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2018 e-Newsletter Feature Articles
Each month, we present an original article that focuses on one or more aspects of wholesale-distribution operations.  Unless, of course, we announce cool new features at the WarehouseTWO website.  Revisit this year's leading articles and announcements:

How Customer Surveys Can Improve Your Bottom Line

The Importance of Inventory Accuracy

Want to Sell More Without Stocking More?  Do What Amazon.com Does

Got Surplus Inventory?  Who Else Knows?

5 Good Projects for Wholesaler-Distributor Summer Interns - 2018 Edition

Do You Know How Many Customers You Lose Each Year?

Are Your Customers Price-Shopping...Within Your Company?

When Quoting a "Promise Date" for a Backordered Item, are you a "Padder"?

How to Turn an Irate Customer into a Calmer, More Rational One

Who is Watching Over Your Operations?

2017 Tips-of-the-Month

Each month (February through November), we offer up a tip or trick to help you maximize the value of your WarehouseTWO membership.

Click here to see 2018's monthly tips.
Upcoming Training

Our next round of five different training webinars is scheduled for Wednesday, January 16th and Thursday, January 17th, 2019.  Click here for session syllabuses and for links to register for any of these webinars.  Space is limited, so register early!
Referral Rewards Program

The easiest way to get more value from your WarehouseTWO account is to increase participation by other distributors and manufacturers.  Over the years, many of you have been loyal "evangelists", recommending WarehouseTWO to peer distributors, to manufacturers and to associations and marketing groups.

We want to encourage and compensate you for the results of your efforts.  To learn more about our "WarehouseTWO Referral Rewards" program, and how you and your company can benefit, click here.
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November, 2018
Who is Watching Over Your Operations?

October, 2018
How to Turn an Irate Customer into a Calmer, More Rational One

September 2018
When Quoting a "Promise Date" for a Backordered Item, are you a "Padder"?
Mental Gymnastics:  Just for Fun!  And a Chance to Win a $50 Gift Card!

A WarehouseTWO end-of-year tradition!  Play "Tetris"!  "Tetris" was an early video game, first introduced in 1984.  The staff at WarehouseTWO has wasted countless hours playing this annoying little game.  Now it is your turn.  :-)

The Challenge
Click here to play "Tetris" on your browser.  (Yes, you have to wait for the ads go away before you can play.  Sorry about that.)  The object of this month's challenge is to submit one of the three highest scores of all scores submitted to us.

Click here to submit your high score by Friday, December 14th, 2018.  Your entry must be in the form of an emailed screenshot of your game, clearly showing your score.  (If we cannot decipher your score because of a low resolution screenshot, your entry will not be considered.)  Only your first response will be considered.  The three responders with the highest scores will receive a $50 USD gift card.  In the case of ties, earlier entries shall supersede later entries.  Our usual challenge winners' gift cards have a value of $20 USD.  This month, we are in a holiday mood.  Previous winners of this annual year-end challenge are ineligible for this year's challenge.

To view the answer to last month's Mental Gymnastics challenge, click here.
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Enjoy your year-end holiday break with family and friends.

Mark Tomalonis
WarehouseTWO, LLC
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