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January 30, 2020
Community UCC is an inclusive and progressive Christian Church doing social justice, environmental faithfulness, interfaith collaboration and and spiritual formation to help ourselves and others grow in faith, hope and love.

Sunday Sermon  

Sunday, Feb. 2, Pastor Ara will deliver a sermon, "A Brief History on the African American Church" based on Luke 15: 11-32 .

Jesus: Stories and Signs 
The sermon texts from Jan. 19 through March 29 will be a parable or a miracle inspiring us to revel in the mystery, open to possibilities previously dismissed or ignored, and emboldened to act with courage, conviction and LOVE.

Worship Service Each Sunday at 10:30 a.m.
NOTE: We broadcast our Sunday Worship service on Facebook Live beginning at 10:30 a.m. We want to make service accessible to members or friends who can't be with us on Sunday mornings. The camera captures the front of the Sanctuary and the first couple of rows of seats.
Saturday Morning Breakfast Group
Saturday, Feb. 1
Conference Room
Breakfast at 8:45 a.m.,
talk begins at 9 a.m.

On Feb. 1, Phil Fullerton will discuss "Eight Years in Provence; a look at French Culture." Pastor Ara has agreed to provide breakfast. 

On March 7, Gary Walker will talk about "The Life and Legacies of Leonardo da Vinci.” Breakfast host for March is still to be determined.
Black History Month Worship

We have four very different worship services planned for the celebration of Black History month at Community UCC.

  • Feb. 2: A Brief History of the African American Church
  • Feb. 9: A Dialogue on Race and Racism - we will gather in groups around tables and be guided and prompted through a challenging and uplifting conversation. Trusting that the conversation/dialogue needs to continue, we will gather on the second Sundays of March, April and May after worship for extend and contains conversation. We will be facilitated by the Mission Social Justice team.
  • Feb. 16: African American Sacred Music - EJ has a very special worship planned. The usual great, but different, music and an informative talk on African American Church music.
  • Feb. 23: Emulating Zacchaeus - The Call to the Church on Stewardship of Our Abundance with those who have been denied...
After worship on the 23rd, we will gather in Hayden Hall for “A POT-LUCK LUNCHEON OF EXTRAVAGANT PROPORTIONS.” Please bring a large portion of a very favorite food-comfort, delicious, a dish that evokes beautiful memories. We will share, eating more than we should and sharing any remainder for any one to take home.

Finally, we will have a movie night at 6:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 28, in the Sanctuary. We will view “ The Long Shadow, ” a documentary that connects the racial injustice of today with brutally dehumanizing institutions of slavery and Jim Crow. The movie will be followed by a reception in Hayden Hall for discussion inspired the movie. Donation welcome, but not required.
Living the Questions 2.0

Below are the upcoming topics (subject to change) and theme for February and March.


Feb. 2 Evil, Suffering and A God of Love
Feb.  9 The Myth of Redemptive Violence
Feb.  16 Practicing Resurrection
Feb.  23 Debunking the Rapture
Men's Book Study Group

The men's book study group, led by facilitators Rod Zook and Chad Hayden, will continue their study of "Naked Spirituality" by Brian McLaren at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 3 , in Room 3. The group will discuss Chapter 23.
The Women's book for January and February will be "Holy Envy, Finding God in the Faith of Others" by Barbara Brown Taylor. We study at 6 p.m. Tuesdays in the Conference Room.   Please DISREGARD new time mentioned last week.

Upcoming reading assignments:
Feb. 4 Ch. 6 and 7
Feb. 11 Ch. 8 and 9
Feb. 18 Ch. 10 and 11
Feb. 25 Ch. 12 and Epilogue
Family Bingo Night

Community UCC's Faith Education Team presents a family Bingo Night from 5 to 8 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 8 . $25 per family, or $5 ages 5 to 11, $10 ages 12 and up. Come and join the fellowship! Tickets on sale this Sunday
Interfaith Scholar Weekend
Feb. 21-23

As part of the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi, one of his grandsons, Rajmohan Gandhi, will be the speaker for the 2020 Interfaith Scholar Weekend event Feb. 21-23 . For more information and to register, see the website or pick up a brochure in the Narthex.
In each week's eNews, we include a news article from our larger denomination, United Church of Christ , to show the faithful work being done in other places.
UCC, others criticize US plan to ban travel from more countries

National ministries of the United Church of Christ spoke out Monday, Jan. 27, against a  U.S. plan  to ban travel from an expanded list of countries.

"The UCC stands strongly against any form of discrimination and we stand for a society and country that is welcoming of the diversity of God's people," said the Rev. Bentley deBardelaben-Phillips, executive associate of Justice and Local Church Ministries. He read from a statement that opened a news conference in the Amistad Chapel at the UCC national office building in Cleveland. Continue reading at the website .
Happy Birthday and Anniversary to all who are celebrating this month!

February Birthdays
2 — Rod Zook
4 — Dwayne Ruffin
7 — Michelle Williams
10 — Bonita Earl, John Comegys, Beryl Weinschenk
12 — Alexandra FitzGibbon
14 — Cathie Moseley
15 — Christian Fazio
16 — Ruben Fernandez, Bob Garcia
17 — Rose Rowe
19 — Charlene Toews
22 — Vhuso Sukuta
26 — Cheryl Jones
27 — Anne Simone

February Anniversaries
No anniversaries in February.

Did we overlook someone's birthday or anniversary for this month? Please let Marilyn ( ) and Lisa ( ) know so we can get you in next week. We never intend to leave anyone out.

Upcoming Church Events

  • Thursday Evening Worship weekly at 7 p.m., we hold a weekly contemplative, interactive, spirit-filled worship service in the Sanctuary
  • Feb. 1 Saturday Morning Breakfast Group, 8:45 a.m., Conference Room (see article above)
  • Sundays at 9 a.m. Adult Education in the Conference Room
  • Feb. 2 Recycling Sunday, first Sunday of the month
  • Feb, 5 - Worship Planning, 5:30 pm Conference Room
  • Feb. 6 Council meeting, 5:30 p.m. Conference Room
  • Feb. 12 - Choir rehearsal, 6:30 pm, Sanctuary

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