'And I resumed the struggle, 2023' Opening Night

Exhibiting artist Camille Chedda (left) stands in front of her artwork, Cemented 2 (Charcoal on paper).

'Road Menders' (Oil on canvas, 12x8ft ) by Phillip Thomas took centre stage as the largest artwork on exhibition.

There was a large turnout of young art enthusiasts.

Works by Omari Ra - 'Pages from a Guerrilla Magazine.'

(Left) 'Emotional State of Being' (Mixed Media/Goat Skin) by Shediene Fletcher; and (Right) 'Strong Hold' (Acrylic on canvas) by Oliver Myrie.

Installation piece entitled 'Object' by Jahmani Council.

'Process' (acrylic on canvas) by Sheena Rose.

The Exhibition

runs until

January 30, 2024

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'I knew I loved Jamaica before I came' says French-born Plein Air artist Blaine Pillera who was visiting Jamaica for the first time last month. We were fortunate to meet him when he visited the Gallery, and were able to set up an impromptu demonstration of his painting technique. Although based only in Kingston for this trip, Blaise was fascinated by the Jamaican landscape and vegetation, "the colours and shapes...it is so rich and untamed! "

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Artist Shaun Reid is known for his large-scale masterpieces capturing the beauty of the Jamaican landscape. We have several works by Shaun at the Gallery, this beautiful painting is of the Blue Mountains.


Richard Hall

"Distant Landscape"

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 24"

ID #: 300409

Carl Abrahams

"Daniel in Lion's Den"

Watercolour on Paper

20 x 22"

ID #: 303123

Patrick Waldemar

"Seaside Shack"

Watercolour on Paper

12 x12"

ID #: 303112

Noel Whittingham

"Scenes from the Garden IV"

Acrylic on Canvas

12 x 9"

ID #: 300467

Mabusha Dennis


Acrylic on Canvas

24 x12"

ID #: 300349

Allan Zion


Acrylic on Hardboard

20 x 13.5"

ID #: 300659

A Story of


These were the turbulent 70s and as Jamaica flirted with socialism art took on a raw social and political edge. The Black Power Movement, which started in the 60s and continued into the 70s, and the Back to Africa philosophy, which evolved from the teachings of Marcus Garvey, were to have major impact. There was a resurgence of Rastafari, and there came a new consciousness and independent expression. While the forerunners continued to create, the self-taught 'Intuitives' were slowly gaining recognition...

Cover: Painting by Allan Zion

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