November 2020
Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline Opens to Public

On October 21st, the Park District celebrated the opening of a brand new regional park for the entire Bay Area to enjoy. Judge John Sutter Regional Shoreline, located near the eastern touchdown of the Bay Bridge, is named after East Bay civic and environmental leader and former Park District Board Member John Sutter, who first envisioned the park more than 50 years ago and worked tirelessly to bring it to fruition. Watch the October 21 Virtual Celebration HERE.

The new shoreline park is an amazing example of regional cooperation and recognition of more than 20 years of work by the community. Many thanks to the nine regional agencies that played a role in planning, reviewing, developing, permitting, and providing funding for the new park.

Today, the park consists of a beautiful 600-foot observation pier with views of the bay, the Bridge Yard, a historic 24,000-foot building restored to host community events and concerts, and new parking and access to the Bay Bridge Trail running from the new park to Treasure Island. The Park District is still working with the Army to open 20 additional acres along the shoreline. 

I would especially like to thank Caltrans and the Bay Area Toll Authority, whose leadership and funding helped create the park.  

Be safe in your Regional Parks!

Robert E. Doyle
General Manager
Virtual Celebration:
Bay Point Regional Shoreline Reopening
Marsh Restoration and Public Access Project
Join East Bay Regional Park District General Manager and Board of Directors on Friday, Nov. 20, at 10:00 am for a virtual ceremonial reopening of Bay Point Regional Shoreline. Following the ceremony, the park will be officially reopened to the public.

This vital shoreline park will reopen with new trails and enhanced habitat for native species that have been designed to withstand projected sea level rise. New picnic areas, restrooms, a drinking fountain, and a kayak launch site were also added. Join the Celebration! Learn More
Congratulations to the Park District's Newly Elected Board Members
Congratulations to the three Park District Board Members who will remain on the Board following the recent election. Acting Board Director Elizabeth Echols (Ward 1) won the seat she had held since last year when she was appointed to replace retiring Board Director Whitney Dotson. Directors Dee Rosario (Ward 2) and Ellen Corbett (Ward 4) ran unopposed. Congratulations to all!
Spend Green Friday in Your Regional Parks  
Parks have been essential during COVID-19. Celebrate parks on Green Friday (the day after Thanksgiving) with a post-holiday adventure! Green Friday is part of the #OptOutside movement started by REI in 2015 when they closed their doors on Black Friday to encourage employees and the public to explore the outdoors rather than shopping. Now more than ever, Regional Parks are a great place to spend a day off in nature. Tag photos in the Regional Parks on Green Friday #EBRPD & #GreenFriday
Be a #PupPro 
The East Bay Regional Park District is one of the most dog-friendly park agencies in the nation, with many parks allowing off-leash dogs in designated areas. To help keep trails and parks enjoyable for everyone, including pups and park-goers, the Park District launched the “Be A Pup Pro” public information campaign urging dog owners to be respectful, follow dog rules, and share parks with others. More Info.
#RockingTheMaskEBRPD for a Free Bandana
Join us for the #RockingTheMaskEBRPD challenge and win a free EBRPD branded bandana! Here’s how:
1 - Visit a Regional Park
2 - Take a pic/video dancing with your mask on
3 - Upload pic/video at
Together #WeAreEBRPD: A Salute to Park District Veterans 
In celebration of Veterans Day this month, the Park District thanks the dozens of staff who have honorably served our country and now serve the public in the East Bay Regional Park District. #WeAreEBRPD.
Meet Carlos Lare-Masters, Regional Trails Supervisor for East County Trails. Carlos started his career in the Park District as a student laborer at Tilden in 1996 and became a ranger at Martinez Shoreline in 2004. He says he wanted to work at the Park District because he always enjoyed the outdoors and wanted to help keep the parks well maintained. Carlos is a veteran of both the Army and Coast Guard Reserve, and currently a Reservist with the Coast Guard assigned to a small boat station on the Sacramento Delta (his most enjoyable military assignment to date). Working outdoors in all types of weather environments and with a diverse workforce was one of the important ways his military service prepared him for a Park District career.
Meet Jenn Webber, Exhibit Designer in the Creative Design Group (CDG). Jenn started in November 2016 as an Exhibit Designer at the CDG after searching for a job in the Park District where she could do physical work and be outdoors. The job of Exhibit Designer was a perfect fit for her skill set, and she plans to continue working on many future creative design projects for the Park District. Her service as a US Navy Seabee Engineering Aid helped prepare her for this career in multiple ways, with experience surveying, drafting, planning, and executing large construction projects all over the world. She is well-equipped with excellent organization and time management skills as well.
Meet Patrick Demmons, Alternative Work Program Supervisor in Maintenance and Skilled Trades (MAST), his first position in the Park District. Patrick started his career in the Park District in April 2019 and works in the field leading the MAST Trail Crew. Working for the Park District gave him the opportunity to work outdoors, to give back to the community, and to have a stable job to take care of his family. In his eight years in the military (Airborne), Patrick learned how to work with people from diverse backgrounds towards a common goal, motivate his team, work through adversity, and lead by example. His message to us all: “Happy Veterans Day to everyone. I wish you all a world free from conflict and war.”
Morgan Territory, Round Valley, and Sunol Wilderness (Valley Area) Reopened
Impact of Recent Fires on Affected Regional Parks 
In the August SCU Complex Fire, lightning strikes ignited fires in five Regional Parks. Ensuring burned areas are safe has been our highest priority before allowing the public back in. Mission Peak reopened in September, and three more parks reopened on Friday, November 13 (Ohlone Wilderness remains closed at this time).

Before reopening, hazards such as fire-damaged trees next to trails and roads were cleared off trails. Several miles of fencing were damaged and will be repaired over time. Repairs have been made to minimize erosion on bulldozer cuts created to fight the fire. These repairs help re-vegetate the slopes, limiting silt runoff into streams and ponds. With the rainy season coming, the risk for potential soil movement (mudslides) is being evaluated by a team of experienced CalFire staff. For Regional Parks and the adjacent SFPUC watershed, the risk for mudslides is considered low. The chance of soil movement diminishes further once the vegetation grows back.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, there are currently no public re-planting or trail restoration projects scheduled. When visiting the reopened parks, the Park District asks that the public stay clear of burned areas to allow the parklands to recover naturally. 
Annual Newt Migration Season Begins 
In a typical year, South Park Drive in Tilden Regional Park closes to all motor vehicle traffic from November 1 through March 31 to protect newts migrating across the roadway. The annual detour ensures safe habitat for the small, slow-moving newts who make Tilden Park their home. In light of the Covid-19 restrictions, the Park District decided to keep South Park Drive closed for all of 2020 to provide park visitors ample foot traffic space with social distancing. Now that migration and breeding season is underway, bicycles riding on South Park Drive are reminded to proceed slowly and avoid newts crossing the road. The Park District plans to reopen the road after the normal newt migration closure ends, around April 1, 2021.
Thank You, Park District Volunteers!
During the past few months, the Park District curtailed all volunteer activities and programs due to Covid-19. Many Park District volunteers have reached out to tell us how much they miss volunteer activities in the parks – and we miss our volunteers! A special video, with an introduction by Board Director Dee Rosario, has been produced in recognition of our dedicated Park District volunteers.
Protecting Parks from Extreme Weather, Climate Change
Virtual Community Meetings Provide Shoreline Park Project Updates
For Regional Parks, the effects of climate change are already here, with extreme weather, drought, and sea level rise limiting public access and damaging parks, trails, and vital natural habitat. This year, wildfires have caused damage and a multiple-month closure of four Regional Parks. Extreme wind also caused closure of 11 East Bay Hill parks for six days in October.  

The Park District is planning new parks, trails, and visitor access improvements to withstand climate change and is evaluating potential impacts to existing parks, trails, and habitat. The Park District is assessing vulnerabilities in shoreline parks, including more than 40 miles of Bay Trail it manages. More info: SF Bay Trail RAAPP Community Webinar

Coming up on December 8th from 6-7 pm, join Park District staff and planners for a virtual community engagement meeting on Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shoreline Tidewater Public Access and Doolittle Bay Trail and Shoreline project updates. Virtual Community Engagement Zoom Meeting.

The Park District recently participated in a webinar moderated by Greenbelt Alliance discussing regional shoreline resilience. The panel discussed adaptation strategies and the coordinated efforts being made by the Park District, San Francisco Estuary Institute, and WRT to strive for regional resilience and protect both communities and ecosystems along the East Bay shoreline. Parks & Nature-Based Adaptation for Shoreline Flooding Video.
Parks Need Your Help!
During the pandemic, the Regional Parks Foundation has helped members and visitors by providing health information and resources to the community, including working hand-in-hand with the Park District to produce multiple public service announcements on COVID-19 safety practices.

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Due to COVID-19, activities and events are taking place with social distancing measures in place. Some programs are virtual and use Zoom or Facebook Live or YouTube Premiere, some are drop-in and have staff roving in the park to provide socially distanced info to visitors, and some are self-guided for family groups to enjoy independently. Parks and Visitor Centers schedule some activities through their social media pages. Please plan ahead, check to be sure the park is open, and register or download info, depending on the activity’s guidance.
Fri. Nov 20, 6pm, Fall Fact or Fiction. Black Diamond Mines Facebook Live Event

Sat. Nov 21, 9-10am, Zoom Coffee With A Naturalist, Sunol Zoom Event

Sun. Nov 22, 10-11:30am, Zoom in on Nature Station Walk, Black Diamond Mines (drop-in)

Sat. Nov 28, 2-3pm, Tracks on the Trail, Sunol Zoom Event

Sun. Nov 29, 3-4pm, 19th-Century Coal Mining versus Modern Coal Mining, Black Diamond Mines Facebook Live Event
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