Re-enrollment forms:
All re-enrollment forms for current students are due by December 2. While this is not a formal commitment to our program, it will ensure we reserve a space for your child. Contracts for the 2019-2020 school year will be mailed in early January. If you have any questions about the re-enrollment process, please contact Katie or Mary.

We are accepting applications for new students. If you know of families interested in the Day School, please have them contact the office @ 410-435-9510 or to set up a time to visit. We appreciate all you do to promote Redeemer Parish Day School!

At Redeemer we have a very thorough emergency disaster and preparedness plan, and we regularly practice safety drills with our students. Our existing safeguards are enhanced by our shared commitment to one another as a community. Please let Mary or any of the teachers know if you ever see anything out of the ordinary while on campus. Please also be reminded not to let visitors into the school. Anyone visiting the campus should be directed to the main doors, where they will be buzzed into the school to sign our visitor sign-in sheet. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to ensuring a safe school environment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mary.

Carpool Reminder:
If you are waiting to drop off in the outside/carpool lane#2, please STOP at the stop sign. You may proceed forward when there are fewer than 2 cars waiting at door #2. Cars from the inside/carpool lane #1 often need to pull forward to drop off another child. If there are more than two cars waiting at door#2, it can clog the entire carpool.

Grace Preschool's Holiday Bazaar:
Please consider supporting our friends at Grace Preschool for their annual holiday bazaar. Please click here for more information.