Impacting Lives Through Philanthropy:
An ACEY Group Event
April 2018
College women discovered the world of philanthropy was not what they thought it was and that it’s easily attainable after attending an ACEY Group event on Thursday, April 5.

The ACEY Group, which was named in March a Chronicle Organization of the Year, is a group member of The Women’s Fund of Winston-Salem.

“Impacting Lives Through Philanthropy” was the title of the workshop held in collaboration with Winston-Salem State University (WSSU) and the Not-for-Profit Management Program at Salem College.

Kathy Hoyt , an ACEY Group member who was an organizer of the workshop, told the young women, “When we talk about philanthropy, we’re not necessarily talking about money.” She said it also includes the time and effort people put in to help others. She said she hoped the woman would be inspired to become leaders in philanthropy.

The workshop included presentations from young women who have established nonprofit groups or are working with a nonprofit group, all to help others, including on a social justice level. Click here to read more.
Written and submitted by: Donna Rogers
Staff News: Welcome Shamika Starke
The Winston-Salem Foundation would like to welcome Shamika Starke to our team as the new Strategic Initiatives Manager. Shamika will work with Sabrina Slade to manage the work of the Women's Fund and the Black Philanthropy Initiative.
Honoring Women who Inspire Us:
W OMEN’S FUND Members Named Outstanding Women Leaders
Congratulations to Women's Fund Advisory Board members Allison Brashear and Lynn Eisenberg on being recognized as 2018 Outstanding Women Leaders by the City of Winston-Salem!

Allison and Lynn, the Fund thanks you for your commitment and service to our community, and we are honored to have you as a part of The Women’s Fund sisterhood: a community of passionate women creating social change. We hope that your generous hearts continue to inspire social change among other women in our community!
In honor of Honoring Women Who Inspire Us – The Fund would like to provide an opportunity for the women in your life to be recognized for their special gift to society - A generous heart that inspires social change.

Honor the Women Who Inspire You by making a tribute gift today!
Women’s Fund Group Spotlight:
The ACEY Group Named Outstanding Organization of the Year!
On Saturday, March 24 th , The ACEY Group was named Outstanding Organization of the Year at The Chronicle’s 33 rd Annual Community Service Awards banquet held at the Benton Convention Center.

ACEY is an acronym that represents the group’s goals as it relates to the mission of the Women’s Fund – to engage our community to build economic security for women and girls in Forsyth County:

A chievement in the education of women and girls concerning the power of philanthropy
C ommitment to connect with other women and girls in the community;
E ncourage self-esteem & empowerment in women
Y ield women leaders and philanthropists.

For more than 10 years, The ACEY group has hosted various workshops and spearheaded projects purposed to help women and girls reach their full potential. Whether helping young women transition from foster care into adulthood or providing a platform for young college women to discover the impact of philanthropy - The ACEY group is an outstanding representation of the innate power of women’s philanthropy.
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As part of its commitment to engage and promote shared community support amongst other women, The Women’s Fund will release The Advocacy Playbook this Spring, which will be available for download in early May.

This resource will explore a range of advocacy activities and highlight different tactics that individuals and groups can use to promote social change in their communities.
Tuesday, May 8th
5:00 pm – until
6th & Vine
209 6th St NE, Winston-Salem, NC 27101
It’s time to treat yourself! Unwind with a glass of wine, meet and mingle with Fund members and volunteers, and create new connections with other women in our community.

Join t he Women’s Fund and Forsyth Woman Magazine at 6th and Vine Wine Bar & Restaurant for a Girls’ Night Out!

In addition, let’s celebrate National Teacher’s Day by contributing school supplies to The Educators Warehouse, who will have a collection box at 6th & Vine that evening.
Tuesday, June 12 th
Time & Location – TBD
Women of Winston-Salem - What does Advocacy mean to you?

At the Fund's next Social Change Exchange, you'll have an opportunity to explore the power of your voice, learn more about The Advocacy Playbook, practice a variety of advocacy tactics, and build a personal advocacy action plan.

More details on the time & location to follow soon. In the meantime - make sure to
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