Parshas Terumah
Shabbos Zachor
February 19-20, 2021
8 Adar, 5781
Shalom and hello everyone! I hope you are doing well.

This week is Parshas Zachor. Every man, woman, and child is obligated to attend shul and hear the reading of Amalek

We read how our ancestors warred with our archenemy Amalek and how this contemptible nation attempted to annihilate the Jewish People when we left Egypt.  

Ohav Sholom will have multiple readings of Amalek so as to provide a covid safe and socially distanced environment. 

The first reading will take place during davening at 10:15 AM and multiple readings immediately following davening at 11:00 AM

To date, Ohav Sholom’s Russ & Daughters artisanal mishaloach manos program has been a great success! 

Much thanks to board member Etty Burk and member Adena Samowitz for their leadership and efficient distribution skills. 

However, DO NOT rely on this joint endeavor to fulfill your mitzvah. Additional mishloach manos should be distributed on Purim day in order to properly be m’kayim the mitzvah.

Mazel tov and Happy Birthday to Moish Markovitch, Esq., and Shoshana, and many, many, more returns! 

May you both enjoy good health for 120 happy and healthy years! Amen. 

Moish will be sponsoring a delicious hot kiddush outdoors including cholent, kugel, chopped liver, and herring. Of course, cakes, cookies, and hamentashen will be served! 

All food that is not individually wrapped will be distributed by designated servers wearing gloves and masks.  Come and enjoy! 

Yikes! Purim is next week!

Please respond generously to our annual Purim matanos l’evyonim appeal where we raise many thousands of dollars for the Jewish poor in our own neighborhoods. You can make the donation online at or hand it directly to me in shul, even on Purim day. 

Join me for shacharis and mincha for our daily post-davening Mishna Berurah shiurim as we study the many laws of Purim & Megillah and how to successfully navigate the halacha in a Covid world. 

Remember, a ZOOM megillah reading is absolutely NOT kosher and one should make every effort to come to Ohav Sholom to hear a live, in-person, reading of the megillah. 

To make this a safe and halachic mikrah megillah, I have arranged for multiple readings both night and day, including OUTDOORS, in front of Ohav Sholom (as of now, the temperature next week will hit close to 50 degrees!) 

Additionally, this year we will NOT have a mincha minyan on Purim afternoon. Our famous afternoon megillah reading will take place on Friday, Purim day, at 12:00 PM

Ohav Sholom extends a hearty mazel tov to President Micah and Nitza Bloomfield upon the birth and bris of their grandson, Gavriel Israel Bloomfield!

May they see much nachas and joy from Gavriel and all their grandchildren for 120 happy and healthy years! Amen. 
Rav Dovid Feinstein, zt”l, on the Parsha: TERUMAH
As heard and adapted by Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman 

וְיִקְחוּ־לִ֖י תְּרוּמָ֑ה מֵאֵ֤ת כָּל־אִישׁ֙

“Take my offering from every person.”

It appears as if Hashem is begging for donations to build the Mishkan! 

Observe that the Torah doesn’t make any persuasive arguments to convince the Jewish People a Mishkan would benefit them in a tangible way. 

It’s as if Hashem is pleading with Klal Yisroel, “I’m asking you to build this Mishkan not because YOU want it, rather, build this Mishkan because it’s something I want!” 

The Medrash relates a parable of a King who sorely misses his grown children and begs them to prepare a permanent room in their homes so he can frequently visit them. 

So too, Hashem longs to reside amongst us. And he also wants to feel proud to rest the Shechinah within the Jewish People. 

We might add that Hashem desired to perpetuate the highest levels of gilui, supernatural disclosure, they experienced at Matan Torah, and to provide this gilui indefinitely for the benefit of His beloved nation. 

In the form of a Mishkan, the Jewish People would be afforded all the advantages of a deep and dynamic Divine revelation. 
However, the divine encounter experienced at Matan Torah was too intense and the same intensity could prove too difficult to maintain in the long run. 

It was Hashem’s intent, therefore, to provide “small applications” of spiritual revelation in the form of the ten constant and celebrated miracles publicly witnessed during the daily Avodah service. 

The Mishkan represented a merging of Hashem’s longing to reside within the Jewish community and a magnanimous desire to afford His People an opportunity to profit from a splendid yet manageable Divine revelation. 
Have a wonderful shabbos!

See you in shul for parshas zachor,

Rabbi Aaron D. Mehlman 
מרא דאתרא קנג. אוהב שׁלום

Erev shabbos kodesh, Parshas Zachor 5781 
Shabbos Timetable
Friday, Erev Shabbos Parshas Terumah / Zachor
Shabbos Candle Lighting 5:17 PM
Mincha/KS 5:25 PM

Shabbos Kodesh, Parshas Terumah / Zachor
Shacharis 9:00 AM
Zachor Reading 10:15 AM
Kiddush 11:00 AM
Zachor Reading 11:00 AM
Mincha 5:20 PM
Daf Yomi
Maariv/Shabbos Ends/Havdala 6:19 PM

Due to the unfortunate continued uptick in COVID cases, Ohav Sholom is now re-requiring registration for all minyanim going forward. 

You can email/text /WhatsApp the number of attendees and we will confirm your attendance: or 
Your health and the health of others are of the utmost importance at Ohav Sholom. Thank you for your compliance and strict adherence to the rules.   

Do not come to services if:
1.) you are sick or feel unwell, 
2.) you are required by New York to quarantine or self-isolate, or 
3.) you have had COVID within the past 14 days.

Also, if you have determined that you developed or tested positive for COVID within 5 days of attending services at Ohav Sholom, you must notify Rabbi Mehlman of that fact and of the services at Ohav Sholom which you attendedThank you.
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