Dearest St. Mark’s Family,

I hope this week’s eNews finds you healthy and feeling connected.  The people of St. Mark’s have continued to show amazing generosity, resilience, and flexibility as the unusual days of 2020 continue! This week, we celebrate our virtual “consecration Sunday” which calls us to remember the gifts that God has given us and how God calls us to use these resources to bless others!

Earlier this week, I pulled out the parish profile that called me to be the rector at St. Mark’s.  This profile was a “love letter” from a fantastic congregation to a potential clergy leader.  This profile lovingly described a congregation of diverse ideas and backgrounds that United under the banner of seeking and serving Christ in the world. Obviously, this call has deep meaning to me because of the Joy and Love that I experience of serving as your rector. What a gift this letter was (and is) to me. 

The profile had beautiful images of a new building and a group of people who saw themselves as welcoming and ready for growth.  It’s all still true, by the way! The building may be a decade older, and so are the people in the pictures… but the spirit is the same. The title on the front of the profile is “baskets of blessings.”  I thought that title was particularly important on this weekend when we ask God’s blessings on our pledges, our commitments, and our spirit of service. 

In a “normal” year, we would ask you to come forward and bring your pledge cards to the altar.  Obviously, we aren’t able to do that.  However, there will still be a basket on the altar that will be filled with the blessings of this congregation. If you’ve already sent in your pledge card, it will be in the basket! If you sent in your pledge card online, it’s in there too!! If you’d like to have your card included… reach out to Patty at or fill out our first ever online pledge card HERE.

In any case, know that this Sunday is a monumental celebration for us.  We celebrate baskets of blessings that continue to grow and continue to share the love of Christ in San Marcos and beyond!!!

In the quirky little letter of James, the writer reminds us that “Every generous act of giving, with every perfect gift, is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.” Or, from another quirky letter (this one) we remember that all this generosity, all of our gifts, make up these baskets of blessings. Thank you for being part of our overflowing baskets of blessings!

And never forget, you are loved!

St. Mark's Stewardship Corner
Advent Kit 
Drive-by Event for Families
Sunday, Nov. 29th
Lower Circle drive on church campus
1:00 - 2:30pm
Advent Kits Contain...
  • Fresh Advent Wreath supplies
  • Wreath making instructions
  • Illustrated Ministries' Advent Families Packet
  • Card-stock print outs of the activities
  • Short, daily Advent Calendar Activities
To help us prep, RSVP for your Advent Kit and include the number of people in your household that will do the art activities.

This Christmas Eve - our online service will include A Virtual Christmas Pageant called Do Not Be Afraid! This well-crafted short script weaves together the joy of laughter with the Christmas story. We are excited to bring this to the rest of our St. Mark's Community - but we need your help!

Email today! We have parts for everyone, but if just part of your family wants to participate, that's okay, too.

Families who would like a part in the pageant volunteer and we work together to find just the right parts by Nov. 20th.

Costumes will be put together from whatever you have at home. Don't purchase anything new; feel free to be silly and have fun!

Memorize simple parts and enjoy recording from your own home! We will provide recording details after parts have been given out.
Send your video(s) to:
by Dec. 10th.

All recordings will be edited together as one pageant and shown during our online Christmas Eve Service!