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B 50 Years Ago at CSI
In December of 1965...

After the site selection survey ended on December 7, 1965, the committee indicated that a written report and recommendation should be made available within two weeks.

Speaking of 50 years ago, CSI recently went through a 25 year Master Plan process. This master plan is an idea of how campus could look over the next 25 years. The actual plan should be published and ready for the community to view in January. Watch eNotes for updates.  

Make sure to send us your fun fact, picture, newspaper article, or  50th Anniversary idea to share in eNotes! 

Click here to send us your information.

CoffeeDiscounted Coffee in the Eagle's Nest
Be a Grinch, starve the landfill!  The  CSI Sustainability Council  and  Sodexo  will help you meet this goal. 

Dec. 1-Dec. 18   bring your own mug/cup and save  40% off  coffee and fountain drinks from the Eagle's Nest. 

You  WIN  by saving money, the custodial staff  WINS  by having to haul fewer disposable cups to the dumpsters, the landfill  LOSES  by less solid waste being fed to it.  

This is a  WIN WIN LOSE  proposition. Any questions? 
B. Randolph Smith, D.A.
Professor,  Biology 
rsmith@csi.edu |  208-732-6817
PACEPACE 50-for-50 Challenge

If you haven't even started sending in your selfies to win a jacket... IT'S NOT TOO LATE!
We have a total of 50 jackets to give away and so far we only have 27 winners. 

We currently have over 1,638 selfies documented for the PACE 50-for-50 Challenge!   Don't forget to  e-mail your entries to Tamara Harmon in order for them to count.   Your competition is listed below:
Challenge Winners So Far
# of Items Completed
RD Van Noy
Kyle Brown
Dan Guthrie
Jud Harmon
Ella Johnson
Janet Milligan
Crystal Ayers
Elaine Bryant
Jennifer Zimmers
Ed Ditlefsen
Jon Lord
Carrie Nutsch
Tonja Bowcut
Michele McFarlane
Chance Munns
Erin Nunnelley
Nikcole Zamarripa
Jentri King
Laird Stone
Polly Hulsey
Randy Simonson
Clark Draney
Heather Barnes
Maritza Vega
Cindy Harding
LueLinda Egbert
Jamie Bridges
Next Top Competitors
# of Items Completed
Gail Schull
Chris Anderson
Heidi Campbell
Andie Dayley
Kara Mahannah
Evin Fox
Judy Hansen
Mark Wasden
1 :)

Tamara Harmon,  tharmon@csi.edu  | 208-732-6249
Kimberlee LaPray,  klapray@csi.edu  | 208-732-6299

SaleChristmas Sale at the Herrett Center
Join us through December 24 to purchase gifts...

AVOID THE CROWDS!   Everything you need for Christmas can be found at the Herrett Center store, located right here on campus! We have lots of affordable stocking-stuffers and unique gift items for adults & children alike. Come and check out our new arrivals! 
Store Hours
Tuesdays & Fridays 9:30 am - 9:00 pm
Wednesdays & Thursdays 9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Saturdays 1:00 - 9:00 pm  
Closed on Sundays & Mondays
Carolyn Browning
Herrett Center Coordinator
cbrowning@csi.edu   | 208-732-6656

VideoVideography/Editing Is Now a Service Available on Campus
Rumor has it CSI has a new (temporary) part time videographer! The rumor is TRUE! After a few test videos Zack Bartlett, a CSI student, has been hired part time to help departments all over campus create great visual advertisements by way of video. If your department would like to create something that will really catch a student's eye contact Kimberlee LaPray, CSI Public Information Specialist. Zack will only be around until this coming summer, so make sure you book him as soon as possible. Pricing varies based on project requirements. He's kind of a big deal because he has already won 2nd place for CSI in a national video contest! You can view a few of his productions below:

50 Year Community Party:

CTE Video:  
Student Senate:

Kimberlee LaPray
Public Information Specialist
klapray@csi.edu | 208-732-6299

DentalThe Crown Royal Club (Dental Assisting) is Sponsoring an Auction
Christmas Basket Raffle

Click here  to see the baskets that you can bid on.
  • Bidding begins now and continues through 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 15, 2015.
  • To place a bid simply send an e-mail to csidaa@csi.edu. Please include your name, the basket name and number, and the amount of your bid.  
  • As soon as the bids start rolling in we will send out updates.
Tonja S. Bowcut, CDA
Program Director - Dental Assisting
tbowcut@csi.edu 208-732-6708

FoodFood Processing Might Be Bigger In Our Area Than You Think
Southern Idaho has long been known as America's most diverse food basket, a region that feeds the world via an extensive food production, food processing and food science sector. In July, the region received the national "stamp of approval" by being only the fourth and smallest region in the United States to earn the prestigious Federal Manufacturing Community Designation for food, part of the Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP) initiative. 

This two-year designation offers the region a significant opportunity to further cement southern Idaho's economic dominance in all things food in the global marketplace while offering a range of direct and indirect benefits to the region: preferential consideration for federal funding; food-related talent attraction and training opportunities; direct access to federal economic development resources; and national branding as a select U.S. Manufacturing Community.

Idaho Governor Butch Otter said, "Both new and existing companies have taken notice... 

GentryA History of the College of Southern Idaho - Book Sale
Retired history professor Dr. Jim Gentry had already researched a significant portion of the history of the College of Southern Idaho by the time he finished his first book, 'In the Middle and On the Edge: The Twin Falls Region of Idaho,' in 2003. Twelve years later, his new book, 'Meeting Needs and Developing Opportunities: A History of the College of Southern Idaho,' coincides with CSI's 50-year anniversary.
Twin Falls County voters approved the creation of a new junior college taxing district in November of 1964 and Jerome County voters followed suit the following year. CSI leaders chose to observe the school's 50 th birthday celebration to coincide with the 1965-66 school year, which was the first year CSI classes were held in what was then the brand new Twin Falls High School.
The first chapter of the book takes readers from what education was like in 1863 when President Lincoln created the Idaho Territory to the mid-20 th Century when a surprising number of colleges in southern Idaho were started and eventually closed for various reasons. Chapters two through eight chronicle the fifty years from obtaining voter support and finding a location for the school to the point where Gentry had to end his narrative in the spring of 2015.
"Saying 'it's done' was probably the hardest thing about writing this book. As a historian, it's very hard for me to just pretend 'the story stops here' when there are important things happening every week and every month at CSI," he said.
Gentry says he continues to write the chronology of CSI that he started in the 1980s and which became a key resource for the new book. He credits many current and former CSI administrators, faculty, and staff members who also provided their insights and feedback as the book was being written. Gentry also relied heavily on his own 40-plus year career as a CSI professor of history.
Published as a 290-page hardbound edition with many photos and illustrations, the book sells for $19.95 and is currently available at the CSI Bookstore, the gift store at the Herrett Center for Arts and Science, the Twin Falls Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center, and at the CSI Booster Store during CSI home basketball games. Readers who would like to have the book shipped to them will be able to do so shortly. Plans are also under way to make the book available for e-readers. Details on those plans will be updated on CSI's website at www.csi.edu and on CSI social media.
For more information, please contact Kathy Deahl at 208-732-6201 or at kdeahl@csi.edu.

CareEvening Care Scholarships for the Early Learning Center
The Early Learning Center will be offering evening care scholarships for the upcoming Spring Semester. This scholarship is made possible through the support of the Albertson Foundation. You can find a flyer and application below. Please encourage students to apply. Students DO NOT have to be taking a night class to qualify for the award. The scholarship is meant to support students. Students may spend this time going to class, studying, working, etc...
Days of Operation: Monday-Thursday
Hours of Operation: 5:30-10:00 pm
Serving Children: 2.5 through 6 years of age
Cost: No cost with scholarship award
Semester Begins: January 19th, 2016 ( Enroll Now)
Semester Ends: May 12, 2016

Click here to view the flyer.

Click here for an application.

Jennifer Patterson
Learning Center and Lab School Coordinator
jpatterson@csi.edu | 208-732-6645

CSI Events
If you're looking for an event this month chances are we have the information posted on our  Facebook page. And, don't forget that you can now subscribe to our events which means you'll get a notification when a CSI event is added to our page.  

If you would like to see more of what's going on at CSI click here. Or, if you would like your CSI event listed on our Facebook page, please send your information to  enotes@csi.edu . Pictures, flyers, and most all documents will be accepted and used for the posting. 

Kimberlee LaPray
Public Information Specialist
klapray@csi.edu | 208-732-6299

BrownBrown Bag

Evin Fox
efox@csi.edu | 208-732-6872

This Week's Topic: 
"Celebration & Potluck. Come celebrate the semester. (Bring a dish to share and your Six-Word sentence. Make a sentence of six words depicting something about your semester, celebrating some successes or words of wisdom. Click here for some examples)"
Wednesday at noon  in the Hepworth building room 176 with Tiffany Seeley-Case.
Thursday at 1 o'clock  in the Hepworth building room 176 with Evin Fox. 
Friday morning at 8 o'clock  in the Taylor Administration Building in TLC with Shane Brown. 

To receive text messages about Brown Bag events , text @8d63b7 to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, 'unsubscribe @8d63b7'.
Take the civility pledge at:   http://www.civilitypledge.org
Visit our CSI Best Practices Facebook group to join the conversation.
PartyCSI Holiday Parties, Some Fun For Everyone
Are you confused about the upcoming holiday parties? Here's a little clarification...

  • The Annual Employee Holiday Party, put on by the Human Resource Department, is a FAMILY event which will happen on December 10, in the Student Recreation Center.  

  • The Annual Employee Holiday Luncheon, put on by the PACE Rep Committee, is for EMPLOYEES ONLY. This party includes all faculty and staff. It will be held at 1:00 pm on December 23, in the Cafeteria area upstairs in the Taylor building. There are a couple of things that go with this party (three things to be exact). 
    • First, make sure your department puts together a basket to be raffled off at the luncheon. 

    • Second, decorate your door with a snowman from your favorite era. The winners will be announced at the luncheon. 
























    • Third, don't forget to bring canned food to the luncheon for an extra raffle ticket! This year the CSI PACE committee will be donating all of the canned food goods to The Salvation Army. They in turn are working with several organizations in the Magic Valley to help distribute food to those in need. Please bring your canned goods to the information desk prior to lunch. One canned good will earn you a raffle ticket to win an awesome basket of goodies. More than one can will earn you a bonus ticket (maximum of two tickets). Don't be afraid to drop off a case of canned goods, like several folks did last year. 

Watch for separate notifications from the PACE e-mail address about the contest and luncheon. 

Kimberlee LaPray
Public Information Specialist
klapray@csi.edu | 208-732-6299

ArtsThis Week in Fine Arts 
CSI Theater Department presents  IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE
December 2 - 5 and 9 - 12, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. in the CSI Fine Arts Theater
This beloved Christmas classic follows George Bailey as his guardian angel Clarence shows him all the lives he touched and how his community would be very different if he hadn't been born. Every well-known character comes to life, from the evil Mr. Potter to little Zuzu and the delightfully bumbling Uncle Billy. Share this with your family and make some Christmas memories of your own. Tickets:  $8/adults, $6/seniors or students and free for CSI students.    

December 12 at 2:00 p.m. in the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium 

Beginning in the upper left corner and moving clockwise:  Shannon Davis,  Patrick Duvall, Nicholas Archibald, Steven Clemons, Natalie Gardner, Karee Conner, Tiara Broderick, Megan Dibb-Greenman, Melissa Brown, and Jessica Henry

The CSI Music Student Honors Recital features the BEST of the BEST music students in an Honors Recital. This recital features student performances on piano, percussion, trombone, and voice.  All musical genres from Baroque to Contemporary will be presented. Performers are students of CSI Music Faculty: Sue Miller, George Halsell, Serena Jenkins Clark, Curtis Crafton, and Scott Farkas. Admission is free, but donations to the CSI Music Department Scholarship Fund are always appreciated.

The CSI Stage Door Series will present "Co-LaborRinging: From Earth to Art" 
December 17 at 7:30 p.m. in the CSI Fine Arts Auditorium.  
Tickets are $10 for adults or $5 for students and will be available at the CSI Box Office, by calling 732-6288, at the door, or by going online to http://tickets.csi.edu

Form is at the base of all artistic creation.  In this performance, the audience will see and hear the results of collaboration among visual and auditory form through all parts of the creative process.  Potters Bill and Sheryl West of CSI have created a series of clay objects, some functional, and some not, with both visual and auditory aesthetics in mind.  To complete the event, Composer Scott Farkas has written an evening's worth of work for these specific vessels.  Think of this as a 'performance gallery' that exists somewhere between the static form of visual art and the temporal form of music.   An audience with a wide variety of interests will be delighted - it is not to be missed!

The CSI Stage Door Series, intimate arts experiences where both performers and audience members are on the stage itself, are designed to be thought-provoking and a little out of the ordinary in different ways - whether it's because of the intimate setting, the material performed,  the way they are presented, or the collaborations involved. 
For more information, contact the CSI Fine Arts Center at 732-6788.

Camille Barigar
Fine Arts Center
cbarigar@csi.edu | 208-732-6288

PlanetariumThis Week at the Planetarium

The holiday season is right around the corner and with it comes the Faulkner Planetarium's annual offering of holiday shows for the entire family's enjoyment. Make the holiday shows at the planetarium part of your family tradition. This year's offerings are:
The Star of Bethlehem transports audiences to ancient Palestine in search of clues from the writings of the times and what we know of the people inhabiting the region in an effort to discern whether any naturally occurring events in the sky might explain the mystery of the Christmas star. Just what did the wise men see that started them on their journey to find the baby Jesus?
Let It Snow! will infuse audiences with the holiday spirit through classic Christmas songs like Let It Snow by Frank Sinatra, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer by Gene Autry, Winter Wonderland by Annie Lennox, Run Rudolph Run by Chuck Berry, and Jingle Bell Rock by Brenda Lee, to name a few. Accompanied by holiday visuals on the planetarium dome you just can't help but catch the holiday spirit!
The Longest Night: A Winter's Tale is a modern day fable of a family of storytellers that travel from village to village telling tales. They arrive in one village on the longest night of the year to tell their tales. Alas, the villagers do not have much to share with their visitors prompting the young daughter to go on a simple quest. On the quest she meets a mysterious old woman with answers to her questions. The story relates the concept that winter is a time for the Earth to rest so that rebirth may come in spring.
The Faulkner Planetarium is Idaho's largest and most technologically advanced planetarium. Seating 144 individuals under its 50 foot dome, visitors are treated to stunning visuals and audio that truly envelops and surrounds them in unique environments. The planetarium is located in the Herrett Center for Arts and Science on the College of Southern Idaho campus in Twin Falls.
The Faulkner's holiday offerings open on Friday, November 27 ,  and run throughout the holiday season. Show schedules can be found by visiting the Herrett Center's webpage at: http://herrett.csi.edu or by calling (208) 732-6655. 

Rick Greenawald
Manager, Faulkner Planetarium
rgreenawald@csi.edu | 208-732-6659

SpiritJoin the Medical Assisting Program in Showing Christmas Spirit
Are you wearing your Christmas socks today?
Don't forget to join the Medical Assisting Program in showing a little Christmas spirit this week.

Kara Mahannah
Medical Assistant Program Director
kmahannah@csi.edu | 208-732-6728

HerrettThis Week at the Herrett Center

Rick Greenawald
Manager, Faulkner Planetarium
rgreenawald@csi.edu  | 208-732-6659

WeldingAnnual CSI Welding Auction

The terms 'new and improved' and 'bigger and better,' which are used to promote many retail events, are expected to apply to this year's annual College of Southern Idaho Welding Auction on Saturday, Dec. 12. Add one more term - 'now in a new location.'

CSI Welding instructor Clay Wilkie says his welders will be joined by students from several Magic Valley high schools, including Minico, Oakley, Gooding, and Twin Falls High Schools. "They wanted to be a part of our auction and after meeting with them, we decided to invite all the Magic Valley high schools to participate in the event. We expect to have even more high schools participate next year," said Wilkie.

Items for sale this year include a free-standing sunflower, garden bench, fire pits, picnic table, decorated saw blades and many other wall art items, custom welding hoods, horseshoe crosses, and a tool cart. More than 50 student-made items will be on sale.

The auction is moving from the Desert building welding lab where it has been held in years past to the Herrett Center's Rick Allen Room. Auction items will be in place by 11 a.m. at which time the public is welcome to look over the merchandise. The auction begins at noon.

Clay Wilkie
Welding Instructor
cwilkie@csi.edu | 208-732-6372

EmptyYou're Invited: Paint Pottery for Empty Bowls Fundraiser
Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort to fight hunger and was created by The Imagine Render Group. The basic premise is simple: Potters and other craftspeople, educators and others work with the community to create handcrafted bowls. Guests are invited to a simple meal of soup and bread. In exchange for a cash donation, guests are asked to keep a bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. The money raised is donated to an organization working to end hunger and food insecurity.
Hands On is proud to announce this is the seventh year they are participating in the Empty Bowls event.  You can get involved by painting a bowl to donate to the dinner.  Simply stop in to the Hands On studio and choose a bowl to paint.  Bowls range from $8 - $12.  The studio and glazing fees will be waived for anyone that paints a bowl to donate.  The goal is 300 bowls for this year's event.
The Wellness Program is pleased to offer you and a family member the opportunity to create a bowl for this charity event.  We will cover the cost to participate with costs for additional family or friends to be incurred by you.  Please identify yourself as a CSI employee and your first two bowls are FREE to you. This is a great opportunity to engage your creative side and spend quality time with a significant other or other family member.  Just remember, you leave your creation behind to donate to the event.
Feel free to drop in to select and paint a bowl now through February 2nd. Times available are:
Mon-Sat 10 am-7 pm
Sun 12-5 pm 
Paint bowls FREE at Hands On through February 2, thanks CSI Wellness!

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu   | 208-732-6269

SpraysThe 12 Sprays of Christmas

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

PryorOne Complimentary Fred Pryor Public Seminar
FREE: One Complimentary Fred Pryor Public Seminar
I have an offer for one person to attend a complimentary public seminar with the Fred Pryor Seminars and Career Track Training to give away.  Please contact me to claim it. Call x6269 or email jheatwole@csi.edu

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellness Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu  | 208-732-6269

MSACome Learn about the Idaho Medical Savings Account

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

VitalityDecember Vitality Magazine Now in your Workplace
The  Vitality magazine is sponsored by the Employee Wellbeing Committee and contains the best of current news on a number of issues, including work-related tips.  Find copies to share in your workplace by asking front office staff where this is kept or find extra copies in the Teaching and Learning Center, Taylor 2 nd floor. 

Check out the magazine to read this article, "6 Work-Related Tips for Happier Holidays".

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

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