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B 50 Years Ago at CSI
In November of 1965...

Students chose the Golden Eagle as the school mascot with gold, purple and white as school colors. Later, black replaced purple as one of the three colors because of the difficulty in finding purple uniforms.

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TutorSend Students in for Tutoring Assistance
Keeping your head above H2 O? 
A Tutor can be a real lifesaver!

Instructors, send your students who may be struggling to the Learning Assistance Center. They have free tutors in Math, Science, and writing, along with help in test preparation and study skills. Check http://www.csi.edu/ip/adc/lap/ for more information.

Kat Powell
Learning Assistance Coordinator
kpowell@csi.edu  | 208-732-6685

PACEPACE 50-for-50 Challenge

We currently have over  1,445  selfies documented for the  PACE 50-for-50 Challenge and 18 winners! There are still 32 jackets left to win Your competition is listed below:
Challenge Winners So Far
# of Items Completed
RD Van Noy
Kyle Brown
Dan Guthrie
Jud Harmon
Ella Johnson
Janet Milligan
Crystal Ayers
Elaine Bryant
Jennifer Zimmers
Ed Ditlefsen
Jon Lord
Carrie Nutsch
Tonja Bowcut
Michele McFarlane
Chance Munns
Erin Nunnelley
Nikcole Zamarripa
Jentri King
Next Top Competitors
# of Items Completed
Laird Stone
Randy Simonson
Cindy Harding
Clark Draney
LueLinda Egbert
Heather Barnes
Jaime Bridges
Heidi Campbell
Andie Dayley
Gail Schull

  • Attend the VandaLink event in the SUB
  • Participate in Pizza and Politics
  • Go to the November Herrett Forum
  • Cheer on CSI Volleyball in the Region 18 Tournament this weekend
  • Buy a Butter Braid for the Early Childhood Learning Center Fundraiser
  • Rent something from the Outdoor Rec. Rental Shop
  • Attend the CSI Ski Swap
  • Go along on the City of Rocks Climb & Hot Springs Trip (Outdoor Rec.)
  • Submit a proposal for the Innovation Circle Grant or Focused Innovation Circle Grant
  • Check out the new art exhibit titled: Always, I am on the threshold: Long Views of Idaho and the Western Landscape at the Herrett Center 
  • Sign a team up for the CSI Turkey Trot 
  • Give information to a student about STEM Day
  • Go to the Arts on Tour event "Dala"
  • Send pictures of students in your program learning to klapray@csi.edu for instagram marketing opportunities.
Tamara Harmon,  tharmon@csi.edu  | 208-732-6249
Kimberlee LaPray,  klapray@csi.edu  | 208-732-6299

OpeningsThe Early Learning Center Has Immediate Openings

The center has the following openings:
  • 22-36 months (Toddler Room)-1 opening
  • 3-5 years (Preschool Room)-2 openings
 6:30 am-5:00 pm, Monday-Friday
*Staff/Faculty/Community can pick up children as late as 5:15

Fall, Spring, Summer semesters, and all year care available. 
  • Non-Refundable Registration fee $75.00 per semester, per child
  • Infants/Toddlers (Rooms 1 & 2) -$525.00 per month
  • Preschool (Rooms 3 & 4) - $450.00 per month

Faculty/Staff & Community Members-pay an additional $25.00 per month

  • Part-time fee is $100 less per month
  • Part-time blocks run from 7:00-12:00 or 12:00-5:00, choose one block for part-time care 
The center provides experiences that enrich and enhance each child's cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical, and creative development. Within the program's daily schedule, each child has the opportunity to create, explore, learn problem-solving techniques, develop personal interaction skills, and learn concepts through firsthand experiences.
Jennifer Patterson
Early Childhood Education
Learning Center and Lab School Coordinator
jpatterson@csi.edu  | 208-732-6645

GrantInternal Grant Opportunities for Fall 2015
The Office of the President is pleased to announce that the 2015-2016 application for Presidential Innovation Circle Grants is now available. For 2015-2016, there are two classes of Innovation Circle Grants, open and focused. This year, there will be one Open Innovation Circle Grant and one Focused Innovation Circle Grant, both sponsored by the Office of the President. 

For more information and to find a copy of the grant application, please visit: http://planning.csi.edu/grantsdevel/ 
Proposals must be submitted to the Office of the President no later than December 4, 2015.

The Office of Institutional Effectiveness, in conjunction with the Office of Instruction and Academic Affairs, the Office of the President, and the CSI Foundation, have elected not to accept applications for other internal grants during the fall of 2015. This includes Foundation Mini-Grants, Collaborative Retreat Grants, and Pioneering Grants. Application processes for each of these internal grants will be revised and updated during the fall of 2015 as the college's new strategic plan is developed. Applications will be accepted and awards will be made in the spring of 2016.

Chris Bragg
Associate Dean of Institutional Effectiveness
cbragg@csi.edu | 208-732-6775

InstagramMarket Your Program on Instagram-It's EASY!
Students are constantly looking for college information online. What better way to show them the atmosphere at CSI than with pictures? 

Today, there is an estimated 15.5 million US teen Instagram users. And, 51% of 2014 high school graduates use Instagram daily. 

Why not show them what CSI has to offer on a platform they are already using? If you have pictures of your program and a short sentence or two send them my way so we can get it out in front of students who might be looking for an opportunity in what you are teaching. It's an easy way to market your program with no cost involved.

Kimberlee LaPray
Public Information Specialist
klapray@csi.edu  | 208-732-6299

RentORC Rental Shop Now Open to CSI Staff & Faculty!
Looking for an outdoor adventure, but lacking the gear? Check out the ORC Rental Shop,
now open to CSI Students, Staff and Faculty! All rental equipment is reliable and in great condition to allow users to have a fun outdoor experience at an affordable cost. With the variety of gear the ORC offers, you can enjoy the outdoors at any time of the year!
The ORC Rental Shop is located in the Student Rec Center (SRC) near the east entrance.

ORC Rental Shop Hours are:
Monday - Friday, 4-6pm; Saturdays from 7:30am-12pm; and Sundays from 10am-1pm.
Renting gear from the ORC is fast and easy. Our trained staff will help you with the paperwork and showing you how the gear works, fits, and how to transport gear safely. We only accept payment by credit or debit cards. Be prepared to pay up front for the entire rental cost. Gear can be reserved up to a month in advance, and the ORC reserves the right to refuse rentals based on inadequate transportation options (for kayaks and mountain bikes) or for prior unpaid frees.
Christa Gessaman
Outdoor Programs & Challenge Course Coordinator
cgessaman@csi.edu  | 208-732-6697

ArtNew Art Exhibit at the Herrett Center
We have a new art exhibit in the Jean B. King Gallery at the Herrett Center. The new show is titled Always, I am on the threshold: Long Views of Idaho and the Western Landscape.

Artist's Statement (Boles):  The digital photography revolution (since, say, 2000) has forced me to adopt a new tool kit. While I dearly miss many aspects of film photography, the pixel has facilitated some aspects of picture making. Night photography is one of these.
This exhibit includes images made for the most part of landscapes under a full moon. A few of these utilize a "defocusing" technique popularized by the Australian astrophotographer David Malin. He is interested in the colors of stars. I like how the technique emphasizes the colors of light sources in the night landscape: sodium, mercury, tungsten, neon, LED.
Because most of these images are constructed from more than one exposure, they are not "instantaneous" in the usual photographic sense.  For me, this provides an added twist to the illusory capacity of the still photograph.
My thanks to Lori Dagley for joining me and for suggesting the title of this show.
                                                                Jan Boles, September, 2015

Artist's Statement (Dagley):  "threshold"  the magnitude or intensity that must be exceeded for a certain reaction, phenomenon, result, or  condition to occur or be manifested. 

Every horizon is relative, a panoramic veil, as I am transported by light plane through long views
of the American West. This seemingly ancient landscape is made yet more reliably
impermanent by the seasons and their shadows, the careful placement of buildings and fences
and roads, the array of marks we leave in our humanistic wake. The expansiveness suffuses
my perception. My private space is enlarged. This collection of photographs is my response.

Using a digital camera, a Mac, and an archival inkjet printer, I developed the 16x24 photographs
to be framed without window mats. Two images are oversized and unframed. In removing as
many edges as I could, I hope to convey a democratic boundlessness.

The inspirations behind my aerial landscapes include memories of playing with a View-Master
and being astonished by the conflict of scale, moving to Idaho twenty years ago to vaguely "live
in the mountains," and the writings of Barry Lopez and E.O. Wilson.

"Never have I found the limits of the photographic potential. Every horizon, upon being reached,
reveals another beckoning in the distance. Always, I am on the threshold."
W. Eugene Smith

Lori Dagley, September 2015
Joey Heck
Exhibits Manager
jheck@csi.edu  | 208-732-6668

ButterButter Braid Fundraiser for CSI Early Childhood Education Program

Text From Picture: 
The Early Childhood Education Program is selling Butter Braids as a fundraiser to help purchase equipment for the Early Childhood Education Program. The Butter Braids will be available for pick up on Thursday, November 19, from 11 am-12:30 pm. 

When a person places their order, they will need to pay at the time of purchase. The payment can be cash or check. If a check is the form of payment, it will need to be made out to CSI. The order forms are found near the parent mailboxes at the Child Care Center (behind the Expo). Orders are due no later than tomorrow, November 3. When the Butter Braids are delivered, Jennifer will pick them up from the CSI Preschool lab and be responsible for delivering them to each family at the center. The bread needs to be in the freezer until they are ready to be used.

As parents of children in the Early Childhood Education Program we appreciate your support with this Fundraiser and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: Sarah Bottinger (208) 490-2107 or Veronica West (208) 308-7173

Jennifer Patterson
Early Childhood Education
jpatterson@csi.edu | 208-732-6645

CandySend Your Halloween Candy to Our Troops

To all our Ghosts and Goblins,

Summit Dental Care is having our Annual Halloween Buy Back. We will collect unopened candy on Monday November 2nd through Wednesday November 4th from 8:30 am-5 pm. You are welcome to stop by our office at your convenience. Candy will be sent to the Troops serving our Country. For every pound collected our Ghosts and Goblins will earn $1 per pound.

Thank you for your help and support!
Summit Dental Care

Anita Tatge
HR Specialist
atatge@csi.edu  | 208-732-6206

UnitedUnited Way Campaign

Sharon Whitchurch
Financial Specialist
Office of Aging - CSI
swhitchurch@ooa.csi.edu | 208-736-2122

CSI Events
If you're looking for an event this month chances are we have the information posted on our  Facebook  page. And, don't forget that you can now subscribe to our events which means you'll get a notification when a CSI event is added to our page.

Kimberlee LaPray
Public Information Specialist
klapray@csi.edu  | 208-732-6299

BrownBrown Bag

Evin Fox
efox@csi.edu | 208-732-6872

This Week's Topic: 
"Classroom Management."
Wednesday at noon in the Hepworth Building room 176 with Tiffany Seeley-Case.
Thursday at 1 o'clock in the Hepworth Building room 176 with Evin Fox.
Friday morning at 8 o'clock in the Taylor Administration Building in TLC with Shane Brown. 
*Note:  Wednesday Brown Bags are held in the Desert CafĂ© on these dates: 9/23, 9/30, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, 11/18, and 12/2.
To receive text messages about Brown Bag events , text @8d63b7 to 81010. You can opt-out of messages at anytime by replying, 'unsubscribe @8d63b7'.
Take the civility pledge at:   http://www.civilitypledge.org
Visit our CSI Best Practices Facebook group to join the conversation.
SafetyWorkplace Safety - Domino Effect

Katrina Oksten
Workforce Development Specialist
kaoksten@csi.edu | 208-732-6310

OutdoorOutdoor Recreation Trips for Faculty and Staff
Moonlight Hot Springs Adventure

Join us on Thursday, November 5, in one of Sun Valley's hidden treasures - a night adventure to a natural hot springs! We will drive to the hot springs and enjoy a long relaxing soak. This trip is more of a destination than a recreation activity and a chance to relax late night and meet other enthusiasts!

You will need to bring your swimsuit, towel, and clothing to change into after soaking. Transportation is provided. Snacks, water and water shoes are advised. Bring money because we'll stop briefly for food along the way.

We'll load up at the ORC (Outdoor Rec Center). We plan to be on the road by 6:15 pm and arrive around 9 pm at the hot springs to soak until 10 pm. We plan to be back to the ORC by midnight. 

This is an ALCOHOL & DRUG free trip, this also includes time at the hot springs. Any violation will result in immediate disciplinary action by CSI and will ban you from any future trips. 

$12 for CSI Students, $15 Staff & Faculty, $25 for Community members.

Call 732-6475 to register for this event!

City of Rocks Climb & Hot Springs Trip

Spend the day on Saturday, November 7, climbing in some of the best crags in the country! Get one-on-one feedback and instruction from AMGA certified instructor Shawn Willsey. No experience necessary, all abilities welcome!

We'll depart CSI at 10 am and spend the afternoon learning the gear, climbing the routes, and checking out all that City of Rocks has to offer adventurers! After an afternoon of hard work and climbing, we'll drive to Durfee Hot Springs to relax and soak in some of the purest natural spring-fed pools in the area. 

This trip is weather-dependent. Temperatures below 50 and rainy degrees will result in the trip being cancelled and refunds issued. 

This trip is an all-day adventure, and should be prepared for accordin gly. Bring PLENTY of warm clothes, a sack lunch, plenty of water and snacks to sustain you throughout the day. 

$40 CSI FT Students
$55 CSI PT Students / Staff / Faculty
$70 Community Members (including high school students)

INCLUDED IN THIS TRIP: Transportation, Admission to Durfee Hot Springs, All Climbing Gear, and Certified Instructor and Guiding

You MUST register for this trip in advance. Participants MUST be 16 and older, and under 18 must be accompanied by a parent / guardian. To register, contact Ann at 208-732-6475! For more information, contact Christa at 732-6697!

AthleticsCSI Volleyball to Host Region 18 Championship Tournament

Come support the CSI Lady Golden Eagles as they host the
NJCAA Region 18 Volleyball Championship Tournament. Schedule below: 
  • CSI's first match will be held on Saturday, November 7, at 10:00 am

Ginger Nukaya
Athletic Administrative Assistant
gnukaya@csi.edu  | 208-732-6486

IslamWorld Views of Islam - November Herrett Forum 

Teri Fattig
Director, Library & Museum/Dept. Chair, Information Science
tfattig@csi.edu  | 208-732-6501
RadRad Tech's "Beat the Bones" Run/Walk

Students in the College of Southern Idaho's Radiologic Technology program are organizing their third annual Rad Run 5K fundraiser to be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 7. The 'Beat the Bones' run/walk is for all ages. The entry fee is $25. Kids 12 and under can participate free of charge. The fundraiser is held on the anniversary of the discovery of roentgen in 1895, which led to the diagnostic tool of X-rays.

Registration will take place at the front of the CSI campus near the flagpoles. Raffle tickets will also be sold at registration. Participants who register by Oct. 21 are guaranteed a T-shirt. Shirts can also be purchased for $10. To pre-register online, go to www.eventbrite.com  and search Twin Falls events. Tickets can also be purchased from any CSI Rad Tech students.

Jeff Shelton
Rad Tech Student

TurkeyCSI Turkey Trot

Scott Rogers
Health, Recreation, and Fitness Assistant Professor
srogers@csi.edu  | 208-732-6488

VitalityNovember Vitality Magazine is Here
If you aren't familiar with this wellness publication, please ask someone in the front office of your department for assistance in locating it. There are always good and timely articles on health, happiness, and productivity issues for you and your entire family.

This month's issue features an article on boosting your health with great winter superfoods. Superfoods - mostly fruits and vegetables - are rich in beneficial nutrients. Many contain antioxidants that fight free radicals, which can harm your body, or are high in dietary fiber that helps reduce cholesterol. Below are a few you may wish to add to your diet this fall and winter.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

CPRWorkplace Stretches and Modified Yoga now on Wellbeing Site
The Center for Physical Rehab (CPR) have recently updated their workplace stretches that we share at new hire orientation and have also added a very nice modified Yoga strength and balance that you can do at home.  We thank Julie Ellis, part-time CSI Yoga instructor and member of the CPR team for these new features.  Find a link from the CSI wellness start page in the green navigational panel.    

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu  | 208-732-6269

CoachSt. Luke's Coaches on Campus on Tuesday
T uesday, November 3
GRM 223
No appointment needed, just drop by!
The college has formed a partnership with St. Luke's and Select Health to provide health and wellness resources and benefits to you and your family. These resources include free wellness screenings, coaching, classes and special events.
Access to personal health coaches and dietitians from St. Luke's is one of our newest benefits through this partnership. These experts are available to see you through health, fitness and nutritional goals you have set for yourself. Visits are FREE and all information is strictly confidential. 

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu  | 208-732-6269

TdayGiving at Thanksgiving: Feeding More than your Family
Three local organizations could use your donations this Thanksgiving to feed the hungry in our communities. A recent study by Harvard Business School faculty explores the ways in which charitable behavior can lead to benefits for the giver. " While the concept that giving to others can make you feel good about yourself is not revolutionary, there are several more subtle ways that giving your money or time for a cause can benefit your psychological, spiritual and emotional well-being," this study says.

Here are five reasons to donate to charity:
  1. Donations are tax deductible.
  2. Giving to charity may improve your sense of wellbeing.
  3. Supporting a cause can help keep you informed about issues of social injustice.
  4. Giving to charity out of spiritual conviction can strengthen your spiritual life.
  5. Volunteering with a charity may result in physical and social benefits. 
The Idaho Food Bank, Twin Falls Salvation Army, and Boise Rescue Mission Ministries  are just three of the local organizations sending pleas for donations of Thanksgiving meals now. It costs as little as $20 to feed 5 at the Salvation Army, $11 to provide food for 44 meals at the Food Bank, and $16.40 to prepare eight meals at the Rescue Mission. 
Watch your mail or check for donation opportunities for these and other local charities online this holiday season. 

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu | 208-732-6269

StressStress Less Class Continues this Friday
EVERYONE is welcome to join o ur THIRD of four sessions on stressing less this week at 11 a.m. on  Friday in TAB 248. Please join us to  learn healthy ways to cope with stress including meditation, music and guided imagery lead by our counseling intern Jennifer Zaccone. 
HSHS health students and their supervisor(s) will take pre- and post-blood pressure checks to demonstrate the relaxing properties of these practices. Information on blood pressure and your good health will be offered.
We will begin in TAB 248 but will likely move to the Chapel and Relaxation Center. Health y snacks will be served and a drawing for a great book will be held.  Find a flier with other dates and topics online. 
We have had such great conversations and sharing in this class. Please bring a friend and join us!

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellbeing Coordinator

| 208-732-6269

EAPEmployee Assistance Provider Improves Website
One of our two EAP providers, Business Psychology Associates has rebranded and updated their Website to make information and access more available to you. Below is a message about their new site and brand and with links to help you get connected.
Beginning today Business Psychology Associates becomes BPA Health with a new logo and new website. Our URL remains BPAHealth.com  and contact information does not change.
The new BPAHealth.com  provides clients, members and providers one-click access to resources that meet their needs in a responsive mobile and tablet framework. Our smart search provider lookup gives users easy and comprehensive access to our provider networks based on their specific criteria.
Our promise to our partners, customers and members is to make lives better, organizations more effective and communities stronger. We appreciate your partnership in the business of behavioral health.

Judy Heatwole, MTD
Employee Wellness Coordinator
jheatwole@csi.edu  | 208-732-6269

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