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April 27, 2015
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50 Years Ago Today
Established in 1965

Some fun facts from 1966 about student reactions...a dime for an apple machine. What's that?

We will be posting weekly updates in eNotes for the remaining fun facts, events, and things going on for our 50th Anniversary! If you have a fun fact, picture, or 50th Anniversary idea we'd love to hear it! Please send any information to 
50 Year Photo
Your attendance is NEEDED!

Be sure to include being part of the big '50' photograph on the lawn west of the Hepworth building in your calendar THIS WEEK. The Public Information Office will assemble all who show up into a big 50 on the lawn. Our photographer will be in the CSI bucket truck to take the photo that will not only be used widely in this year's 50 th anniversary celebration but will also be a part of our photo history.  Be there at  12 pm Wednesday, April 29.


Instructors, if you or your students wear caps, smocks, scrubs, aprons, helmets, or use tools of any kind, wear/bring them. It may even be a good opportunity to bring along the skeletons or other lab 'people.' Just come as you are and part of CSI history!

The Guest
Hosted by the CSI PACE Committee

...Imagine coming to CSI and every employee  you came in contact with made you feel like a special guest that had been welcomed into his or her home...Faculty, Staff, Administration---we can all benefit from revisiting our customer service skills. Starting April 27, the PACE Committee will be presenting customer service sessions in a program they have titled  The GUEST . Enthusiastic presenters such as Amy Christopherson, Rosemary Fornshell, Colin Randolph, and Dianne Jolovich will lead small groups through this two hour fun and engaging program. Refreshments will even be served.


Participation in this program will help strengthen CSI as a whole and is highly encouraged! You only need to sign up for one session as they all cover the same information. Although sessions will run weekly through fall, faculty are encouraged to sign up for a session before summer break. Please watch for session times via campus wide e-mail and eNotes. Sign-ups will be done with Charmaine at the Info desk in the Taylor Building.

There are still open spots on the following dates this week:


TODAY Monday 4/27 2-4 pm in Taylor 247

Tuesday, 4/28 2-4 pm in Taylor 247

Thursday, 4/30 204 pm in Taylor 247 



PACE Members 
Did you miss the spring general meeting?

Don't worry, we recorded the WHOLE meeting. You can watch it here now: 

SkillsUSA Winners from CSI
Trade and Industry

Students from the College of Southern Idaho's Trade and Industry programs competed recently against students from other Idaho schools in the SkillsUSA events. Pictured from left to right, front row: Sara Severa, silver in Customer Service; Jasmine Victorious, gold in Customer Service; Courtney Bloom, gold in Baking; Leslie Jones, gold in Restaurant Service; Isac Zavala, gold in Culinary Arts; Dale Ashburn, silver in Culinary Arts. Back row (starting with far left): Mitchell Mahannah, silver in Diesel Technology and bronze in Job Interview; Logan Boyle, silver in Automotive; Nathan McKay, bronze in Welding Fabrication; Robert Hutchison, bronze in Welding Fabrication; Jason Rogers, gold in CNC Milling; Christopher Perron, gold in Automated Manufacturing; Jeff Mickelson, silver in Cabinetmaking; Jared Dahl, gold in Automated Manufacturing; Patrick Hutchinson, gold in Automated Manufacturing; Nicholas Sorth, silver in CNC Lathe. Winners not photographed include: Michael Armstrong, gold in Cabinetmaking; Wyatt Angell, bronze in cabinetmaking; Jennifer Crowdson, bronze in Welding Fabrication. The gold medal winners will travel to Kansas City, Missouri in June to compete against the top winners of all other states in the SkillsUSA Nationals.

Successful Disc Golf Tournament
Thanks to all those who participated

CSI Plant Sale
Horticulture Greenhouse Clearance

Student Scholarship Opportunities
Help spread the word to your students

Athletics Mascot: The CSI Athletics program is looking for an outgoing, energetic and fun person who enjoys live crowd interaction to be next year's Gilbert the CSI Golden Eagle mascot!  To be eligible students must have a 2.0 GPA, be a full time CSI student (12 credits) and be able to meet an hour a week with the CSI Cheer squad. They will be expected to attend the UDA/USA Cheer camp, all Men's and Women's basketball games, plus several community venues throughout the year. Lastly, the care of the mascot uniform is the responsibility of the mascot position. As the CSI mascot students will be awarded a $500 scholarship per semester for their 1st year, and $750 per semester for their 2nd year. Anonymity is a must :) Please have interested students c ontact to tryout or for more information.

Student Senate Positions: Do you know a student that would be great in student senate? Let them know about this opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills, build their resume, earn a scholarship, and make a difference by participating in the CSI Student Senate! The application deadline is May 1st, at 5 pm. This is their chance to earn over $1,000 per semester by scholarship while contributing to the growth and atmosphere of the college. They can apply for the Student Senate Secretary at: Or, they can apply for the Student Senate Treasurer position at:
Brown Bag
This week's schedule


This session will be postponed due to the CSI 50 Year Photo. Please make sure to go out to the lawn area west of the Hepworth building at 12 pm on Wednesday, April 29. 


Please e-mail Evin Fox at for Thursday and Friday's schedule. 

CSI Weekly Events-Check Facebook
What's happening on campus this week.

See all event details on the "Events" tab of our College of Southern Idaho Facebook page. Not sure how to get there? No's three easy steps:

1. Log into Facebook
2. Search "College of Southern Idaho"
3. Click on the "Events" tab right under our cover picture



Shakespeare's Twelfth Night

College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho





The History Behind a Love Story

Turf Club in Twin Falls, Idaho





Passports and Passages

CSI Blaine County Center Hailey, ID





Spring Plant Sale

College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho






Comedy Night

CSI Fine Arts Center in Twin Falls, Idaho






CSI Music Department Concerts

College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho





Box Canyon Nature Excursion

Box Canyon Springs Nature Preserve


If you have any questions about any of these events, or would like to include your event in this listing please e-mail with a description, picture, flyer, or any other supporting information. 
Idaho Humanities Council Dinner & Lecture
Bestselling author Jamie Ford


Planetarium Show Schedule
This week through the end of May

Outdoor Recreation Activities
This week

International Dinner
CSI's Diversity Council

The College of Southern Idaho's Diversity Council invites students and community members to the annual International Dinner from 6 to 8 p.m. Thursday, May 7th in the CSI Student Union. 


Diversity Council students have arranged menus, entertainment, music, and activities from three countries - Peru, Pakistan, and Jamaica. Dinner items include appetizers, entrees, and desserts from each country. Music from the various countries will accompany the dinner and tables will also be set up with games and craft projects from the featured countries. 


CSI students will be able to have dinner, as usual, at the Aramark Caf? that evening if they prefer or get $5 tickets to the International Dinner. Community members and CSI employees can purchase tickets at the Student Activities office on the second floor of the Student Union or from members of Diversity Council.
Contact Perri Gardner for more information. or at 208-732-6867.  

Health Screenings Continue... 
Don't forget the online assessment


NOTE: To continue incentive $$$ you MUST participate NOW for the coming budget year - even if you did the screening last fall.

Call St. Luke's to scheduled your appointment (required for all screenings at all locations) at 208-381-9000.

Or, use an online scheduling tool. Go to: 
Download instructions for scheduling online.

Remember to fast at least two hours, 8 is best!

Screening dates on the CSI main campus
7 - 9 a.m. on each CSI date below

Tuesday, April 28, HSHS 139

3 - 5 p.m. at Head Start offices

Monday, April 27, Wendell

ALSO: The screening and online assessment must BOTH be completed to earn "participation" incentive.

I have seen my physician in the last 6 months, since Nov. 1:
Doctor verification form for physician to complete, find instructions for submission on the form

The HEALTH ASSESSMENT is available - to do AFTER your screening! 

The DEADLINE to complete all aspects of the Health Initiative is end of the day APRIL 30!

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Human Resources Specialist
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator

Celebrate Screen-Free Week!
Unplug from digital entertainment


On May 4-10, children, families, and communities around the world will rediscover the joys of life beyond the screen. Unplug from digital entertainment and spend your free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends.

*work and school assignments not included

Here's what you can do with your family in support of the program:
* Get your family on board
* Plan activities
* Ask friends to go screen-free with you
* Help your family get ready-don't forget to sign a pledge card
* Screen-Free Week is here-celebrate! Keep track of all your fun on the activity log
* When the week's done, congratulate yourself and your family-remember the certificates of achievement

* Make it last by building more screen-free time into your family's life even after the week is over

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Human Resources Specialist

Employee Wellbeing Coordinator

April is National Humor and Stress Awareness Month
Are you laughing about your stress? Not yet? 

The CSI Wellbeing Program recognizes that difficult life events and long-term stress can lead to mental and physical health issues. That's why we partner with two EAP Programs so employees and your family members have access to trained counselors that are FREE to you. It's easy to connect with a counselor to talk about any number of issues including legal and financial problems or identity theft. Just click on to find information about services, phone numbers and links to more details. Or, call anyone in the HR office at any time and we'll happily answer your questions about these services and connect you with these programs. 


Do you or someone you know suffer from depression?  Do you know the symptoms? Check out the info below provided by one of our EAP providers Business Psychology Associates:


Depression is more than just feeling low, down, or out of energy for a day or two. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, depression often includes symptoms that are overwhelming, last for long periods of time, and keep you from leading a normal life. Some symptoms of depression include: difficulty concentrating or making decisions, decreased energy, feelings of guilt, worthlessness or helplessness, insomnia or excessive sleeping, irritability, loss of interest in hobbies once pleasurable, overeating, or appetite loss, "empty" feelings or thoughts of suicide.


If you have experienced these symptoms, no matter how severe, it is important you get help from your physician, and possibly through your company's Employee Assistance Program. After taking these important steps, you can also take some healthy approaches to treating the diagnosis.


Talk about it:  Therapy is a proven method for effectively dealing with depression. Talking about your feelings with a trained professional is a great start. You may also find it helpful to talk to a good friend or other trusted supportive figure in your life.


Mind-body training: According to researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, an increasing number of studies of mind-body training show a positive impact on different mental and physical conditions, including depression.

  • One study revealed depressed patients experience significantly elevated mood after yoga sessions. It has also been found that yoga can boost certain brain chemicals associated with controlling depression and anxiety.
  • Meditation: Recognizing thoughts and feelings as they happen and then consciously deciding to let them pass is one way to combat the cycle negative thoughts.    

Focus on the Positive: Having a more positive outlook on life can have a great impact on improving your depression.

  • Count your blessings: Each day, acknowledge, or even write down one thing you are truly thankful for in your life.
  • Engage in self-praise: Be able to list at least ten positive things about yourself. Refer to this list when you have feelings of self-doubt or self-defeat.
  • Socialize: Studies show that isolation is bad for mental health. Getting out with friends not only helps you break the cycle, but also gives your mind "a break" from negative feelings.

Focus on your Diet: Research has shown diets high in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and fish can help with symptoms of depression and improve your response to antidepressant medication.


Judy Heatwole, MTD

Human Resources Specialist

Employee Wellbeing Coordinator