ePurim ~ eShabbos
Parshas Tetzaveh
February 26-27, 2021
15 Adar, 5781
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

Important reminder for Taanis Esther and Purim!


Machtzis Hashekel is given today BEFORE mincha, in shul. Mincha is 5:20 PM

All men and boys are obligated to give this tzedakah which will be distributed after Purim. 

Reminder there is krias haTorah and haftorah today by mincha. 

Maariv will begin at 6:15 PM. We read Megillas Esther in the middle of maariv. 

We will have three readings tonight. Main shul, Social Hall - 2nd floor, and right OUTSIDE Ohav Sholom on the sidewalk. 

After the megillah readings tonight, please enjoy a complimentary break-the-fast collation of mouthwatering hamantaschen from a Boro Park bakery and orange juice! 

Shacharis tomorrow is 7:00 AM. Remember we read about Amalek (again) tomorrow by shacharis

If you missed Parshas Amalek last week you can come and hear it on Purim day. 

We will have TWO readings tomorrow at 7:30 AM. In the main shul and outdoors

There will be another indoor megillah reading at 12:00 PM!

We give mishloach manos and matanos l’evyonim tomorrow, Purim day. 

I will be distributing matanos l’evyonim funds on behalf of our kehillah tomorrow. You can make an online pledge at osnyc.org or hand me a check payable “Ohav Sholom Purim Fund.”

Enjoy a seudah in honor of Purim! 

This year, in deference to shabbos and the need to enter shabbos hungry for the Seudas Shabbos, we should start the seudah at least before chatzos, midday, which is 12:09 PM, and ideally, eat most of the seudah before chatzos. 

Reminder: There will be NO mincha tomorrow afternoon. Mincha and kabbalah shabbos tomorrow night is 5:35 PM. 

Thank you member Steve Sieratzki, Esq., for sponsoring this week’s delicious hot kiddush in honor of his father’s yahrtzeit. 

Here’s what’s on the menu: Mouthwatering cholent, your favorite Aunt’s fried chicken, amazing sweet noodle kugel, platters of cake and hamentashen, three types of herring, chopped liver, AND MORE!  

To make things nice and toasty, I’ve arranged with management at our next-door neighbor restaurant, Maison Pickle, to have use of their outdoor HEATED seating dining area! 

May Moshe Aharon ben Shlomo, z”l, enjoy a big aliyah in gan eden! Amen.
Rav Dovid Feinstein, zt”l, on the Parsha: TETZAVEH
As heard and adapted by Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman 

שֶׁ֣מֶן זַ֥יִת זָ֛ך - Clear olive oil

The Torah required pristine olive oil - without sediment and absent any filtration process, to be used as fuel to light the menorah in the Mishkan. 

Although the Aron Kodesh was the essence of the Mishkan and Hashem’s voice emanated from it (which was absolute proof that G-d rested His presence in the Temple) the menorah offered the same powerful message.  

An amount of oil that should have lasted twelve hours was used and yet the menorah miraculously and consistently remained lit for twenty-four hours. 

This daily minor miracle demonstrated that Hashem’s presence occupied the Mishkan and that His residence wasn’t limited to a yearly Yom Kippur appearance in the Holy of Holies with the Kohen Gadol. 

The Menorah also represented Torah. 

The pristine quality of the oil suggests that Torah is precise, clear, and perfect, without any shailos or sefaikos, questions and doubts. 

The Mishna in Pirkei Avos says regarding Torah, “Turn it and turn it, for all is in it.” 

This teaching is referencing both the clarity and truthfulness of Torah - which emanates from the crystal-clear shem zayis zach quality of the Mesorah. 

Finally, the remarkable long-lasting menorah oil suggests that the very spectacle of light is an astounding and supernatural phenomenon, emanating solely from Hashem and His Torah - that cannot be explained from a purely scientific viewpoint.
Have an easy rest of the Taanis, a wonderful Purim, and a beautiful shabbos!

I'll see YOU in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman 
מרא דאתרא קנג. אוהב שׁלום

Erev shabbos kodesh - Taanis Esther 5781 
Shabbos Timetable
Friday, Erev Shabbos Parshas Tetzaveh /PURIM
Daf Yomi
Shacharis 7:00 AM
Megillah Reading 7:30 AM
1st Mincha 1:00 PM
Megillah Reading 12:00 PM
Shabbos Candle Lighting 5:25 PM
Mincha/KS 5:35 PM

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Tetzaveh/PURIM
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Kiddush 11:00 AM
Mincha 5:25 PM
Daf Yomi
Maariv/Shabbos Ends/Havdala 6:26PM

Due to the unfortunate continued uptick in COVID cases, Ohav Sholom is now re-requiring registration for all minyanim going forward. 

You can email/text /WhatsApp the number of attendees and we will confirm your attendance:  rabbi@osnyc.org or 
Your health and the health of others are of the utmost importance at Ohav Sholom. Thank you for your compliance and strict adherence to the rules.   

Do not come to services if:
1.) you are sick or feel unwell, 
2.) you are required by New York to quarantine or self-isolate, or 
3.) you have had COVID within the past 14 days.

Also, if you have determined that you developed or tested positive for COVID within 5 days of attending services at Ohav Sholom, you must notify Rabbi Mehlman of that fact and of the services at Ohav Sholom which you attendedThank you.
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