December 29, 2017
  Aledo United Methodist Church   
Making disciples of Jesus Christ to transform the world
by loving, knowing, and serving our God.
This Sunday's Message: Let's Be Extreme
Genesis 18:1-8
The Road Less Traveled
It is a practice in which we engage year after year. Maybe it's losing weight. Maybe it's quitting smoking or becoming more organized. Perhaps it's to spend less time at the office and more time with our family. We make them with the best... 


Rachelle Moreland Preaching
Sunday, December 31, 9:00 and 11:00am
Come hear our new Director of Student Ministries preach both
services on New Year's Eve.  
Student Ministry Parent Meeting
January 7th, 10:00am, "E.R." building at the Quad
Rachelle would like to "share with you her heart for your children, take care of some paper work, and spend a few minutes at the end talking with parents of 7th graders about our upcoming CONFIRMATION!"  
Life is ______. 
Starting Tuesday, January 9, 6:30pm, Gathering Room
Life is ______. How would you finish that sentence? Author Judah Smith believes Jesus shows us how to live life to the fullest! Join Trudy Smith for this 6-week class, great for new believers and lifelong followers alike. Sign-up at the Connection Center or email Trudy Smith. Study guides are $10. 
Starting Wednesday, January 10, 6:00pm, Gathering Room
Dialogue, from the Greek Dialogos, is the sharing of ideas with the goal of each party growing in understanding. Each week Pastor Lee will guide a discussion into the previous Sunday's sermon text, encouraging participants to delve deeper into Scripture and the larger message it contains. This is a serious study for disciples who are seeking to engage the Bible and their faith at a deep level. Contact Pastor Lee at for more information. Email Pastor Lee for more information.  
Women ToGetHer 
Sunday, January 14, 2:30pm, Chapel  
A guest speaker from Sanctified Hope will be here to talk with us about their ministry.  We will also talk about our February retreat at Glen Lake Camp.   
Starting January 21, 4:00-6:00pm
Classes will be held on the following Sundays:
January 21st and 28th; February 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th; March 4th and 25th. A snack supper will be provided. Sign-ups will be offered through Sign-Up Genius. For more information email Rachelle Moreland
Ladies Retreat
Feb. 9-10 at Glen Lake Camp
Mark your calendar and join us for our annual ladies retreat at Glen Lake Camp. We'll gather Friday evening, then spend all day Saturday growing our faith through fellowship and fun! Sign up at the Connection Center or email Trudy Smith
Budget Goal 
On the Go Devo

    Sometimes life keeps you away from church on Sunday, but that doesn't mean you have to miss out.  Our weekly ON THE GO DEVO keeps you talking about what your church family is talking about, even if you can't be here.  You can subscribe to have the DEVO delivered to your mobile device each week by texting ONTHEGO to 68398.


Are you taking advantage of electronic giving?
When we join the church, we pledge to support the life and ministry of the church with our financial gifts. That can get complicated on those weeks when we can't be here as the offering plate comes around. But through electronic giving, you remain faithful to your membership vows, even on those weeks when life takes you elsewhere. It's easy. It's safe. And it benefits both you and your church family. Setting it up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Contact Shari Birchell at to set up an automatic transfer from your checking account. Or go to to use your credit or debit card.

In your times of prayer throughout the week, please remember the people named below.

Concerns: Peggy Badlato's sister-in-law Lori Whitney; Shannon Reynold's uncle Frank Chlymanski; Bill Bradle; Devan Daugherty; Susan Tollefson; Jan Dedeke's mother Mildred Read; Nancy Johnson's sister Sally Yow; Diane Smith;  Brittany Stevens; Randy Lockhart's sister Cheryl
Special members who are unable to worship with us: Buddy and Ann Martin; C.D. and Mattie Graham; Rev. John Johnson
Long-term prayer concerns: Douglas and Barbara Moore; Joy Moore's brother Steve Moore; Jeff O'Donald's brother Gaylan Hood; Judy Hale; Kristen Bryan's mother; Michael Groom's nephew Ryan McNatt Jr.; Ben Combs; Isobel O'Gorman; Wayne McGregor; Stella Lee's daughter, Sherroll Shirley; Mark Greenough's niece Melinda Lee; Carrie Hester; Sarah Reed's mother Paula Duckering; Nikki Dryden's cousin Pat Tripp; Kelly O'Donald's sister, Amy Clinton; Daryl Stanaway's sister-in-law, Sharon Stanaway; Steven Cole's mother, JoAnn Cole; Mason Gomez; Gavin Trietsch; All Military Personnel