude and appreciation for the service and many contributions by our Associate Rector, The Reverend Edward Thompson and his family on this final Sunday before moving to St. Stephen’s in Austin.
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4th Sunday after Pentecost - Morning Prayer - Rite I
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6/28 – Rhonda Hirsch
6/29 – Thomas Charpentier
6/29 – Kathryn Hughes
6/29 – Joanna Stamoulis

7/01 – John Speich
7/02 – Fellman Seinsheimer
7/03 – Libbie Ansell
7/03 – Gretchen Lindquist-Moore

Michael Pistone, Bill Smith and Fellman Seinsheimer,
and those who have been afflicted with the Corona virus.

John R. Kelley, Jarrod Jonson, John Wilkinson, Bo Lollar, John Kelso, Jr.,
and David Middleton.

Please notify the office if your loved ones and/or friends have recovered.
Doug McLeod, Wayne Pagan, Samitha Edwards, Sally West, Stacy Haynes, Roger Lindsey, Margaret Lee, Leo Mack, Leta Higgins, Robert Lefeber, Ruben Rincon, Ellen Parkey, Sissy Howell, Brad Thomas, P eggy McMullen, Mary Cooper, David Edwards, Karen Rudenberg, Belva Funke, Frances Townsend, Mindy Bollinger, Phillip Head, Billy Garrison, and Kyle Brown.

Especially for families of the victims of all kinds of violence.


Check your church readiness by using our emergency preparedness guide .

Families should also prepare, and these tools are helpful in any kind of disaster.


The Galveston Seafarers Center is planning a blood drive on Friday, July 31st. The Blood Center won’t lock in the date until we have a minimum of 15 confirmed donors.
If you would like to commit to participate, please email me at .  I need your name, email address and phone number.
Once I have 15 committed names, I will send out a confirmation of the date and time.
Please consider this as we give the gift of life to our community.....THANK YOU!--

Jim Lewis  - Operations Manager -- Galveston Seafarers Center

William Temple Foundation aka "Willie T's" 
Ministers to UTMB Students During COVID 19
While our little friend, COVID 19, has us social distancing from our beloved UTMB Students that has not stopped us from ministering to them from afar. About 35 of our students are still on the island, online leaning from the comfort of their apartments. We check in with them weekly providing care and prayer, outreach, and most recently a drive thru dinner every other week on Wednesday evenings. This week we hosted a drive thru dinner and goodbye parade for Bill Kennard. What a treasure he has been. As we move forward, we hope to be back in the kitchen cooking for 80-100 students soon. Much like the church, we have safety protocol that must be followed. In the meantime, if you are at home and find extra time on your hands, please think about making and freezing a dessert for a future Willie T meal. We also welcome frozen homemade casseroles. If you can keep these in your freezer for a while that would be great but if not, let us know. If you ever wondered how we cook for 80-100 students each week, it's actually really easy! Every week we serve the same thing: salad, Normandy vegetables, baked beans, and garlic bread. The only item that changes from week to week is the casserole and the dessert. We even have a Willie T cookbook with weekly recipes we work with based off supplies on hand, wonderful leftovers, and budget. Please pray that God continues to work through us in our mission of hospitality to UTMB students in the name of the Lord. Thanks, Larissa Botik 409-599-1457,  Like us on Facebook: William Temple Episcopal Center-NEW

Larissa W. Botik
Executive Director, William Temple Foundation

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