It only takes one ticket! Philip Keeling learned this when he became the winner of the Jingle Bells Sweepstakes on Monday night.

Keeling, the owner of Cowboy Fence Company, requested the $2,500 in vouchers to be from Lowe’s. Even though most of his tickets came from the home improvement store, it was one of four tickets from Northside Cleaners that won him the contest. Keeling said his wife organized all his tickets so he could find the winning one within 10 seconds. Keeling, who has four kids ranging from 7 years old to 21 years old, said he will donate some of the winnings to Richmond Elementary, where his kids go to school.

During his interview with Triple Play Sports Radio after the drawing, his phone kept buzzing with calls from his wife, Pepper, the financial director at Stillwater Wings of Hope. Participating in the sweepstakes has become a tradition for the Keeling family, and it has now paid off. “We did our best to shop locally and purchase things here in town so we could get more tickets.” Keeling said even thought they had 1,200 tickets last year, they didn’t win but won this year with “only 600.”

Congratulations to Philip and Pepper, and thank you to all our sponsors for a great event!

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