-eRPDS January 2022
"When life turns you upside down...simply adjust your view."
- Doug Firebaugh
Director's Reflection
Dear Redeemer Community,

Undoubtedly, we all feel that life has turned us upside down in many ways over the past two years. COVID, cancellations, closures, delays, lines, shortages, empty shelves, rising costs, Omicron, testing, and constantly changing guidelines and information. The good news is that it has provided us the opportunity to adjust our view. Perhaps we are a little more patient and understanding. Perhaps we think more about others and have a better appreciation of the simple things in life. Perhaps we are more mindful and present. In a world of instant gratification, we have learned that we can live without and waiting isn’t so terrible. We have learned just how strong and unified we can be.

Whoever said, “Christmas comes but once a year,” didn’t have a crystal ball. As we have done so often lately, once again we have adjusted our view and have learned that the magic of Christmas is always alive in our hearts. Our Redeemer students are excited to show you just that. On what may prove to be a very snowy weekend, please be sure to click the link below to view our 2021-2022 Christmas pageant with your families.

We are especially excited that every one of our students is featured in what we hope will be a reminder of a time that offered us an opportunity to create a memory to be cherished by our community for years to come. Thank you to Annette Bednez, Mark Schroeder, Katie Poe, Jen Barta, Judi Smith, Jenny Vandenberg, Erin Hoover, all the Redeemer teachers, and of course, our students for sharing the magic of Christmas in the true Redeemer spirit!

Enjoy the weekend!

Best regards,

Upcoming Events & Office Notes
If your child has received the second COVID vaccine shot, please be sure to email the office with a copy the card. If you have questions, please contact us.

Enrollment contracts for the 2022-2023 program year are due on February 4. If your child will not be re-enrolling, please notify the office. We maintain an active waiting list in many of our classes and prospective families are eager to learn of enrollment openings.

YogaMass® is an experiential and embodied worship experience integrating yoga, breath work, meditation and Holy Communion. For more information, see YogaMass.com. Space is limited, please visit the YogaMass® page on our website: www.redeemerbaltimore.org/yogamass to sign-up.

There is currently no more floor space available in the church on January 30; email Cristina to be put on the waiting list for a spot on the floor with your yoga mat. However there is plenty of pew space available to come sit, breathe, observe, meditate, pray, and participate in “chair-pew yoga” and communion, as you feel comfortable. Come as you are and soak in the peace. (No need to sign up for a pew!) Watch the livestream of YogaMass® at 5:00 p.m. Sunday on our YouTube channel.

Please be sure your child has an extra set of winter clothes for the cubby, including warm pants & tops, socks and underwear. Spare mittens and hats are also helpful.

Thank you to Redeemer parent, Sophie Coates, - who can be found on Instagram @sugarcoatesbakery - and our Parent Council for organizing our Valentine's Day Cookie Kit Fund Raiser. All orders are due today, and cookie pick-up will take place on Friday, February 11 during the 11:45 and 2:45 carpool dismissals.

A sneak peek of our pre-k program for current 3s parents will be on Thursday, February 3 at 9:15. Three year old parents received an email invite on Tuesday. We hope you will join us to learn more about the program. To R.S.V.P., please email Katie at kpoe@redeemerbaltimore.org

Thursday, February 3rd 9:15 am- Pre-k Sneak Peek

Friday, February 18th 11:45- ALL SCHOOL DISMISSAL- Professional Day

Monday, February 21- NO SCHOOL- President's Day

Friday, February 25th- Parent Conferences 3/2, 3s, Pre-k, K, P1, 1st SCHOOL NOT IN SESSION

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A Fly on the wall...
What's happening in the classrooms?
Mrs. Barta's Pre-first

The pre-first children jumped right back into our routine from the holiday break and have been busy at work. In Language Arts, we did a story comparison of the book, The Mitten by Jan Brett and Alvin Tresselt. We discussed the many similarities and differences throughout the stories. We continue to work on our phonics skills and learned eight new glued sounds with words ending in -ng or -nk. Currently, we are learning about consonant blends in words and sounding them out while reading and writing. Our handwriting remains to be a focus as well as punctuation in sentences when writing. In our next Math unit, we will learn all about money and the value of each coin. We will practice exchanging smaller coins for larger valued coins (EX. 10 pennies can be traded for a dime or 2 nickels.) Money is a difficult concept to grasp so we will continue to work on this throughout the year. Please ask your children to help you “pay” the next time you buy something using coins. Last week, we learned about Martin Luther King, Jr. and how he was such an important person in history. We created our own P-1 class book with each students’ dream for the world, and what they would like to be when they grow up. Next week, we will focus on polar bears and hibernation. 

Find out what's happening in all our classes.

Program Highlights
We are so grateful to have such a generous community at PDS! Our Boots for Baltimore drive raised $1600, enough to buy 54 pairs of boots. We also collected numerous bags and boxes of diapers and wipes as well as winter gear for Share Baby. Thank you to our Parent Council and many generous donors! Today we celebrated Donuts at the Day School and were excited to wear our PJs, snack on donuts, and share the unique and fun donut creations we created with families.