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June 12, 2020
"Crisis Management Team" Helps Chronic Tacos Weather COVID
When the COVID-19 crisis took hold across America in mid-March, restaurants scrambled to get a handle on the situation. Chronic Tacos, which has 49 locations across the United States and 8 international locations, deployed a tactic more commonly associated with government agencies: a crisis management team. Read More
Jose Andres: "I believe a force for good will take over"
In a wide-ranging interview about the DC food scene and food politics, the famous Spanish chef and philanthropist shares his views of the post-COVID era Read More
Herbalist Keeps Traditional Peruvian Plants in Cuisine
Patricia Perez combs the desert for native plants that she sells to Latin America's best chefs and restaurants Read More
Latinx, African American Unity Rally Features Chefs
Diana Davila, Carlos Gaytan and other chefs are helping Chicago Read More
Los Angeles Considers Fund to Help Street Food Vendors
$5 million fund would help food vendors deal with COVID losess Read More
Milwaukee Chef/Owner Transforms Restaurant to Mexican
La Dama Mexican Kitchen is the new project of Peggy Magister Read More
How Taquerias are Supporting Black Lives Matter Issues
Texas Monthly: Murals, money, new beer support Black community Read More
Other Mexican/Latin Foodservice Industry News
el Restaurante Digital Issue on Reopening is Published
Read our digital issue packed with tips on a successful reopen Read More
Video: el Restaurante Webinar on Reopening Restaurants
This webinar featured three Mexican restaurants that are reopened Read More
New Profit Opportunities with Real California Dairy
Operators are expanding their use of cheese in off-premise menus Read More
Sysco Studio Live Demo in Spanish!
Learn what you can do in Sysco Studio to prepare for your restaurant to Snap-Back. Read More
Demostración en Vivo de Sysco Studio en Español
Conozca lo que Sysco Studio puede hacer para ayudarlo en la reapertura de su restaurante. Lea Mas
Webinar: La mantequilla como ingrediente clave
En este seminario aprenderás las técnicas de uno de los mejores chefs y reposteros de México. Lea Mas
Webinar: Using Butter in Healthy Recipes
Famous Mexican pastry chef Irving Quiroz will lead this webinar Read More
State Association News
Illinois Restaurant Association Offers Reopening Info
The IRA info includes a list of suppliers, Phase 3 reopening info Read More
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