Join us next shabbos parshas Vayera for our annual Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach yahrtzeit shabbos extravaganza.  

Our own Chazan Heshy Broyde will lead us throughout the shabbos for an exquisite tour: hidden gems of Carlebach niggunim. Heshy is familiar with hundreds of tunes and he will present some personal favorites in honor of the Rabbi’s yahrtzeit. 

We thank Elliot and Debra Gibber in advance for sponsoring next week’s super gala kiddush in commemoration of Debra’s father’s yahrtzeit.

May his neshama enjoy an aliyah in gan eden. Amen.

Have a great shabbos! 

See you in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman

Erev shabbos kodesh Lech-Lecha 5780