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August 6, 2019

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News Release: 
Cypress Benefit Administrators Welcomes New Director of Sales to TPA Firm                
Joining the team at Cypress Benefit Administrators, Justin Meissner will serve as the director of sales, leading the overall sales effort for the company from Cypress's Denver, CO, location. Read the full release...
ACA Affordability Contribution Rate Lowered to 9.78% for 2020   
Under the employer shared responsibility ("pay or play") provisions of the Affordable Care Act, applicable large employers (ALEs) may be subject to a penalty if they do not offer affordable health care coverage. Learn more about how "affordable" is defined, other related requirements, safe harbors and more in our full article...
Medical Tourism on the Rise  
As employers continue to search for creative ways to offer their employees access to high quality health care at a lower cost, medical tourism is continuing to grow as a safe, effective option. To learn more about this option and our newest Medical Tourism partner, SkyMedicus, read more...
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