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March 23, 2020
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Please Pray for

- our students & families; our school administration, faculty & staff; our pastoral and parish staff - that we stay strong in faith, kindness and compassion.

- our first responders and health care workers who are making sacrifices to keep us safe.

- for our greater community and world - that we unite in a common purpose to face this health crisis with fatih, hope and love.

Our Lady of the Rosary 
Pray for Us
St. Dominic, 
Pray for Us

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March 23, 2020

Dear Holy Rosary Families,

Thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we navigate through this brave new world in education and the ever-changing pandemic.
The teachers have been in constant communication with each other, doing their absolute best to continue the education of the students of Holy Rosary.
This landing spot is currently in development.   With so much information coming at you at once, I believe it is important to make this current situation we are in easier to navigate for you and your student.  We recognize every family is experiencing challenges and opportunities of varied degrees. We want to take that into consideration as we plan for the next phase of Sustained Learning.
In the next few days, you will be receiving a survey to address and answer any questions or concerns you have regarding the Sustained Learning curriculum and assignments, as well as how things are going at home. 
We understand this is an adjustment for all of us, but would find your insights, positive reinforcement, and feedback helpful in continuing the Sustained Learning curriculum.
On a more personal note, I just want to share that I am walking this journey with you.  Our family is a menagerie of generations in one house, figuring out homework, attendance, strategizing what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, rationing out the snacks, going outside but keep your distance, staying inside and practice our invisibility skills, managing too much screentime and now we have to go ZOOM.  
I find myself living CARITAS style at my house and the Waste Wizard awarding points!   May you be surrounded by Christ's love as we go through this together.
 In Partnership,
 Mrs. Fely Fajardo
Holy Rosary Sustained Learning

Daily Attendance:
Please submit daily by 10AM for each child. Your response will include your email address and a timestamp.

 "The three great practices of Lent - prayer, fasting, and almsgiving - are three things we can all do.  As you do these three things, pray to draw closer to the Lord as the center of your life and the reason you do everything." - Lenten Gospel Reflections, Word on Fire.


The following students earned free dress in February by earning 5 Christlikes!
February 2020

Renee Aragon, Kinder        Gabriella Matar, 2nd
Ka'Fani Clewis, Kinder          Isabel Mercado, 7th
Noah Dark, 4th          Mina Page, 1st
Amanita Gonzalinajec, Kinder          Allison Proctor, 1st
Tyler Harper, 8th          Mikhaela Ricafort, 1st
Velise Hill, 7th          Kamille Rich, Kinder
Sarah Huang, Kinder          Hanna Salomero, 1st
Maya Lopez, Kinder          Isaac Suarez, Kinder
Christian Lorta, Kinder          Matthew Vargas, 8th
Kylie Wisely, 7th

*earned more than one!

If your student was inadvertantly left off this list, please call Mrs. Gonzalez at 925-757-1270 x10 so your student can be acknowledged at a future date.

FACE provides need-based tuition grants to students who attend Catholic schools in the Diocese of Oakland.

FACE was founded in 1978 and helps students regardless of religion, gender, ethnicity or citizenship. We hope to support over 700 students every school year.The recent success of our annual Gala and donated funds increases the number of grants given each year.

The Diocese of Oakland includes 39 elementary and 9 secondary Catholic schools throughout the East Bay.

The BASIC Fund for 2020.
New Applications
Starting January 1, 2020 BASIC Fund applications for the 2020-2021 School Year will be available online at www.basicfund.org.  The deadline is March 18, 2020. Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first served basis. Applications must be complete to be considered. Complete applications submitted after the March 18 th 
deadline will be awarded periodically through the summer of 2020, if funds become available.
Renewals will also be processed on-line. Families, as well as schools, will be notified early March with instructions on how to renew their scholarship for the 2020-2021 School Year on-line. Deadline for renewals will be mid-April. We will confirm deadline date with details early March.

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Holy Rosary Elementary School, a ministry of Holy Rosary Church, rooted in the Dominican tradition of study, prayer and truth, provides a quality Catholic education and a foundation for higher learning and service within a diverse community.

We, in partnership with our families, are a faith community which shares its love of God and instills high academic values. We guide students to an understanding of who they are and an appreciation for what they can contribute to the world.