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Weekly E-News for June 7,  2020  

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Mission Statement
Christ Episcopal Church is a diverse, inclusive  community  that encounters God and serves others in the City of Poughkeepsie, the nation, and the world.

We believe that social justice requires work, people deserve to be celebrated,
and faith is a journey.

We are inspired to grow through the sacraments, scripture, the beauty and power of worship and the rich traditions of our Church.

Rector 's Message
Dear Friends,
This has been an important week in America. We are still very much in the midst of the first major pandemic that we have had to face in this country in our lifetimes. We are also experiencing a moment in our history that could fundamentally change the experience of African Americans and their relationship to the police. 
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June 7, 2020
Trinity Sunday
Sunday Worship: You Tube. Go to YouTube on your computer or smart phone. Search for Christ Episcopal Church, Poughkeepsie. If you subscribe to our channel you can receive notifications everytime we put up new content. 
Messages: Facebook Our Facebook Page is Christ Episcopal Church - Poughkeepsie. Join this group! I have been posting regular updates about what is going on. These are similar but not identical to what is posted on YouTube.
It has been remarkable to see the broad coalition of young people taking to the streets in response to the death of George Floyd. The protests have not just happened in one city but rather have swept across the entire country. They have included black, white, Asian, and Hispanic protesters. These protests have called upon us to understand that justice and peace are related ideas, that people who are unarmed have a right to expect certain basic protections by the police, that black lives should matter to us all.
We have all moved to this moment together. Through the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Ahmaud Abrey we have all been on this journey to understand that there are systemic differences in the way black lives are considered, treated, regarded in our society.   Of course, none of us created these distinctions; we have inherited them from the very founding of our country. Our nation was built with the system of slavery and that system has left marks on us all. The task of examining and reconsidering the structures of our country that still retain the marks of racism is painful and requires work, patience, prayer and goodwill.
As Christians, we are uniquely suited to this work. Each week we confess our sins together on our knees. It is a recognition that no matter how hard we try, we will inevitably make mistakes, hurt each other, and fail to commend the best that is in us. As Christians we understand that as part of the human condition. God loves us and forgives us those sins so that we can try to do better.
We are at a moment in this nation where we all need to adopt that same kind of practice. Forgiveness, understanding, generosity, and patience will be needed as we work through this difficult time. But make no mistake: This is a holy moment. It is full of potential and opportunity for our country to move forward from its past and experience new ways of relating to one another. This journey is difficult, but almost everything important has its cost.
May God bless us all,

Gregory Citarella, our parish administrator, continues to work from home. If you need to reach him, please contact him through this email:
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Prayer Corner
During this difficult time, we remember those who are struggling and are especially in need of prayer, including Anthony; Richard; Griff; John and Angela; Nikkita; Charles; Amity and Stephen; Jim; Martha; Betty; Peter; Sandra; Senora; Liza; Alice; Derek; Danny; Larry; Kate; Janet; Mike; Meredith; Giada; Glenn; Tracy; Vinnie and AnnMarie; Liu and Carol. For those departed, especially Michael, Dick, and Charlene. For those who are essential workers, especially first responders and  those who work at hospitals, nursing homes, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

Zoom Coffee Hour!
Thanks to Christy Miller for organizing our virtual coffee! People said they would prefer an earlier time, so we have moved it up. Please join us

Sundays at 11:30. 

To join the Zoom Meeting, click

Meeting ID: 835 1101 7679
Password: church

To take part in this, you need to have Zoom loaded on your phone, tablet, or computer. (You can download this app for free. Just go to Zoom: Video Conferencing.)  Type in the meeting number. Then type the password when prompted.  (Please see below for instructions.)
 St. Paul's Food Pantry Needs Volunteers
St. Paul's Food Pantry provides food for families in the city of Poughkeepsie. During these difficult times, this ministry is more important than ever. 

The Pantry needs volunteers on Wednesday mornings from 10 to 12. 

For more details and to volunteer, please contact Julett Butler at
Thank you.
 2020 RACE AMITY SYMPOSIUM-Envisioning Race Unity
For Immediate Release
June 2, 2020
Poughkeepsie, NY
We invite the community to the Race Amity Symposium 2020, hosted by the Race Unity Circle.   Our theme this year is Envisioning Race Unity. The entire event will take place virtually, on Saturday and Sunday, June 13-14.   Facilitators from New York, Connecticut, North and South Carolina and elsewhere will host a series of interactive discussions, films, creative salons, including storytelling, that engage our imaginations and invite use into an authentic conversation about racism and healing. Whether you are new to this conversation or wish to delve more deeply into the causes and conditions of institutional racism, this Symposium has something to offer you.
The Symposium is FREE, but your donations are appreciated. You must pre-register in order to attend. Register here:
For the full schedule and more information, go to-

 Dutchess County Wants YOU:  Be a Contact Tracer!

In order for Dutchess County and the Mid-Hudson Region to begin reopening in phases, and--more importantly--to contain COVID-19 and prevent further spread, the County is in vital need of contact tracers. The tracers will work remotely and telephone residents who may have been exposed to COVID-positive individuals. 

If you would be willing to take a 4-hour training to fill this critical need, please email the County Personnel Office ( with your name, email address, and cell phone number.
How to be in Touch with Us
At Christ Church, we are doing our best to adjust the way we communicate. Here are the best ways to find out what is happening:

Sunday Worship: 
You Tube. Go to YouTube on your computer or smart phone. Search for Christ Episcopal Church, Poughkeepsie. If you subscribe to our channel you can receive notifications every time we put up new content. 

Regular Messages:
Our Facebook Page is Christ Episcopal Church - Poughkeepsie. Join this group! I have been posting regular updates about what is going on. These are similar but not identical to what is posted on YouTube.

We will continue to send the e-news with a weekly message and information. We will be making modifications to the content, including a new prayer corner feature, next week.

The website has links to our YouTube channel so that you can more easily access our worship.

Phone Calls: 
Staff, vestry and committee members are making phone calls to our parish. Concerns are then sent to the rector.

We are asking for every parishioner to
download Zoom on their phone or computer. Since I am unable to come to the hospital or make any visits, Zoom offers a way for me to meet with you face to face. I am also available by phone (845) 304-4759 or by email

Please let us know if you are sick or in need of anything. We have resources even now - a chaplain at Vassar Hospital who can still make visits, volunteers who are willing to shop for you, and a group of faithful parishioners who are able to pray for you. The world may have changed but Christ Church still remains a strong congregation of faithful people.

While our building is closed, our bills keep coming! Please send your pledges to Christ Episcopal Church, 15 Barclay St., Poughkeepsie, NY 12601.
We are grateful for any support that you can continue to give to the church during this difficult time.

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