Trinity welcomed the Mitchell family at the January 6, Baptism of
Anthony David Mitchell, Anthony James Mitchell, and Caleb Michael Mitchell.

Also present were mom, Jennifer Mitchell and grandmother Cindy Mitchell.
Daisy like flowers blooming from the Hosta plants in the garden near the elevator. Thanks to Nancy Peterson for planting this beautiful specimen.
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Liturgy of the Word - Rite I
(8:00 a.m.)
The Reverend Lillian Hyde

Bob Hern

Liturgy of the Word - Rite II
(10:30 a.m.)
The Reverend Lillian Hyde

Ron Wyatt

Mike Malloy

Roy M. Flores
Roger Lindsey, Teresa Reeves, Roger Lindsey, Eric Trout, Judy Giovannini, Jacque and Mike Ellis, Leta Higgins and Joy Unbehagen.

Jim Onstott, Grace Johnson, Leah Malloy, David Edwards,
     John Briggs, Craig Morgan, Fred Burns, Ragna Case, Michael Pistone, Bill Taylor, and for all who have been afflicted with the Corona virus.

For the passing of Carolyn Speich's mother Nancy Salzan of Louisianna.
1/04 – David Dearman
1/06 – Caroline Botik
1/10 – Sarah Holzheuser
1/14 – Claudia Stein

1/14 – Makenzie Walser
1/16 – Albert Shannon
1/17 – Taylor O'Donnell


    Parish Administrator              Finance Administrator
           Trish Clason                           Camille Haglund

 Director of Christian Education for Children and Youth
Danielle Alvarado

William Temple Center
Larissa Botik

Susn Duif, Senior Warden, Tom Wimbrow, Junior Warden,
Dotsy Balentine, Clerk, Calvin Buckley, Eugenia Campbell,
Eileen Hall, Laura Hughes, Robert Krout,
Mike Malloy, Mary Lou Shuffler, John VanDewalli.

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Your Pledge Is Needed!
These are uncertain times but we must move forward with hope and faith that in 2021 we will see an end to the pandemic and our lives once again joined in services and new leadership at Trinity. 

Your vestry at Trinity Church is looking to the future and working on a budget for the 2021 year. We have found that as of this writing our pledges are coming in slower than in previous years.

We need those of you who have pledged in the past to again sign a pledge card and those of you who have not signed a pledge card in the past to share in your faith in the future and sign a 2021 pledge card.  

Your pledge is the church’s security for planning. If you have lost the pledge card that went out in the mail, there are pledge cards in the narthex of the church or call the church office and we will send you one or send an email to Camille Haglund at and let her know in writing what you would like to pledge in 2021.
William Temple "Willie T's"
Episcopal Student Ministry 
In November the William Temple Student Center aka "Willie T's" re-opened to UTMB students. Following CDC guidelines and advice from the Episcopal Diocese of Texas, students wrote a set of rules and created a daily log to screen for Covid 19 symptoms.  
The re-opening of the Center has been a true place of refuge for the students because there is no other place on campus that allows the students to gather. It's amazing that despite the cancellation of the annual Welcome Weekend for new students, they still find a home away from home here at Trinity. A sense of community and kindness still exists despite a horrible virus on the front lines where they are learning and rotating through the hospital and clinics every day. Our mission of hospitality in the name of Jesus Christ still remains.   
Larissa W. Botik
Executive Director, William Temple Foundation
Student Thanks Willie T's

Larissa and Willie T Team,

I am writing to say thank you so much for your hospitality while I was a student at UTMB. I recently graduated from the PA program and wanted to make sure I returned my key fob (sorry for the delay).

Wednesdays were my favorite days—I looked forward to seeing your smiling faces and classmates while sharing a meal. You have no idea how nice it was to have a home-cooked meal once a week while juggling all the different obligations of grad school—it certainly made a difference.

Merry Christmas and God bless! Continue your amazing work!



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