Reminders and Updates - PLEASE READ:

Don't forget to have your whole family vaccinated for the flu this year!

Clothing Reminders :
  • As the temperatures continue to drop, please be sure you send your children in appropriate clothes for playing outside: warm coats, hats, mittens (preferable over gloves), appropriate footwear, and warm pants and tops.
  • Please help your child practice putting on coats, hats, gloves, boots, etc.
  • Please be sure to label EVERYTHING!
  • If your child is prone to losing things, please do not send in special items that can't be replaced. You may want to consider shopping at the Dollar Store for extra hats and mittens.
  • Please be sure that cubbies are well-stocked with spare items and clean masks.
  • Please be reminded that we go out in all types of weather - rain, snow, cold temps, hot temps, & humidity. We are also mindful of the importance of good air flow; our windows are OPEN! Layers work best!

Carpool Reminder:
With the cooler temperatures, many of our students are riding to school with stocking caps, multiple layers, and the car heaters blowing. When you arrive to the carpool line, we suggest turning down the heat and having children remove stocking caps or hoods to avoid inaccurate temperature checks.

Late Drop-off & Early Pick-ups:
If you need to bring your child to school late or pick your child up early, please park in the school lot, message us through Brightwheel, and meet us at the double red entrance doors with your phone. If for any reason you don't get through to us, please call the school office.

Lunch Boxes;
Please be sure to clean Bento boxes and lunch bags every day. Most of them can be cleaned in the dishwasher or washing machine. If not, please be sure they are hand washed thoroughly.

November 30-December 4: Distance Learning

Monday, December 7: School resumes

Christmas Pageant Schedule:
Tuesday, December 15 @ 9:30: Smith K., Baker Pre-k, Schroeder 3s, Wyatt 2/2s
Wednesday, December 16 @ 9:30: Vand. K, Knott Pre-k, Ball 3s, Wyatt 3/2s
Friday, December 18 @ 9:30: P1, Arrup Pre-k, Hobson 3s, Blair 3s

Friday, December 18 is a half day; all school dismissal @ 11:45