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B 50 Years Ago at CSI
On August 27, 1965...
Eighty-nine percent of Jerome County voters-1,151 yes to 136 no-wanted to join the junior college district.

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PacePACE 50-for-50

We currently have 47 participants and  over 511  selfies documented for the PACE 50-for-50 Challenge ! Listed below is your competition and CONGRATS to Doug on a Stick for being our first challenge winner! 

# of Items 
C ompleted
Doug on a Stick
(Real participant, fake identity)
Kyle Brown
Jud Harmon
Janet Milligan
Ella Johnson
Tonja Bowcut
Cindy Harding
Crystal Ayers
Jon Lord
Gail Schull
Dan Guthrie
Elaine Bryant
  • Contribute a book to Book Crossing
  • Attend the Halloween Carnival in the Rec. Center
  • Participate in the Lane of Trees
  • Become a club advisor
  • Participate in "Give Me Five"
  • Be a safety example on campus
  • Attend the General Education Discussion during In-Service Wee
Some of the items on this list have already passed, just try to be as creative as you can to back date your picture. Use a sign in sheet, any e-mail documents with the events title on it, etc.

Tamara Harmon,   tharmon@csi.edu  | 208-732-6249
Kimberlee LaPray,   klapray@csi.edu   | 208-732-6299

LibraryNew Library Display
On Display at the CSI Library:
The CSI Library is celebrating CSI's 50 th Anniversary with various CSI related displays throughout the month of September. Authors of the Gem State and College of Southern Idaho are currently featured on top of the map case display (East Wall) of the library.  Get Up, Get Moovin' and come see what is on display at the CSI Library! 

Ansina Durham
Library Technician
adurham@csi.edu | 208-732-6500  

PartyParty Volunteers

The CSI Community Party Committee is still looking for volunteers for our community celebration! The party will be held on Saturday, September 12, 2015 from 11 am to 3 pm. Everything will take place on the main campus, on the north side of the Student Union Building. There will be food, live music, activities for kids, and much more. The whole community is invited to celebrate CSI turning 50! If you are interested in volunteering to help please click on the Volunteer Sign Up Form link below and list your name where you'll be available. Thank you everyone!  

Perri Gardner pgardner@csi.edu  | 208-732-6867
Samra Culum,  sculum@csi.edu  | 208-732-6223

SiloSilo-Literary Journal

It is my pleasure to announce the official publication of the 2015 edition of the College of Southern Idaho's literary journal,  Silo . The new issue is available at http://www.csi.edu/silo/
This issue includes visual art from CSI students with selected poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction from regional writers. The English Department will be promoting the issue online, but please refer your family, friends, and associates to this edition, as word of mouth is always the best way to increase exposure. Happy reading!
Kory Lloyd
Assistant Professor of English
klloyd@csi.edu |  208-732-6811

EagleEagle Job Board
There are several part time seasonal jobs listed on CSI's Eagle Job board at http://careers.csi.edu/eaglejobs to supplement students income while going to school. Please encourage students to visit the site as more opportunities like this one are being posted daily. 

Merry Olson
Career Readiness Facilitator
molson@csi.edu | 208-732-6306 

FacebookFacebook Events
If you're looking for an event this month chances are we have the information posted on our  Facebook page. And, don't forget that you can now subscribe to our events which means you'll get a notification when a CSI event is added to our page.  

  • If you'd like your CSI event listed on our Facebook page, please send your information to enotes@csi.edu. Pictures, flyers, and most all documents will be accepted and used for the posting. 
Kimberlee LaPray
Public Information Specialist
klapray@csi.edu | 208-732-6299

Miles50 Miles for 50 Days
CSI faculty and staff are invited to participate in "50 Miles for 50 Days". We want the CSI community to move - walk, run, cycle, climb, etc. - 50 miles every day for 50 days (August 31-October 19). This activity can take any form convenient to your day and schedule, but it should get you up out of your office chair and moving. Participation is easy! Just keep track of the distance you cover and report it each day via the "50 Miles for 50 Days" project form. Your distance will be added to that covered by your colleagues and will help us reach our daily goal! For more information about this challenge please read the instruction sheet. Or, you can contact one of the people listed below.

Click here for a map of your building with a route that equals one mile.  

Jaime Tigue jtigue@csi.edu | 208-732-6479  
Liz Knight eknight@csi.edu | 208-732-6258  

JeromeJerome Classes


Anna Dovenmuehler
CSI-Jerome Center
adovenmuehler@csi.edu | 208-732-6442
Everyday Financial Planning
Date: Saturday, Sept. 19-26, 2015
Time: 9:00-11:30 am                            
Instructor: Jim Woolley, CFP
Fee: $49
Location: Jerome Center

If the words invest, risk, retire, 401(k), IRA, and mutual fund make your head spin, come learn from a local Certified Financial Planner who uses everyday language to illustrate what  these terms mean and how these apply to you. You will learn things like: how to put money into and take money out of your employer's plan, what kinds of insurance are right for you, Social Security basics, and how to determine the savings you need to be able to retire. Bring your spouse or a friend. A workbook will be provided.
Survival Spanish
Date: Thursday, Sept. 24-Dec. 3, 2015
6:00-8:00 pm
Lupe Cisneros-Corbin
Jerome Center
Enjoy learning Spanish in a comfortable and relaxed environment. There is no grammar, very little writing and no tests! Instead, you'll have fun learning common phrases by conversing with each other. This is perfect course if you are a beginner, or need a refresher course for travel. Note: no class on Thanksgiving-Thursday, Nov. 26. 

Classes Coming Soon:
Understanding Essential Oils
Essential Oils for the Holidays
Essential Oils for Toxic-Free Cleaning
DSLR: Camera Basics

To register or for more information visit 
or call (208) 732-6442 or (208) 324-5101.

First Health Occupation Student Association (HOSA) Meeting
Date:  September 1, 2015
Time:  1:00 pm
Location:  HSHS 154

Everyone interested in healthcare is invited to attend this informational meeting.  HOSA is the only national student organization that exclusively serves secondary and post-secondary/collegiate students in pursuit of a career in the health professions
Purpose:  The purpose of the HOSA organization is to develop leadership and technical HOSA skill competencies through a program of motivation, awareness and recognition, which is an integral part of the Health Science Education instructional program.  
Mission:  The mission of HOSA is to enhance the delivery of compassionate, quality health care by providing opportunities for knowledge, skill and leadership development of all health science education students, therefore, helping the student meet the needs of the health care community.
Goals:  The goals that HOSA believes are vital to each member are:
  • To promote physical, mental and social well being.
  • To develop effective leadership qualities and skills.
  • To develop the ability to communicate more effectively with people.
  • To develop character.
  • To develop responsible citizenship traits.
  • To understand the importance of pleasing oneself as well as being of service to others.
  • To build self-confidence and pride in one's work.
  • To make realistic career choices and seek successful employment in the health care field.
  • To develop an understanding of the importance in interacting and cooperating with other students and organizations.
  • To encourage individual and group achievement.
  • To develop an understanding of current health care issues, environmental concerns, and survival needs of the community, the nation and the world.
  • To encourage involvement in local, state and national health care and education projects.
  • To support Health Science Education instructional objectives.
  • To promote career opportunities in health care.
Tonja Bowcut, CDA
Dental Assisting Program Director
tbowcut@csi.edu | 208-732-6708

PlanetariumPlanetarium Schedule

The Faulkner Planetarium public show schedule effective Tuesday, September 8, 2015.

Rick Greenawald
Manager, Faulkner Planetarium
rgreenawald@csi.edu | 208-732-6659

AfricaMiss Africa Idaho 

Miss Africa Idaho is a Cultural Scholarship Program, with the goal of promoting, integrating and educating the public on Africa's rich cultural heritage. The second annual Miss Africa Idaho will be held at the CSI Fine Arts Center in the auditorium on September 19th at 7pm. The event is hosted on CSI's campus by the CSI Diversity Council. Contestants will portray their cultural roots and entertain through talent, African clothes, dance, and platform introduction. The pageant concludes with the crowning of a new queen. Tickets can be purchased at the CSI box office or at Ooh La La on Main Street. Tickets are $10 for students and $12 for general public. 

Perri Gardner
Instructor, Political Science
pgardner@csi.edu | 208-732-6867
VaccinateVaccinate Teens
Vaccinate your Teens NOW against Future Cervical and Anal Cancers
Not one of my favorite, all-time subject lines but I hope it helped catch your attention.  According to date just released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 40 percent of girls and 22 percent of boys ages 13-17 had finished their course of three shots for HPV by 2014. 
What you need to know is that while many people who get HPV do not develop cancer, the virus is the cause of almost ALL cervical cancers and 91 percent of all anal cancers. HPV is SO common that most people will get it at some time in their lives.  For many, HPV usually causes no symptoms so you can't tell you have it.  Others may experience genital or skin warts.  According to the CDC, for most women HPV will go away on its own; however, if it does not, there is a chance that over time it may cause cervical cancer.  
Prevention is easy and it's FREE to benefited CSI employees and their families because SelectHealth fully covers the cost of this series of vaccinations for both boys and girls ages 9 - 26 as a preventive service.  That means there is no copay, coinsurance, or deductible for vaccine and service charges. 
For questions about coverage through SelectHealth you may call Member Services at 800-538-5038 - the number listed on the back of your SelectHealth ID card.  For information about obtaining this vaccination series for your children you may contact the pharmacy where you commonly do business or your doctor's office. 
To learn more about HPV, check out this CDC site and also an article on vaccination rates by states

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

LongLong Hours at Work
Long Hours at Work are Killing You
This comes from one of m y favorite workaholic friends on campus.  J
Do you worry that yo ur workaholic ways are killing you? A new study says you may be right.
In an analysis of more than half a million men and women from around the world, those who put in long hours at the office were 33% more likely to suffer a stroke than their colleagues who clocked out earlier. Even those who worked just over 40 hours per week saw a significant increase in stroke risk, according to results published online Wednesday in the journal Lancet.
An international team of researchers gathered data on hundreds of thousands of workers in the U.S., Australia, Israel and eight countries in Europe who participated in various long-term studies. The volunteers told researchers how many hours they worked per week. Then they were tracked for several years. 
The researchers identified 528,908 people who were stroke-free when they joined a study. Over the next seven or so years, 1,722 of them suffered a stroke. But the odds weren't spread equally - the more they worked, the greater the risk. Learn more about it at: http://flip.it/kE4P3. 
Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

StressStress Less Class
Employee Wellbeing "Stress Less" Class Coming in October
Mark your calendars now for a short course on coping with stress taught by members of your CSI Employee Wellbeing Program: Jaime Tigue, Carol Vanhoozer, and Crystal Ayers. This class will include a stress profile, information on mind/body, nutrition and physical health, relaxation tools such as mediation, and time and money management.
Class days and times are four Fridays at 11 a.m. starting October 23 and 30 through November 6 and 13.  It's no coincidence that we end just before the holiday season begins.  Treats will be provided as will drawings for books and other great resources. As always, your spouse is more than welcome to attend.
Watch upcoming issues of the eNotes for more details.  

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

BreBereavement Conference
St. Luke's Bereavement Conference is Sept 26
Join St Luke's and David Kessler for a Bereavement Conference on September 26 from 8:30am-4:30pm at the Twin Falls Reformed Church (1631 Grandview Dr N). David Kessler is an expert and lecturer on death and grieving. This conference will discuss the stages of grief, mechanisms to help with grieving, understanding milestones after a loss, children and grieving along with dozens of tools and interventions used by health care professionals. Registration is open online. Call Melissa Rowe at 814.1608 or Melissa Fenderson at 814.1685 for more information.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

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