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Founders Quote
"For nearly half a century have I anxiously and critically studied that invaluable treasure [the Bible] ; and I still scarcely ever take it up that I do not find something new – that I do not receive some valuable addition to my stock of knowledge or perceive some instructive fact never observed before. In short, were you to ask me to recommend the most valuable book in the world, I should fix on the Bible as the most instructive both to the wise and ignorant." 

- Elias Boudinot, President of Congress, framer of the Bill of Rights
District News
A Note Regarding The Class of '22
As you read through this edition of eTouch, you may be wondering where all the photos and notes are about the Class of 2022, and their commencement last Saturday. We have not forgotten as a sepcial edition is under construction. Keep your eyes open for a special eTouch to be sent out within the next few days dedicated to our great graduates.

They are not forgotten. In fact, we miss them already.
Year End Staff BBQ
Our GCCS Staff gathered Friday for a barbecue celebrating another school year in the books. A big tip of the cap to Kaylene Brown and Mandy Waits and all their helpers that made it a fun occasion- complete with a photo booth, a drawing for prizes, and Snoball donuts.

Kudos were also given for staff who have achieved service milestones. Tiffany Clark now has ten years with GCCS, and Debbie Sha has been teaching elementary students for 25 years.

It was also an emotional time as we announce the retirements of Terry Roehl, Debby Swope and Kay Kolp. Others are moving on, either to out of the area moves (Sabrina Giomi-Brown), motherhood (Erika Fralich), or other opportunities (Anne Langseth, Kris Hogan, Sara Ehrlich, Sarah Geiger).
Elementary School News
Honoring Those Who Protect & Serve
We thank God for those who put their lives on the line to keep our communities safe. Friday's elementary chapel service was designated a "Law Enforcement Appreciation" chapel.

As many of you may already know, we have a number of GCCS families who have a mom or dad serving in law enforcement. Here are some of them.

Our prayers and appreciation are with you.
Kindergarten Graduation '22
Introducing the Class of 2034! Mom, dad? Take it from us, that day will arrives before you know it. Today, this class took another step forward in their academic journeys with the completion of kindergarten.

What a great day! Along with the graduates from Mrs. Bull's and Mrs. Knight's classes, we have graduates posing with their alumni parents.

Recognize any of those faces? Time flies!
Falling Into Op Art
Whoa! Check these photos out! Our third grade students go into a figurative free fall, aided by an art form known as "op art."

With creative designs, you can see how you can create the illusion of falling. It's amazing how with certain designs you can create the illusion of movement.

It's an example of how when it comes to art, there's more than meets the eye.
Fun Day For 1st Through 4th Grade
Thursday was "Fun Day" for our first through fourth graders. What fun day is not complete without getting wet? The pictures tell the story more than well enough, everyone had a great time!

A shout out to the fifth grade helpers. Turning this merry band of mischief makers loose, you need all the help you can get!!!!
How Do I Measure Up?
Have you ever tried to imagine just how BIG the Statue of Liberty is? Mrs. Amann's fourth graders took that question on for size. After taking their own measurements (height, length of arm, length of nose, finger, head size, etc.) students had to compare themselves to the Statue of Liberty!

For example:
Length of eye (30 in), our students: 1.5 in
Chin to skull (207 in), our students: 9.5 in
Length of nose (54 in), our students: 3in
Length of arm (504 in), our students 22in
Just to make a few!!!
Wow!! She’s REALLY tall!!!!
Middle School News
Moving On Up! 8th Graders Promoted
Congratulations to our eighth graders, who have successfully completed middle school. Thursday was our CCMS Promotion Night.

Here are some scenes from the event.....
Awards Assembly
Our outstanding students were recognized for their hard work and talents during our awards assembly Thursday. Whether it was academics, athletics, or the arts, seemingly every student accomplished something special during the prior school year.

Mr. Dexter kicked off the occasion with a welcome to families, and then having every student who received the Bible Award for scripture memorization to stand.

Students who made honor roll for all of the first three quarters of the school year were recognized one-by-one....

8th grade

Ashlyn Cooper, Nash Crisp, Mae Ferreira, Franklin Giomi-Brown, Maken Haley, Sebastian Hehn, Nathan Hendrickson, Aubrey Hess, Isaac Janbay, Alyse Lane, Chloe Lynn, Emma Matters, Shiloh Rud, Ella Stofflet, Amelia Vanlandingham, Josephine Wewerka, Riley Wood, Sienna Amann, Alice Cavaciu, Juliet Hehn, Grace McCauley, Caleb Scaglione, Laurent Todd, Caleb Parker, Samantha Robertson, Jordin Shaw, Kaitlin Andreason, Ellie Buchta, Rylan Hunter

7th grade

Cooper Anderson, Emily Chavez, Taitum Connick, Brynn Coppedge, Zachary Fennell, Gabriel Finke, Elijah Goergen, Josiah Gomez, Rebecca Kephart, Sarah Kephart, Legend Landers, Carter Mills, Ella Price, Brooklyn Robbins, Seth Scaglione, Carsen Shepherd, Olivia Skogseth, Gwen Vanwart, Bryson Walker, Elianna Webb, Hayden Bullard, Levi Ennis-Harro, Hudson Gotzman, Emilia Madden, Dawson Murphy, Ashton Pickrel, Tyler Roehl, Eli Stebbins, Ben Turek, Tayhler Benavente, Ronnie Everett, Avery Huston, Natalie James, Morgan Samhammer, Myles Anderson, Brady Dorner, Presley Madden

6th grade

Andy Alvarez, Reece Anderson, Jake Beamish, Grace Buck, Bethany Carter, Noah Darland, Rowan Erickson, Trey Geiger, Quinton Hall, Kyla Kleinsasser, Ayden Slack, Colbie Winters, Sam Dykes, Layne Alexander, Madisyn Byers, Elijah Condello, Leirus Cuellar, Zoie Funk, Ollie Goergen, Dominic Gritters, Kayla Keever, Naya Mahar, Vance McConahie, Miranda Udet, Jewels Wood, AJ Larson, Asher Young, Kinlee Davis, Raylynn Erickson, Haydee Everett, Jenna Warren-Girodat, Cami Zupan, Ryan Fraughton, Brendon Coats, Maggie Leonard, Elijah Matters


Mr. Wood followed with a recognition of our outstanding music students. He speaks with high regard for the budding talents of our musicians, and he honored the following students for their growth in music....

6th Grade Girl – Grace Buck, 6th Grade Boy – Dominic Gritters
7th Grade Girl – Rebecca Kephart, 7th Grade Boy – Miles Anderson
8th Grade Girl – Chloe Lynn, 8th Grade Boy – Isaac Janbay

In addition, all members of our bands and choirs were honored, and Mr. Rensi also recognized our 8th grade worship team for their dedication and talent.

Physical Education

Mr. A. also gave special recognition for those students who shone brilliantly in PE, with a focus on teamwork, perseverance, integrity, industrial responsbility, and eternal perspective.....

4th Period:
Andy Alvarez, Ryan Fraughton, Jacob Beamish, Colbie Winters

5th Period:
Samuel Dykes, Zoie Funk, Gage Torning, Tucker Mayben

6th Period
Nash Crisp, Alex Fiannaca, Makena Haley,Sebastian Hehn, Shiloh Rud,
Caleb Scaglioni, Becca Tuivanu, Amelia Vanlandingham, Josephine Wewerka

7th Period
Serena Amann, Cooper Anderson, Myles Anderson, Brady Dorner,
Zachary Fennell, Wyatt Hurley, Joey Minard, Morgan Samhammer

In addition, all those who participated in cross country, volleyball, football, basketball, and track were asked to stand and be recognized.

President's Education Award

The President's Education Award is established to encourage students in 8th grade to achieve high academic standards by recognizing them for educational excellence. A pin is given to students who achieve a score of 80th percentile or higher on the MAPS test in math or reading, and for a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better. Mr. Dexter awarded pins to...

Ashlyn Cooper, Alice Covaciu, Mae Ferreira, Franklin Giomi-Brown, Makena Haley, John Heimbuck, Alyse Lane, Emma Matters, Lauren Todd, Amelia Vanlandingham, Riley Wood
Bear Creek Cleanup Makes Impact
Looking to make an impact as a follower of Christ? Sometimes it's nothing more than a simple act of kindness.

Cascade Christian Middle School received this message from Tyson Thompson with the Medford Parks Department. He says.....

"I just received the cards from the students…. Warmed my heart. Please share with them that I appreciate their thank you cards, it was due to their hard work that made the event truly special. The monthly update was just released to all our staff and the students made the headlines! I attached a screen shot if you want to share. If Gale did not receive this email, please thank her for all the photos, they were a help in getting our report completed. Looking forward to working with you all again."

We're proud of you kids! Keep shining!
Scenes From Last Day of School
Our last day of school was filled with a lot of fun activities, including a "minute to win it" competition among the sixth graders!
High School News
Awards Assembly
A special awards assembly was held Thursday to acknowledge and honor our students for their academic accomplishments and qualities of character.

Teacher Daren Croy introduced to the audience the latest National Honor Society Award.

They are: Kayla Harvey, Rose Hehn, Wyatt Rainey, Cambria Vernoy

Character Awards were nominated and voted on by faculty by faculty and administration.

Respectfulness: "Treating others with courtesy, kindness, dignity, and polite submission."- awarded to Nikhil Joseph

Kindness: "Being considerate, helpful sand compassionate to others"- awarded to Rose Hehn

Selflessness: "Concern more with the needs and wishes of others than with one's own"- awarded to Kayla Dexter

Integrity: "Strong moral principles and core values"- awarded to Maggie Padilla and Austin Skelton

Awards for academic excellence were bestowed as selected by teachers in various subjects. Awards may be based on a variety of criteria besides simple grades, such as academic growth and progress, passion within a particular subject, or other considerations....


Art- Jayden Ancheta
Algebra 1- CJ Bonner, Silas Bury, Emma Coats, Hannah Mak, Evan Stonehill, Mikaila Udet, Carson Willard
Bible 9- CJ Bonner, Amelia Brown, Annalise Buck, Annika Byers, Caroline Carter, Annasophia Jordan
Biology- Annalise Buck, Annika Byers, Caroline Carter, Poppy Freeman, Annasophia Jordan, Mikaila Udet, Carson Willard
English 9- Annalise Buck, Annika Byers, Caroline Carter, Jacob Cisson, Raena Crisp, Annasophia Jordan, Hannah Mak
Geometry- Sam Seus
Honors Geometry- Annalise Buck, Caroline Carter,
Spanish 1- Annika Byers, Caroline Carter, Jacob Cisson, Tayen Landers, Mikaila Udet, Carson Willard
Weights- Annika Byers, Annasophia Jordan


ACSI Awards

Academics- Brook Akins, Elyssa Amann, Graycee Dorner, Nikhil Joseph, Peyton Maurer, Joezi Mitchell, Jonah Parker, Katelynn Reed, Nathan Snyder, Cole Stofflet, Madison Todd
Athletics- Austin Maurer, Peyton Maurer
Christian Service- Brook Akins, Graycee Dorner
Fine Arts- Elyssa Amann, Joezi Mitchell, Jonah Parker
Leadership- Graycee Dorner,Joezi Mitchell

Academic Excellence

Algebra 2- Elyssa Amann, Graycee Dorner, Jonah Parker
AP World History- Elyssa Amann, Jonah Parker, Madison Todd
Bible 10/11- Halle Bergen
English 10- Nikhil Joseph, Katelynn Reed, Cole Stofflet
Geometry- Ava Six
Honors English 10- Elyssa Amann, Madison Todd
Physics- Jonah Parker, Ava Six, Madison Todd
Spanish 2- Elyssa Amann, Peyton Maurer, Jonah Parker, Madison Todd
Sousa Award (Band)- Elyssa Amann
World History- Kaydence Coble, Katelynn Reed


ACSI Awards

Academics- Kayla Dexter, Makenna Dunn, Jacob Haley, Rose Hehn, Gabby Lippert, Autumn Murray, Daniel Nering, Maggie Padilla, Wyatt Rainey, Austin Skelton
Athletics- Rose Hehn, Autumn Murray, Daniel Nering, Keith Reed, Maile Scaglione
Christian Service- Maggie Padilla
Fine Arts- Jack Lavalley
Leadership- Kayla Dexter

Academic Excellence

Algebra 2- Daniel Nering, Maggie Padilla
Anatomy & Physiology- Cambria Vernoy
AP English 11- Carlee Broadbent, Kayla Dexter, Erin Law, Sophia Lynn
AP US History- Kayla Dexter, Rose Hehn
Bible 10/11- Kayla Dexter, Makenna Dunn, Sophia Lynn, Mea Monroe, Autumn Murray, Maggie Padilla, Austin Skelton, Cambria Vernoy, Bella Williams
Chemistry- Rose Hehn
Engineering- Maggie Padilla
English 11- Maggie Padilla, Wyatt Rainey, Keith Reed
Kinesiology- Carlee Broadbent, Sophia Lynn
Physics- Erin Law
Precalculus- Makenna Dunn, Rose Hehn
Spanish 3- Rose Hehn, Maggie Padilla, Bella Williams
Statistics- Maile Scaglione
Stream Ecology- Kayla Harvey
US History- Carlee Broadbent, Kenzie Kuitert, Daniel Nering, Maggie Padilla, Keith Reed
Weights- Autumn Murray, Bella Williams
Yearbook- Erin Law
Meet Our New ASB Team
The future is here! Here are your student leaders for the 2022-23 school year. Our ASB team is growing to 12 students, and what a team they will be.

This is a great group of young women and men, and we look forward to seeing them serve and grow as the year progresses.
2022-23 ASB Team: (Back row)- Rose Hehn, Makenna Dunn, Maggie Padilla, Annalise Buck, Madison Todd, Brook Akins, Grace Anne Murphy, Graycee Dorner
(Front row)- Nathan Snyder, Jonah Parker, Tayen Landers, Joezie Mitchell
Incoming Freshmen Do Lunch At High School
Don't look now, but the CCHS Class of 2026 is on its way in! Earlier this week, our graduating eighth graders "did lunch" with our current high schoolers in the breezeway.

Mr. Ritschard and Officer Ray demonstrated that those who lead also serve as they performed grill master duties. Along with the good food, there were games as well. Our photojournalist discovered sophomore Ellie Harrington showing off her killer form for cornhole.
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