Parshas Vayetzei
November 27-28, 2020
12 Kislev, 5781
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well. 

Join me this Shabbos, parshas vayetzei, for amazing davening and learning! B”h, we finished mesechta eiruvin and started mesechta pesachim this week.

A big yasher koach to our daily daf members: President Micah Bloomfield, Esq., Dr. Phil Rosenthal, Dr. Raphael Kelman, Dr. Baruch Ruttner and Alan Stern.

You can join our growing daily daf chaburah live in shul or on ZOOM every morning 45 minutes before shacharis. Others choose to study the daf with us on shabbos only (and that’s OK too!) between mincha and maariv. Whatever your preference, study with us and enjoy the joyful mesechta pesachim.
Ohav Sholom's kiddush sponsorship is back!

Take advantage of our reduced rates and pandemic-friendly food selection to honor your loved ones or celebrate a life cycle. Please contact the shul office today.

This shabbos please join member Kalman Weiss as he sponsors this week’s delicious outdoor kiddush in honor of his birthday! Mazel tov and many, many, more! Mazel tov.

Here’s a halachic question that crossed my desk this past week: 

A frum real estate lawyer from Lakewood, NJ, called me with the following shailah. His client, a religious Jew, is about to close on a mixed-use property with a church occupying one of the commercial spaces. Now, the buyer has some doubts. 

Is he permitted to receive rent from the church? Would this be considered ‘benefitting from Avodah Zorah’ which is prohibited according to halacha (and may this Jewish lawyer close for the client, or is he too indirectly benefitting from Idolatry)? 

Additionally, the halacha states that a Jew cannot allow idols onto property he owns. Would this be another violation as well? 

Is there a difference in the church denomination? If the tenant pays a non-Jewish management company directly, may the management company cuts checks to the landlord? 

Join me tonight after kabbalas shabbos and before maariv to hear the answer!

If you cannot make services this evening, feel free to email me your own answer to I would love to hear your thoughts! 

Need a pick-me-up during this difficult time? Do you crave a delicious kosher treat for yourself, a date, or the kids? 

Come to Anita Gelato located at 1561 2nd Ave. (East 81st Street) which is proudly under my hechsher! Say hello to my good friend and store owner Eli, who will proudly explain the magical Gelato production process which takes place right there in the shop! Enjoy! Open motzei shabbos. 

I am glad to report that for those struggling during this challenging period, help is on the way. 

The Jewish Board of Family and Children’s Services is here to assist. They offer free short term counseling, support groups, and through UJA funding initiatives, substantial financial assistance to those in need, as well. 

You can contact me or reach out to them directly at (212) 582-9100. If they need references please do not hesitate to use my contact information. I stand ready to help you. 

Look to your email for a surprise guest speaker this upcoming Chanukah 5781 on ZOOM! Stay tuned as we launch a special Chanukah program which will include guest darshanim and more.
Have a wonderful shabbos!

See you in shul,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman
מרא דאתרא קנג. אוהב שׁלום

Erev shabbos kodesh Vayetzei 5781
Shabbos Timetable
Friday, Erev Shabbos Kodesh
Candle Lighting 4:12 PM
Mincha/KS 4:20 PM

Shabbos Kodesh
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Kiddush 10:45 AM
Mincha 4:10 PM
Daf Yomi
Maariv/Shabbos Ends/Havdala 5:15 PM

Due to the unfortunate continued uptick in COVID cases, Ohav Sholom is now re-requiring registration for all minyanim going forward. 

You can email/text /WhatsApp the number of attendees and we will confirm your attendance: or 
Your health and the health of others are of the utmost importance at Ohav Sholom.

Thank you for your compliance and strict adherence to the rules.   

Do not come to services if:
1.) you are sick or feel unwell, 
2.) you are required by New York to quarantine or self-isolate, or 
3.) you have had COVID within the past 14 days.

Also, if you have determined that you developed or tested positive for COVID within 5 days of attending services at Ohav Sholom, you must notify Rabbi Mehlman of that fact and of the services at Ohav Sholom which you attendedThank you.
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