August 2021
Improving Fire Safety, Preventing Catastrophic Wildfires
Wildfire safety is a top priority for the Park District. This year’s California State budget includes a direct appropriation of $13.5 million for the District specifically for wildfire prevention and fuels reduction efforts. I want to thank Senators Nancy Skinner (D-9, Berkeley) and Bob Wieckowski (D-10, Fremont) and Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan (D-16, Orinda) for helping secure the much-needed funding, as well as Governor Newsom for approving the budget.
The budget includes $10 million (requested by Senators Nancy Skinner and Bob Wieckowski) to address sudden tree die-off, a new tree mortality phenomenon drastically increasing wildfire risks. Dead trees burn hotter and faster, and are more likely to cast embers downwind. First noticed by the Park District in October 2020, sudden tree die-off is a regional issue affecting many different species of trees, including eucalyptus, acacia, bay, and pine. The District has already identified 1,500 acres of sudden tree die-off in its parklands. The Park District is one of few agencies with an environmentally approved wildfire vegetation management plan that allows fuels reduction projects to move forward quickly.
The budget also includes $3.5 million (requested by Assemblywoman Rebecca Bauer-Kahan) for fire equipment to enhance the Park District’s ability to fight fires, including replacing its aging helicopter, which is relied upon to drop water on fires burning throughout the East Bay.

Wildfire safety is a year-round effort for the Park District that includes regular fuels reduction, special wildland firefighting equipment, professionally trained full-time and on-call wildland firefighters, and remote automatic weather stations that help monitor wildfire risks and efficiently deploy fire staff and resources.  

Stay safe in your Regional Parks!
Drought Emergency Hits Regional Parks
The drought is causing serious dry conditions in public open spaces, contributing to the loss of wildlife habitat and increasing the threat of wildfires. The rapid loss of streams and pond habitats is causing dire situations for animals which depend on water in parklands, and special (endangered) species are being lost at an alarming rate. Other issues caused by the drought are potential loss of recreation in the Park District’s ten lakes and water facilities, increased fire hazard with dead or dying trees and very dry vegetation, and the reduced ability for cattle to graze in much of our open wildland parks thereby increasing the wildfire fuel load. The Park District is developing its drought response by adapting its land management to keep parks safe while addressing the loss of water in the region.
Former Board Member Judge John Sutter Honored at Memorial Service for Community Advocacy and Leadership
The East Bay Regional Park District joined the Sutter family, friends, and local leaders during a memorial in Judge John Sutter’s honor on July 24. Judge Sutter passed away on May 10, 2021 at the age of 92. Sutter’s 60 years of public service, including 24 years serving on the EBRPD Board of Directors, influenced and impacted many community and civic leaders. The event - held in the regional shoreline park bearing his name - payed homage to his legacy of work, tireless advocacy to support Oakland and East Bay communities, and his selfless commitment as a role model for public service leadership. 
Lifeguard Cadets Graduation Ceremony
The newest class of East Bay Regional Park District lifeguard cadets was sworn in at the July 16 Cadet Graduation. Lifeguard Services Manager Pete DeQuincy, Police Chief Anthony Ciaburro, and Fire Chief Aileen Theile addressed the cadets and their families at Cull Canyon Regional Recreation Area. Cadets attended a 9-day paid Lifeguard Academy which included swimming, practicing rescue skills, and learning first aid. These new lifeguards are now settled in at our swim facilities, ready to guard the water.
Share Your Photos and Memories of the Brazilian Room
To celebrate the 80th anniversary of Tilden Park's iconic Brazilian Room, we will be highlighting select photos on social media and at an anniversary event in September. Share your own special event photos and be a part of the celebration! Enter Photos.
Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail in Lafayette
The inspiration for what is now the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail began in the early 1970’s, when “bike ladies” Avon Wilson and Lynn Hiden began advocating for bicycle safety in the Lamorinda area. Initially the trail was meant to provide safe access for young people riding bikes to and from school, but Lafayette city officials and Park District staff took that idea further and began planning one of the first regional trails for the Park District along an abandoned Sacramento-Northern Railroad right-of-way, which also became one of the first “Rails-to-Trails” projects in the United States. On Thursday August 5, original Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail founders, current Park District board members and staff, and local officials will celebrate the Lafayette-Moraga Regional Trail which links the entire Lamorinda region, and the years it has provided bicycle, pedestrian, and equestrian recreation use. More Info.
Quarry Lakes Reopens for Swimming
Did you hear the news? Quarry Lakes has reopened for recreational swimming! Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area is a beautiful park offering picnicking, boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, and wildlife viewing. More Info.
Coming Soon: New Pleasanton Ridge Staging Area
Construction of the Tyler Ranch Staging Area is expected to begin in August 2021 and run through May 2022. The project was identified in the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park Land Use Plan, adopted in 2012.

The new staging area will provide access to hiking, bicycling and equestrian access into the southern end of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, and includes 78 parking spaces, equestrian staging and trailer parking, restrooms, and a small family picnic area. The project also includes landscape screening for adjacent residences, security lighting, and on-site stormwater run-off collection.

Funding for this project was provided by the Park District’s voter-approved Measure WW and California Proposition 68. The Park District is proud to provide another improvement for the public to enjoy and appreciate the community’s support. The project is expected to be open to the public in Summer 2022.
Golden State Model Railroad Museum Reopens
The Golden State Model Railroad Museum, located at Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline, reopened to the public in July. GSMRM will now be open with trains running on Sundays from noon to 4pm. More Info.
New Design Survey for McKay Master Plan at Crown Beach in Alameda
The Crown Memorial State Beach “McKay Master Plan” area includes 3.89 acres of new parkland being planned to provide new recreational amenities and increased shoreline resiliency, as well as street improvements along McKay Avenue. Three design concepts have been developed that reflect community priorities and address shoreline adaptation strategies for sea level rise. Take a survey to share your thoughts about the new design concepts! Or join us for an on-site interactive event outside the Crab Cove Visitor Center on Saturday, August 7 from 12-4pm. Your input from the online survey and pop-up event will be used to refine the design concepts incorporated into the McKay Master Plan in fall 2021.
Roddy Ranch July Community Meeting Recap 
Regional Park staff hosted their second Roddy Ranch Golf Course Habitat Restoration and Public Access planning meeting on July 1. The meeting focused on introducing and discussing three draft design concepts for the former golf course. About 30 members of the public were in attendance with participants representing various interests, including habitat restoration, trail connections, mountain biking, equestrian use, and disc golf. The design concepts, developed by Restoration Design Group (RDG), suggest possible trail routes, picnic sites, staging area facilities, and wetland restoration elements in an effort to balance recreational access with habitat restoration. A final plan is expected in early 2022. More Info.
Book Release and Ridge Trail Event Celebrates Preservation of Open Space
On June 19, EBRPD Board Directors Dennis Waespi, Ayn Wieskamp, and Beverly Lane (above, left to right) joined members of the Bay Area Ridge Trail and prominent advocates for the preservation of open space in Pleasanton and Hayward, including former city officials, Greenbelt Alliance members, and former Park District board members and staff, to congratulate CSU East Bay Professor Sherman Lewis (above, right) on the publication of his book Ridgelands! The Final Frontier. The published book tells the the story of Walpert Ridge and Pleasanton Ridge, and the people who shaped the story, and was released in time for the gathered conservation heroes to also celebrate the 400th-mile of the Bay Area Ridge Trail at the Chouinard Vineyard on Palomares Road. The Chouinard property was acquired last year by the Park District to provide future public recreational trail access to hundreds of acres of currently landbanked parklands located along Walpert Ridge and Pleasanton Ridge. Photo: Marie Sayles, Bay Area Ridge Trail
"Voices of the Delta" Photography Exhibition
Big Break Visitor Center invites you to visit the "Voices of the Delta" photography exhibit. Enjoy visitors' photos captured throughout the Park District parklands and the Delta. Photos and stories will be on display August 1 – September 30 in the Big Break Visitor Center.
Hot Days & Cool Nights in Regional Parks
August's hot days mean lots of cool evening activities in Regional Parks! Check out some of the special summer activities scheduled after 5pm. Photo: Ellen Soohoo
Aug 1-28, Mammals of the Marsh, Big Break (multiple days/times)
Sat, Aug 8, 2-2:30pm, Not So Creepy Critters, Sunol (multiple days, registration required)
Sat, Aug 8, 8:30-1030am, Radical Raptors of Las Trampas, Las Trampas
Sat, Aug 14, 2-3pm, Geology Rocks, Del Valle
Sat, Aug 21, 2-3pm, Animal Adaptations, Sunol (registration required)
Sat, Aug 28, 11-11:30am, Bird Homes of the East Bay, Crab Cove (Zoom)
Sat, Aug 28, 2-3pm, Budding Birders, Del Valle
Sat, Aug 28, 3-3:30pm, Owl Pellet Dissection, Black Diamond Mines (Facebook)

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