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DidYouKnowDid You Know..
Did you know that 2,955 students are taking a dual credit course through CSI this fall? That's up 8% compared to fall 2017.

(Source: PSR Fall Snapshot Report)

Chris Bragg
Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
cbragg@csi.edu | 208.732.6201
AthleticsVolleyballCongratulations CSI Volleyball

CSI Volleyball wins Region 18 Tournament! Follow them at the NJCAA National Tournament Nov. 15-17, in Hutchinson, KS.

Karen Baumert
Sports Information Director
kbaumert@csi.edu | 208.732.6493

ElectricalElectrical Apprenticeship Program

Katrina Oksten
Training Coordinator - Apprenticeship
kaoksten@csi.edu | 208.732.6382
ExtendedHoursThe Advising Center and Financial Aid Office Have Extended Office Hours This Week
It's Advising Weeks at CSI and the CSI Advising Center and Financial Aid Office have extended office hours! They will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. November 6, and 7, 2018.
Make sure you encourage students to get advised BEFORE spring registration opens on Tuesday, November 13, 2018, so they can get the classes they want!
Also, the Financial Aid Office will be available to help with scholarship and FAFSA applications! Be sure to to tell students to bring their FSA ID.

Catrina Chappel
Advising Center Coordinator
cchappel@csi.edu | 208.732.6253
GratitudeLogPractice 30 Days of Gratitude - Printable Log
We thank Angela Kraft from the State of Idaho Wellness Program Health Matters for this heart-warming exercise to notice and appreciate the good in our lives during the season of Thanksgiving. Pass it on.

Click here to view the current health challenge. 

Expressing gratitude can increase happiness and reduce stress. Practice gratitude for the next 30 days by writing down three things that you are thankful for each day. No registration is required for this individual challenge. The reward will be a happy heart.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269
WellbeingEventsNOVNovember Wellbeing Events Start Today
Please join us for any and all of the events sponsored by your Wellbeing Committee for the month of November
CSI No Shave November Starts TODAY - Men, Start Your Beards!

Things to watch for during No Shave November: Tony Mannen Tie Day and a Best Beard Contest (TBA) with awesome prizes for all!
This is when guys all across the country drop their razors for an entire month until December 1st rolls around. Some men view it as a competition to see who grows the best beard and others do it truly to support the cause.
At some point in the last couple of years you have probably heard of "no shave November". The whole purpose of no shave November is not to let your beards grow crazy, but to raise awareness for different kinds of cancer including prostate cancer. The goal is to donate the money you normally would use to get a haircut or groom your facial hair to St. Jude or other cancer research charities.
This is a great tradition but the real no shave November meaning and significance often gets lost among all of the jokes, hashtags and hype created by the media. Many men don't even realize why they do it. Some use it as an excuse to not shave for a whole month. Although the no shave November cause of cancer is a great cause to support, there are other alternative ways to show your support.

Learn more about it online>> 

TBA: Tony Mannen Tie Day & the No Shave Nov. Beard Contest

Watch for this event to take place at the end of the month.  Details to follow.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269

NoShaveNovemberSo, You've Joined No Shave November. What's Next?

While you're growing out your beard for the month, you're likely to tell people about why you're doing it. It's a great conversation starter, and can really generate a huge conversation about cancer. It can get more people to make sure they're getting regular checks for prostate cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, etc.

To properly participate in No Shave November, you should be donating the money that you aren't spending on razors and shaving accessories to a cancer research organization, such as the Prevent Cancer Foundation, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Don't just participate in No Shave November to grow an awesome beard - make it worthwhile and donate the money you're saving to cancer research!

There's more to growing out your beard than just getting a new look. There's actually health benefits, too! A beard is a natural toxin filter - it keeps things like pollen and dust from getting into your lungs, because they're clinging to your beard instead.

It can also help prevent blemishes. Shaving gives you a risk of getting bacteria into your skin, especially if you're not using proper methods. Growing out a beard can combat this.

November is when the weather really starts getting cold, and a beard can act like a scarf for your face and neck. It's really the perfect time to stop shaving!
Lastly, a beard can help with sun protection. Obviously you will still need to apply sunscreen, because hair isn't going to block out 100% of the sun's UV rays, but it's been proven that a beard can block up to 95% of them! What better way to support cancer awareness than actually practicing it?

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269
MiniProfessionalGrantsMini and Professional Development Grants Are Now Available

As you know we are well into the application process for Mini Grants and Professional Development Grants. You can send a digital copy of the completed application to tharmon@csi.edu by midnight Wednesday, November 7, 2018 . Please note that your application must be signed by your supervisor and Dean/AVP/VP for consideration. These grants and proposals are to be submitted using CSI Common Grant Application Form accessed online here: https://quondam.csi.edu/institutionalEffectiveness/grants/ .

If you have further questions, please give us a call at X6249.

Kristen Adamson
CSI Foundation Administrative Assistant
kadamson@csi.edu | 208.7320.6395
HolidayMandalaHoliday Mandala Painting on Canvas is Nov 13 & 14
Holiday Mandala Painting on Canvas is Nov 13 & 14

Two separate events, November 13 & 14
Noon in the HR Conference Rm, TAB 210 each day
Registration will be required - watch for that message

Mandalas offer balancing visual elements, symbolizing unity and harmony. This craft can be very fun and relaxing. Come join us and learn how to make these snowflake mandalas on canvas by dotting the paints in circular designs. You can be as creative as you like using different sizes of dotting tools and paints, and come away with a cute little canvas to display where you like.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269

FinancialSeminarsCSI Wellbeing Program Financial Seminars for Employees/Spouses
The first in a series of financial and retirement planning seminars starts November 15 at 11:30 in the HR Conference Rm in TAB 210. We will gather a registration for each class and provide a free lunch close to these dates. Spouses or significant others are always welcome at our wellness events. Drop-ins are also most welcome!

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269
BookClubBook Club

SpeakerShowcaseSpeaker's Showcase

Margaret Sass
Instructor, Communication
msass@csi.edu | 208.914.3520
HealthCareDirectiveCreate Your State of Idaho Health Care Directive
Note: This is a document I have online with a card I carry in my wallet for reference. I  recommend it to everyone 18 and older. 

Advance directive documents allow you to give instructions to your health care provider if you  can't speak for yourself due to injury or illness. These documents can be short, simple 
statements that express your values and choices.

Here are a few examples:
  • Idaho Living Will: This document allows you to state your wishes about medical care if you're terminally ill or in a persistent vegetative state and can no longer make your own decisions. 
  • Health Care Directive: Unlike a living will, this directive isn't limited to cases of terminal illness. If you can't make or communicate your own decisions because of illness or injury, a health care directive allows you to keep control over the health care decisions that are important to you. 
  • Idaho Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care: This document lets you empower someone to make decisions about your medical care, including life support, if you can no longer speak for yourself. 
  • Physician Order for Scope of Treatment, or POST: A POST is a document, signed by your physician, that expresses your treatment wishes. Your POST order will be followed by emergency medical personnel, medical care providers, and health institutions in Idaho. For more information, visit the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare site
  • Patient Statements: You may give a verbal directive to your physician, but it must be documented in your medical record before it is considered valid.
How do advance directives work?
Once your advance directive is on file, hospital physicians and staff will honor and comply with it as the necessary physician orders are in place. If your advance directives create medical, ethical, or professional dilemmas among physicians, family members, nurses or other care providers will help consult.

Who should have an advance directive?
If you are admitted as an inpatient to the hospital, hospice, or home care, you'll be asked about advance directives. Advance directives might sound like they're just for older people, but these documents are even more important for younger people. Advance directives can help your family and health care team understand what you want.

How can I put my own advance directives in place?
  1. Download and complete Living Will and Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare forms in either English or Spanish 
  2. Register your advance directives online with the state of Idaho.
  3. Give a copy to the person you appointed as your decision-maker, also known as your health care (medical) power of attorney or agent.
  4. Give a copy to your family members and loved ones. Take the time to discuss your choices, values, and preferences.
  5. Give a copy to each of your physicians. You can take a copy with you on your next office visit or mail one asking that it be added to your medical records. 

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269
ResilienceWorkplaceWhat Factors Promote Resilience in the Workplace?
From our EAP service www.bpahealth.com/eap-home

Resilience involves the modification of a person's response to a potentially risky situation. People who are resilient are able to maintain high self-esteem and self-efficacy in spite of the challenges they face. By fostering resilience, people are building psychological defenses against stress. The more resources and defenses available during a time of struggle, the better able to cope and bounce back from adverse circumstances people will be. A person's ability to regain a sense of normalcy or define a new normalcy after adverse circumstances will be partially based on the resources available to him or her. Resilience building can begin at any time.

Organizational Resilience: The ability for a business or industry, including its employees, to cope with adversity and change. Signs of this type of resilience are:
  • Proactive employees
  • Clear mission, goals, and values
  • Encourages opportunities to influence change
  • Clear communication
  • Nonjudgmental
  • Emphasizes learning
  • Rewards high performance
Fostering organizational or community resilience will greatly depend on the community itself and involves the community working as a whole toward preparedness. It is the capacity for the collective to take preemptive action toward preparedness. Community resilience involves the following factors:
  • Connection and caring
  • Collective resources
  • Critical analysis of the community
  • Skill building for community members
  • Prevention, preparedness, and response to stressful events
Resilience is exercised when community members demonstrate behaviors such as confidence, hard work, cooperation, resourcefulness, and support of those who have needs during particular events. These are factors that help communities withstand challenging circumstances. Developing resilience is a personal journey. All people do not react identically to traumatic and stressful life events. An approach to building resilience that works for one person might not work for another. People use varying strategies. Resilience involves maintaining flexibility and balance in life during stressful circumstances and traumatic events. Being resilient does not mean that a person does not experience difficulty or distress. Emotional pain and sadness are common in people who have suffered major adversity or trauma in their lives. Stress can be dealt with proactively by building resilience to prepare for stressful circumstances, while learning how to recognize symptoms of stress. Fostering resilience or the ability to bounce back from a stressful situation is a proactive mechanism to managing stress.

For more information or to view this month's webinar on building resiliency, go online at www.bpahealth.com/eap-home and login to access your work-life resources.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269

HerrettHerrett Center Activities

Herrett Center for Arts and Science        
College of Southern Idaho
Museum, Planetarium, Observatory
Year round hours.
*Closed Sundays, Mondays, and federal holidays.
9:30 am to 9:00 pm
9:30 am to 4:30 pm
9:30 am to 4:30 pm
9:30 am to 9:00 pm
1:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Nov. 6
6:00 pm
Reptile Revue
7:00 pm
Dinosaurs at Dusk: The Origins of Flight
Nov. 9
7:00 pm
Legends of the Night Sky*
8:00 pm
Led Zeppelin
Nov. 10
1:30 pm
Legends of the Night Sky*
2:30 pm
Dinosaurs at Dusk: The Origins of Flight
3:30 pm
Legends of the Night Sky*
4:30 pm
Titans of the Ice Age
6 pm - 12 am
Free monthly star party**
7:00 pm
Moons: Worlds of Mystery*
8:00 pm
Dream To Fly & Wall of China
*Live Sky Tour
**Weather Permitting

For Now Showing Options at the Faulkner Planetarium  click here
For special events happening at the Herrett Center  click here
For astronomy events in the Centennial Observatory  click here.

Rick Greenawald
Manager, Faulkner Planetarium
rgreenawald@csi.edu | 208.732.6659

CommEdJeromeCSI Community Ed Classes in Jerome

Jerome Center Community Education Courses
Fall 2018

Memory Wire Bracelets
Just String! Mix it up and string endless memory wire bracelets that take the place of a whole stack of bangles. Using different beads and spacers, this is the perfect gift for someone special or even yourself! You will also learn to make wire wrap dangles to add to your bracelet and give it movement. Mixing shapes and colors adds to your creativity. Great for beginners!
Date:Tuesday Nov 6
Time: 6 - 9 p.m. 
Location: Jerome Center
Cost: $25 Plus $25 supply fee paid directly to instructor
Instructor: Diane Gause

Click here for registration information or call 208-324-5101.

Anna Dovenmuehler
Jerome Center Coordinator
adovenmuehler@csi.edu | 208.324.5101

There are tickets available for the third performance of the Arts on Tour season "EmiSunshine", which will take place in the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium on Tuesday, November 6 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $20 for adults and $10 for students high school & under and are available at tickets.csi.edu, at the CSI Box Office, or by calling 732-6288.

The exceptional talents of critically-acclaimed teen music prodigy, EmiSunshine has captured the nation's attention. The singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist has been hailed by outlets such as No Depression, Billboard and Rolling Stone: "Sounds like the spunky, intense little sister to artists Iris DeMent, Natalie Maines, Nanci Griffith and Janis Joplin."

EmiSunshine has already graced some of the most-prestigious stages-from the "Today Show," to the Grand Ole Opry (over a dozen times) and most recently, "Little Big Shots starring Steve Harvey" last April. Additionally, EmiSunshine stars in and performs three songs in her latest film appearance on "The King," alongside such celebrities as Roseanne Cash, Emmylou Harris, Ethan Hawke, Alec Baldwin and more. The film featured at this year's Sundance Film Festival and premiered at Cannes Film Festival, where Emi performed.

A well-crafted storyteller, Emi's music has been described as an "old-timey," unique blend of roots music that is equal parts Americana, Bluegrass, Gospel, and Country, with a sprinkle of Blues.
Follow-up performances of the Arts on Tour season include Under the Streetlamp: Hip for the Holidays (November 29), John McEuen & Friends: Will the Circle be Unbroken (February 1), International Guitar Night (February 13), and Collectif9 (April 1).

Camille Barigar
Director of Community Enrichment
cbarigar@csi.edu | 208.732.6288
OutdoorRecreationUpcoming CSI Outdoor Recreation Activities 

Mountain Bike Wednesdays
Every Wednesday, 5:30 p.m., Auger Falls 
Beginners welcome! Join us on Wednesday nights for a group ride. All gear is provided, plus limited transportation. Email  jtwiss@csi.edu by 12 p.m. on Wednesday  to register. Limited space. Free for CSI Students taking 7+ credits, $5 for CSI Faculty/Staff, $15 for community members ($5 if you bring your own bike).  October 31 Costume Ride! 
Lunchtime Rides on Campus 
Every Thursday, 12 p.m., Outside the SUB 
Take a break from  classes and ride on campus with the ORC! We'll be outside the SUB with the bikes - just show up and ride (first 20 people)! Dress for the weather!

Christa Gessaman
Outdoor Recreation Center Coordinator
cgessaman@csi.edu | 208.732.6697

RadTechRad Tech Career Day
Students with the College of Southern Idaho's Radiologic Technology program - the Rad Tech Club - invite prospective students to come to their three-hour career day from 9 a.m. to noon Friday, Nov. 9. The event will be held in the Rad Tech lab (HSHS 178) at CSI's Health Science building on North College Road. 

Students will be given information about the program and how they can apply, plus they will get to go on a tour of the radiography lab and learn about some of the medical imaging equipment used in the program. Each participating student will receive 2 points towards their program application should they choose to apply. There will be hands on presentations and time for questions about the program and the careers students are lead to after completing their education. Snacks and drinks will be provided.

For more information, please contact program advisor Dr. Gary Lauer at 732-6719 or Tamara Janak at 732-6716.
DuoTesoroPiano Celebration Series Presents "Duo Tesoro"

November 9, at 7:30 p.m. in the CSI Fine Arts Center

Featuring compositions of Camille Saint-Saëns (Le carnaval des animeaux), Sergei Rachmaninoff (Fantasy Suite No. 1, Op. 5), Victor Babin (two-piano transcription of three Rachmaninoff Songs--"Vocalise," "It's Lovely Here," and "Floods of Spring") and Paul Pabst (Paraphrase for two pianos of themes from Tchaikovsky's renowned opera "Eugene Onegin"). These masterpieces of French and Russian music stand as pillars of the two-piano repertory.

Tickets are $10/adults, $8/seniors, or $6/students and are available at the CSI Box Office.

Camille Barigar
Director of Community Enrichment
cbarigar@csi.edu | 208.732.6288
HarvestFestivalHarvest Time Festival

Dianne Jolovich
Professor, Hospitality Management/Culinary Arts
djolovich@csi.edu | 208.732.6407

BrownBagCSI Brown Bag Discussions

This Friday Brown Bags
Description: Come share
ideas, commiserate and brainstorm answers to teaching quandaries, and establish connections with instructors of varying disciplines and experience levels. 
Date: Every Friday
Time: 8:00 am
Location: TAB 210
Facilitators: Shane Brown & Mike LaPray
Topic: " Open Forum" 
Recommended Audience: CSI Employees

This Friday Brown Bags
Description: Each Friday afternoon we will gather together and share lunch/treats while we discuss the daunting task of putting theory into practice, putting context into all the content we
Date: Friday, September 14, 2018
Time: 12:45 p.m.
Location: HSHS 139
Facilitators: Clay Wilkie & Evin Fox
Topic: "Crucial Conversations: How to have important conversations that can be heard."
Resource Link: (click on topic title to visit the resource link)
Recommended Audience: CSI Employees

This Coming Monday Brown Bags - Students & Employees
Description: The student faculty brown bag provides a safe space for collaboration and creates an opportunity to build relationships between students and employees. 
Date: Every Monday
Time: Noon
Location: SUB Fireside Lounge
Facilitators: Justin Vipperman, Matt Reynolds, Samra Culum, & Carolina Zamudio 
Topic: Struggles/Worries while in College
Recommended Audience: All students (CSI employees are welcome)

This Coming Monday Brown Bags - Employees
Description: This semester we will be reading and reflecting together on Student Engagement. We're currently reading Discussion in the College Classroom: Getting Your Students Engaged and Participating in Person and Online by Jay R. Howard. By learning together and exchanging perspectives, we hope to be motivated by discussions to test drive new practices! Come join us! 
Date: Every Monday
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: TAB 210
Facilitators: Jan Carpenter, Jacqlyn King, Tiffany Seeley-Case
Topic: Find the e-book hereUse this link to read the book on campus.
Recommended Audience: Students, Staff, and Faculty

MVSymphonyMagic Valley Symphony Performance
2018 - 2019 SEASON - "A WORLD OF MUSIC"

All concerts are performed in the Fine Arts Auditorium at the College of Southern Idaho.

Friday, November 16, 2018, 7:30 p.m.

Guest Conductor Colin Brien joins us again to conduct Bernstein's "West Side Story" and "Candide," Grieg's "Peer Gynt," his own tone poem called "The West" and more.

Tickets: adult $10/senior $8/student $6 available at the CSI Box Office, five Twin Falls retail stores, and at the door.

More information at www.mvsymphony.org.
ComEdTwinCSI Community Ed Classes in Twin Falls

Twin Falls Community Education Courses
Fall 2018

Memory Wire Bracelets
Just String! Mix it up and string endless memory wire bracelets that take the place of a whole stack of bangles. Using different beads and spacers, this is the perfect gift for someone special or even yourself! You will also learn to make wire wrap dangles to add to your bracelet and give it movement. Mixing shapes and colors adds to your creativity. Great for beginners!
Date: Wednesday, Nov. 14
Time: 6 - 9 p.m. 
Location: Taylor 276
Cost: $25 Plus $25 supply fee paid directly to instructor
Instructor: Diane Gause

Explosion Box Album
An Explosion Box Album is a mini album that can also double as a gift box. On the outside, it looks like an ordinary box, but once you lift the lid it reveals multiple layers that can each be decorated the way you want them, with plenty of room left for a surprise gift to be hidden inside. Come and use your own imagination and creativity to design your own box. 
Date: Tuesday, Dec. 4
Time: 6 - 8 p.m.
Fee:  $25 Plus $25 supply fee paid directly to instructor
Location: Taylor 276
Instructor: Diane Gause

Click here for registration information.

Camille Barigar
Community Enrichment Director
cbarigar@csi.edu | 208.732.6288
TurkeyTrot2018 5K Turkey Trot

Participants are encouraged to show up in costume if they would like. There will be three frozen turkeys along the race route. Any participant who can find one and carry it to the finish line is welcome to keep it. 

This is a family-friendly, non-timed event for all ages. Each person who registers will get a fleece blanket. Proceeds from the event will help fund spring activities in the CSI Student Recreation Department. 

-Location: College of Southern Idaho, Expo Center Parking Lot 
-Date: Thursday, November 22, 2018 
-Final Registration Time: 8 AM 
-Race Start Time: 9 AM 
--$20 per person 
--$60 for families of 4 ($15 for ea. additional family member) 

For More Information Contact: Scott Rogers at 208-732-6488 or  srogers@csi.edu.

DairyCompanionA Dairy Home Companion
November 27, at 7:30 p.m. in the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium

It's all in a name! A Dairy Home Companion will follow the format of the perennial favorite "A Prairie Home Companion" with some changes to fit southern Idaho. The show will include music, comedy, monologues and more! Join us (Comedy veterans Steve Kaminski and Katie Neff "Neffinski") along with some of your favorite local musicians, comedians and other performing artists as we present a satirical, and perhaps idyllic, look at life in the Magic Valley.

Tickets are $10 for adults or $5 for students and are available at tickets.csi.edu, by calling 732-6288, or at the CSI Box Office.

Camille Barigar
Director of Community Enrichment
cbarigar@csi.edu | 208.732.6288
 RedCrossRed Cross Blood Drive

Please join our lifesaving mission and schedule an appointment today!

Drive Details
Site: CSI Health Sciences & Human Services Building
Address: 397 N College Road, Twin Falls, ID, 83301
Room Name: Lobby
Thursday, Nov. 29, 2018
Time 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Coordinator Name: Jake Reines
Coordinator Phone Number: 208-484-0138
Click here to make an appointment.

Please schedule online or call Jake @ 208-484-0138.

The need for blood is constant and only volunteer donors can fulfill that need for patients in our community. Nationwide, someone needs a unit of blood every 2 to 3 seconds and most of us will need blood in our lifetime.

Thank you for supporting the American Red Cross blood program!

Download the Red Cross Blood Donor App on the App Store, Google Play or text BLOODAPP to 90999. Schedule appointments, get rewards and invite friends to join you on a lifesaving team.

HipHolidaysUnder the Streetlamp: Hip for the Holidays
November 29, at 7:30 p.m. in the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium

Welcome back to the Arts on Tour stage, Under the Streetlamp, America's hottest vocal group,bringing their unique blend of tight harmonies and slick dance moves to your holiday favorites this time around. The group is composed of recent leading cast members of the Tony Award-winning sensation Jersey Boys. Let's get Hip to the Holidays as Under the Streetlamp celebrates with a joyous performance of your favorite holiday tunes PLUS songs from the American Radio Songbook. Oh what fun it is to dance in the aisles while merrily singing along to songs from their live PBS Specials and studio album, Every Day's a Holiday. It'll be a night to remember. So come on out and get Hip to the Holidays with Under the Streetlamp! Rockin' your favorite tunes from their studio album, Every Day's a Holiday. Featuring: I'll be Home for Christmas, Santa Bring My Baby Back, Run Run Rudolph, Avé Maria, and many more!

Tickets are $38/adults or $14/children HS and under and are available at tickets.csi.edu, by calling 732-6288, or at the CSI Fine Arts Center Box Office.

Camille Barigar
Director of Community Enrichment
cbarigar@csi.edu | 208.732.6288
LatinosSoupLatinos in Action Soup Fundraiser
Homemade Soup Day

Come and enjoy some tasty soups from  11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. i n the SUB on the following dates: 
                • Nov. 29
                • Dec. 13
                • Jan. 17
                • Feb. 14
                • Mar. 28 
                • Apr. 25
H elp our Latinos In Action students raise money to travel to Puerto Rico for a community service project.

Alejandra Hernandez
Multicultrual Coordinator
mhernandez@csi.edu | 208.732.6312

WorkforceUpcoming Workforce Trainings
Advanced AC/DC Electrical Training
Nov. 6-20
6 - 9 p.m.
ATIC Room 134

Fall Protection Competent Person
Nov. 6
8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
ATIC Room 134

Safe Quality Foods
Nov. 7 - 8
9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
ATIC Room 120

Alex Wolford
Workforce Development and Training
awolford@csi.edu | 208.732.6344
WeightlossAdviceThe Best Weight-Loss Advice to Borrow From Popular Diets
Before the holiday season event begins, here are some ideals for healthy habits to trim both you and your tree for Christmas and the winter season. 

By Samantha Cassetty, RD For NBC Better

A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that almost half of Americans tried to lose weight within the past year - up from 43 percent when people were last surveyed between 2007 and 2008. But deciding how to go about it can be confusing, especially since there's wild variation in advice from popular dietary approaches, like intermittent fasting, the ketogenic diet, or even a non-diet approach.

So how do you choose the best plan of attack to finally shed the extra weight? Instead of committing to just one plan, steal the best advice from all the popular diets to piece together a routine that will deliver the best results. Here's some healthy eating advice you can borrow from the most popular programs.


Takeaway: Ditch the restrictive diet mentality.

There's a lot to be said for rejecting fad diets, overly restrictive eating, and unrealistic body types - a few key pillars of the anti-diet movement. Being too restrictive and focused on a specific weight goal takes up a lot of mental energy that could be freed up for more important things - like your love life, your friends and family, and your killer career. This form of dieting can also take an emotional toll. It's a good idea to move away from a restrictive diet mentality and to prize both your physical and emotional health. Forget what you've heard about ideal body weights and find the place where you can live most healthfully and happily.


Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269
ComicsComics and Coffee

CJ Rasmusson
Twin Falls Public Library
crasmusson@twinfallspubliclibrary.org | 208.733.2964 ext. 101

BestWorkplaceBest Place to Work in Idaho Leaders Offer Panel 11/8

Best Places to Work in Idaho is hosting a Workforce Culture Panel on November 8 from 9-11am at the T-Mobile Call Center in Meridian. This panel features CEOs and Leaders from Idaho's top ranked companies across all size categories. They will come together to discuss proven strategies for epic culture in the workplace. Chris Taylor, CEO of Fisher's Technology, will moderate discussion. Tickets are on sale now!

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Wellbeing & Development Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208.732.6269

Note:  We want to make this document something you look forward 
to  reading each week and your feedback will help tremendously! 
Please  send  your information to klapray@csi.edu.
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Nondiscrimination Statement:  It is the policy of the College of Southern Idaho to comply with all federal, state and local authorities requiring nondiscrimination, including but not limited to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Civil Rights Restoration Act of 1987, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), the Age Discrimination Act of 1975, and Executive Orders 12898 (Environmental Justice) and 13166 (Limited English Proficiency).  College of Southern Idaho is an equal opportunity employer. The college does not exclude from participation in, deny the benefits of, or subject any individual to discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, income, protected veteran status, limited English proficiency, or any other status protected under applicable federal, state or local law.

Gainful Employment data for specific programs may be found on our GE website:  www.csi.edu/ge