June 2017
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California Apprenticeship Initiative California Apprenticeship Initiative (CAI)
Shows Governor Support for Job Training Model
California Apprenticeship Initiative
Governor Jerry Brown has made the expansion of apprenticeship training opportunities a priority as part of the State's strategy to create one million more 'middle skilled workers.' California invested $30m in new funds over the past two year with an additional $15m in the proposed 2017-18 state budget for the California Apprenticeship Initiative.
This program is administered by the California Community Colleges in close partnership with the Division of Apprenticeship Standards and is supported by the California Labor Agency and its various workforce development agencies. Read more here or contact Nick Esquivel, Specialist, who oversees the program.
Civic Stewardship Coalition Aims to Help Civic Leaders Strengthen California Community Colleges
by Leah Grassini Moehle - excerpt from CAEconomy.org
(Bruce Stenslie, Mark Cafferty, Anne Palmer, Denise Brosseau, Andrea Vizenor, Van Ton-Quinlivan, Bill Allen, Kristin York, Susan Lovenburg, Leah Grassini Moehle, Rose Asera, Rachel Westlake, David Palter, Loreli Cappel, Richard Grotegut, Boglarka Kiss, William Watson, Michael Ward, Mike Betts, Heidi Hill Drum, Rory Rottschalk, Lori Bennett, Deb Nankivell, Linda Bidrossian, Jim Mayer, David Clark, Gurminder Sangha, Jovanni Tricerri, Matt Weitstein, Bill Mueller, Ken Newby, Tom Ehrlich. Missing: Paul Granillo)

To achieve California's workforce goals, civic leaders have tools at their disposal like influence, their networks and the power to convene, all of which can help bolster public investment in higher education.
Finding the best way to use those tools was the goal set last week for the Stanford Educational Leadership InitiativeDoing What Matters for Jobs and the EconomyCA FWD and the California Stewardship Network as they organized two focus groups.
"We learned from our May 2017 focus groups that collaboration between California community colleges and employers is of paramount importance in navigating change - with student success as the North Star," said Anne Palmer, Ed.D, executive director of the Stanford Educational Leadership Initiative.
"I love the idea of bringing executive leaders together from around the state to support a 'forever forward' movement - bringing technology and strategic thinkers together to transform the way schools and workforce development prepare for the future," said Heidi Hill Drum, CEO of the  Tahoe Prosperity Center .  
The collaborative impact of this capacity-building initiative is intended to deliver on the California Economic Summit's goal of producing one million more skilled workers for California, in ways that unlock social mobility by training and connecting students and displaced workers to good-paying jobs.   Read more...
article4'CCC Maker' Places Community Colleges Alongside Big League Higher Education Makerspaces
"The development of an academic makerspace needs to start with the fundamental concept of community and collaboration."
Vincent Wilczynski
Yale School of Engineering and Applied Science
CCC Maker
California Community Colleges' CCC Maker initiative was featured alongside the likes of makerspaces at Yale University and University of California at Berkeley for emerging trends in higher education makerspaces as observed by Society for College and University Planning (SCUP) members and co-chairs from the first International Symposium on Academic Makerspaces, in Engaged Students, Hands-on Skills, Interdisciplinary Connections. (Learning by Design, spring 2017). Contact Project Director Carole Pepper-Kittredge to get involved with CCC Maker.
article1 California Community Colleges Launch 'Gig Economy' Pathway as part of California Small Business Month
California Small Business Month
To celebrate the successes of small businesses and entrepreneurs and honor the value they bring to the state, California Community Colleges joined the Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) in May to host California Small Business Month. To visit the event website, click here. To read Van Ton-Quinlivan's eAlert about the event and the commitment to establish "Self-Employment Pathways in the Gig Economy" at 20 colleges, click here. Contact Charles Eason, Small Business Sector Navigator, to get involved in this pathway.
article4Los Angeles Virtual Enterprise Trade Show Offers Experiential Entrepreneurship
A partnership between Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy's Small Business sector and Virtual Enterprises International  allowed high school students to spend the year learning about small business and entrepreneurship by participating in the Virtual Enterprise Program.Virtual Enterprise Trade Show Video As part of the program, the students created a product, wrote a business plan and learned about financing and marketing their business. Their work culminated in the Virtual Enterprise Trade Show , with students pitching their business ideas. Watch coverage of the trade show in this video and read more in this Practice with Promise profile .
article6 College of San Mateo Wins National Entrepreneurship Competition
The College of San Mateo was one of only five community colleges in the nation to receive the inaugural Presidents for Entrepreneurship Pledge College of Excellence award, recognizing community colleges for entrepreneurial excellence. Learn more here
National Association for Community College Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurial efforts such as this are supported by the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy Small Business sector .
article7Uniquely Abled Project at Glendale Community College Providing Workforce Opportunity for Autistic Students
Exemplifying what happens at the intersection of opportunity and innovation is Glendale Community College's Uniquely Abled Project, which teaches computer numerical control (CNC) machining skills to autistic students. "I noted that the characteristics of somebody with autism matched the ideal characteristics of a CNC operator," Ivan Rosenberg, founder and executive director of the Uniquely Abled Project, says in this video that showcases the program, which is in partnership with Haas Automation .
This program is a great example of how community colleges are collaborating with industry to provide workforce opportunities for all segments of the community.
article8Collaborative Efforts Fuel Biotech and Economic Workforce Development in Pasadena 
Pasadena Bioscience Collaboration The Life Science / Biotech sector  of Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy promotes workforce and economic development in Los Angeles through a collaboration with the Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative (PBC). This incubator supports economic development directly and also workforce development through its partnership with Pasadena City College and other colleges in the region. PBC hosts interns and serves as a center for K-12 outreach through the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE), which supports local high schools with free equipment, supplies and curriculum. PBC also hosts a full-day Saturday work experience every month, with community college students as mentors. Watch this video to learn more about PBC.
article9Advanced Transportation Sector Releases 2017 Viewbook
The Advanced Transportation and Renewable Energy (ATRE) sector recently released the 2017 edition of its Program Viewbook containing all sector studies and reports. Among the resources is " Investment Options for your College Regional Planning" that offers ATRE industry connections and data to supplement CTE Data Unlocked. Also included are strategies for regional planning that are in alignment with the Strong Workforce recommendations. More reports and best practices can be found at http://www.atreeducation.org/ and http://www.4nrg.org/.   
article10TechTalks  Link Professionals With Students
With the goal of providing students with information necessary to make well-informed career decisions and delivering networking skills to help students get the most from their careers, Dr. Leroy Brady, Information and Communications Technology / Digital Media deputy sector navigator in the San Diego /Imperial Region, facilitated three "TechTalks" in the spring. More than 300 students learned from and networked with industry professionals. Read more here.
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