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February 16, 2020
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Jump for Heart 2.14.2020
Jump for Heart 2.14.2020

Dear Holy Rosary Families,

It is a blessing to be part of a beautiful school community that fully engages and participates in all the activities that enrich the lives of our student.  We are grateful for the continued support of our academic and enrichment programs.  Thank you to all our families, students, parish community and local businesses that helped make our 2020 Fun Run a success.  We have surpassed our goal at $35,000!   We will share the status of the facility projects as we proceed forward.   Friday our Class of 2020 led the student body in prayer, dance and lots of jumping in support of Jump for Heart and the American Heart Association.  Our students jumped together and were able to donate towards this worthy cause.      

This year, we have taken on the project of sharing Bringing Home the Gospel every week with you and your family.  Your family faith formation is an important element in keeping with our mission that together we are partners in instilling the love of God to your child.  In t his week's newsletter I am excited to be able to share a reflection piece on Bringing Home the Gospel by Mrs. Quinlan, our 6th grade teacher.  We hope this motivates you to react to the activity provided each week.  

Have a peaceful and joyful winter break.

In Partnership,
Mrs. Fely Fajardo


Although the 10 Commandments and Jesus' exhortation to love thy neighbor as thyself is supposed to be the foundation of all our moral and ethical decisions, we are called to do more. FORGIVENESS is the key. We have to take responsibility for our hurtful words and actions. We must ask for and accept Jesus' forgiveness. We, as parents (and teachers), are often hypocritical - we demand our children to make amends, however, do we ever admit our wrongs to our children? Our feelings are never wrong - it's what we choose to do with them that gets us humans into trouble. 

I encourage you to use this Winter break to self assess and make a plan to become the best versions of ourselves. We need to do that to help our kids become the best they can be. Spend time in prayer - asking God to help us. Parenting doesn't come with a manual, and our society works against our Catholic values. Our children are exposed to so many things that undermine Christ-like choices and decisions.

We have Christ on our side!  There is hope.

Cherish each other next week. Do something out of the ordinary and celebrate each other.

Rest. Pray. Forgive.


Mrs. Johanne Quinlan
6th Grade Teacher

The following students earned free dress in January by earning 5 Christlikes!
January 2020
Alfredo Alvarez, 8th          James Hall, Kinder
Julia Bremhorst, 8th          Aiden Kim, 8th
Audrey Campbell, 8th          Emma Lepping, 8th
Max Cano, Kinder          Frankie Mauricio, Kinder
Vincent Cano, 8th          Imade Okoh, 8th
Tristan Castaneda, Kinder          Santiago Quezada, Kinder
Aiden Diaz-Sarat, 1st          Kamille Rich, Kinder
Liem Garcia, Kinder          Gabriel Ruvalcaba, 8th
Natalie Gomez, 8th          Anthony Salazar, 8th
Alex Gonzalez, Kinder          Emily Shaw, Kinder
Ariana Gonzalez, 4th          Isaac Torres Moncada, Kinder
Amy Gutierrez, Kinder          Matthew Vargas 8th
Sophia Guzman, 2nd
*earned more than one!

If your student was inadvertantly left off this list, please call Mrs. Gonzalez at 925-757-1270 x10 so your student can be acknowledged at a future date.

Open Enrollment for New Students
for the 2020-2021 School Year

   * NEW STUDENTS applying to grades PreK to 8th Grade for the school year 2020-2021

   * Applications available on the school website or at the school office:  www.holyrosarycatholicschool.org

   * For more information, call the school office at 925-757-1270

Registration for Returning Students
for the 2020-2021 School Year

   * Intent and payment due no later than February 14th.

   * Registration forms available at the school office

FACE provides need-based tuition grants to students who attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of Oakland.

FACE was founded in 1978 and helps students regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity or citizenship. We hope to support over 700 students every school year.The recent success of our annual Gala and donated funds increases the number of grants given each year.

The Diocese of Oakland includes 39 elementary and 9 secondary Catholic schools throughout the East Bay.

The BASIC Fund for 2020.
New Applications
Starting January 1, 2020 BASIC Fund applications for the 2020-2021 School Year will be available online at www.basicfund.org.  The deadline is March 18, 2020. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first served basis. Applications must be complete to be considered. Complete applications submitted after the March 18 th 
deadline will be awarded periodically through the summer of 2020, if funds become available.
Renewals will also be processed on-line. Families, as well as schools, will be notified early March with instructions on how to renew their scholarship for the 2020-2021 School Year on-line. Deadline for renewals will be mid-April. We will confirm deadline date with details early March.

The Knights of Columbus Free Throw announce the winners of each age category.  Congratulations to the following students!

Age 8                      Ezra Palec
Age 9                      Matthew Gallego                   
Age 10                    Isaiah Rubio* &  Rebecca Kimball
Age 11                    Justin Uribarri*
Age 12                    Angel Carranza* & Kylie Wisely*
Age 13                    Jacob Sison*  &  Brigida Coria*

3 point contest overall winner - Brigida Coria
*District Champion


Holy Rosary Elementary School, a ministry of Holy Rosary Church, rooted in the Dominican tradition of study, prayer and truth, provides a quality Catholic education and a foundation for higher learning and service within a diverse community.

We, in partnership with our families, are a faith community which shares its love of God and instills high academic values. We guide students to an understanding of who they are and an appreciation for what they can contribute to the world.