April 2022 eNotes
Dear Friend,

We are ecstatic to announce Ryan Murray as our new Music Director & Conductor. Maestro Murray made a surprise appearance at the Auburn Symphony’s Gala fundraiser on Sunday, April 3rd, where he expressed his profound gratitude at being chosen for this honor, pledged to work hard for our fine musicians, and then thanked and encouraged Gala guests to continue their hearty support of this wonderful community orchestra! 
After two years of a search process protracted by an unprecedented worldwide public health crisis, we continue to be astounded at the level of interest from our community and thank you for your participation in our surveys after each finalist concert. The feedback that came from our musicians and patrons absolutely guided the recommendation of the Music Director Search Committee and aided the Board of Directors in unanimously agreeing to offer our position to Maestro Murray.  
The input was clear that all three finalists gave us fantastic concerts and had much to offer, so the decision process was serious and full of in-depth data review and discussion. Ratings on 15 specific questions asked of musicians totaled 2,085 responses and all sections of the orchestra were represented. Ratings on four specific questions asked of patrons totaled 1,000 responses. The same three open-ended narrative questions asked of both musicians and patrons yielded 961 responses that were reviewed and presented in a total of 46 pages! I cannot emphasize enough that the Board weighted its decision very heavily based on musicians’ input.
In the end, we are confident that Maestro Murray is the artistic leader that both musicians and patrons chose leading us into the next phase of our orchestra life as we enter our 35th season—and only the fourth in all that time! He received a standing ovation at the Gala fundraiser on Sunday and is now hard at work planning our next season. Look for your season subscription brochure in June as we approach the 2022/2023 season with unbridled and enthusiastic new energy!
Speaking of unleashing energy… coming together in person for our Gala—the first since 2019—was an incredible experience! Thanks many, many times over to all the sponsors, vendors, volunteers, staff, and individual donors who made it happen. Despite needing to limit attendance and still observe protocols (since we still have one more concert in May!) there was an atmosphere of joy, fun and a tremendous vote of confidence in the work and community contributions of the Auburn Symphony. Your support led to record-setting fundraising results on top of introducing the new Maestro and having all that fun!
This month’s spotlight shines on two very special volunteers who always show up to work at our Gala and concerts and anywhere else we need help.  Brent Sanders and Greg Brown would say they do it primarily for the love of the Auburn Symphony, but I suspect it’s also for the love of the women in their lives!
Brent is a telecom engineer for Skyler Electric who moved to Auburn 37 years ago. He met his wife Jennifer (our Business Manager!) a few years later and she moved up to Auburn. They both found this was a magical place to land and be close to family. Classical music caught Brent’s attention in a music class at Sierra College when he was mesmerized hearing Samuel Barber’s “Adagio for Strings". He is often seen bringing much talent and loving care to tending bar with his friend Paul at our Galas. When asked why he volunteers with his whole heart, he says, “Because my buddies do it with me and it’s such a great experience being part of this family group!”  
Greg, husband of Executive Director Anne Brown, is just as dedicated to volunteering for the Auburn Symphony although when asked why, he says (with a wink), “Anne makes me do it—ha ha!” He’s busy and has had a colorful career. As an administrative law judge for the State of California, Greg is now the most senior judge on the State Personnel Board although his legal career started in the State Public Defender’s Office handling death row appeals. He and Anne moved here from the Bay Area over 20 years ago when their daughters were toddlers… looking for more space, more time with the family and a desire to live in a small historic town. (Greg affectionately calls Auburn a “one-high school town!”) His most auspicious musical connection was inviting Anne on their first “official” date 33 years ago to a concert of the San Francisco Symphony in the famed Davies Symphony Hall. He had incredible seats (given to him by his boss, the City Attorney!) and neither of them realized at the time that symphony orchestras would figure so prominently in their future. (Our gain, all around!) Here’s Greg with someone you may recognize as Finn Brown, our official “spokesdog” for the Big Day of Giving!

Our deep gratitude goes to these dedicated dudes who are there for the Auburn Symphony, no matter the stormy weather, the tricky assignment, or the unfathomable time of day.
So, it’s a good time to wrap this e-newsletter and send it off to you with more gratitude than we can adequately express. On our near horizon, we will see the return of Big Day of Giving on Thursday, May 5th. As you hear from us about the upcoming Big DoG, as we like to call it, please know that we are mindful of all your recent generosity. We know that many of you love the online and communitywide giving during Big DoG once a year, and we always want opportunities to fit everyone’s taste and pocketbook.
Finally, please don’t forget our last concert of this season is coming up Mother’s Day weekend, May 7th and 8th. We will go back to our traditional Masterworks format of two performances, Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. It will be a very special extravaganza led by guest conductor Maestro Pete Nowlen and showcasing three of our Young Artists Competition winners from the past two years! Click here to order your tickets.

Time to take a lovely deep breath of spring … and listen for music!
Stephanie Snyder, President
Auburn Symphony Board of Directors

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