August 2017
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Vision for Success "Vision for Success" Sets Ambitious Goals for California Community Colleges
Vision for Success With a focus on getting every student to his or her defined objective, the California Community Colleges Board of Governors recently approved Vision for Success: Strengthening the California Community Colleges to Meet California's Needs . This comprehensive report outlines the current state of the system and offers an ambitious set of goals, namely increases in the number of students transferring to a University of California or California State University campus, improvements in preparing students for in-demand jobs and eliminating the achievement gap altogether.
"The California Community Colleges system is the state's engine of social and economic mobility, but our state needs us to step up the pace of improvement," said Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley in a press release. "They know that today's students are tomorrow's workforce, and leaders are rightfully concerned that too few students are making it through college and achieving their dreams. Our Vision for Success provides an honest look at our performance as a system, both where we are excelling and where we are falling short, while setting out very clear goals for improvement."
Career Education Campaign New Campaign Brings Career Education 9.7M Impressions in Just One Region
Campaign Poster
One of several campaign posters that promote career education benefits.

On July 20, the California Community Colleges system launched a new campaign to promote the benefits of career education as an affordable, accessible pathway to a rewarding career. The campaign, which highlights the system's more than 200 career programs, is aimed at prospective high school students and adults who want to gain new skills, as well as parents, counselors, employers and other stakeholders. Here is the new career education website.
The Bay Area rolled out a regionalized version of the campaign in May, called "We Learn by Doing," which includes local cinemas, YouTube, programmatic video and display, social media, internet search and internet radio. The target audience is aged 16-24 and their influencers (ages 25-54), in all Bay Area counties. Preliminary outcomes, in the first two weeks of the campaign, were 9.7 million impressions; 30,000 clicks; 19,000 site sessions, with an average time-on-site of 37 seconds and 200,000 video views, with a completed-view rate of 48 percent.
California Community Colleges Chancellor Eloy Ortiz Oakley (third from left) with (l-r) Vice Chancellor of Governmental Relations Laura Metune, Vice Chancellor of Workforce and Economic Development Van Ton-Quinlivan and Vice Chancellor of Communications and Marketing Paul Feist.
Showcasing the Sacramento City College "Brain Matter" makerspace experimental project at the July 20 career education campaign launch event are (l-r) Professor Tom Cappelletti; students Mat Vandiver, AJ Dellaringa, Dee Benitez Gonzalez; and Professor Terry Peterson. They are joined by Vice Chancellor Van Ton-Quinlivan and Information & Communication Technology / Digital Media Deputy Sector Navigator Steve Linthicum.
Institute for the Future ReportInstitute for the Future Releases Progress Report about Efforts to Close Skills Gap
Charting New Paths to the Future The  Institute for the Future  (IFTF) on June 20 released a new report entitled  Charting New Paths to the Future that outlines California Community Colleges' progress in using a "solutions network" approach to "transform" the way community colleges prepare students for an increasingly changing work environment.
The Palo Alto, Calif.-based organization evaluated the efforts of the Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy in eight core areas and found that the system is moving from scattered efforts to solutions networks, episodic education to continuous learning flows, letter grades to actionable feedback, textbooks to unbounded resources, degrees to dynamic reputations, one-size-fits-all to personalized experiences, best guesses to algorithmic matching, and static environments to digital-physical blends.
The report was featured in blog posts by the Lumina Foundation and Jobs for the Future .
Stranded Workers Chronicle of Higher Education Interviews 
Ton-Quinlivan about "Stranded Workers"
Vice Chancellor for Workforce and Economic Development Van Ton-Quinlivan was asked about education systems forming partnerships with industry to help "stranded workers" in this interview with The Chronicle of Higher Education. This complements The Chronicle's recently released report The Future of Work: How Colleges Can Prepare Students for the Jobs Ahead.
Van Ton-Quinlivan Interview 
Georgetown Report Georgetown Report Features LaunchBoard
LaunchBoard Researchers from Georgetown University's Center on Education and the Workforce have named the LaunchBoard as a leading example of a data-driven education initiative that has helped a state guide students into careers that will best service their economic and personal goals.
In a new study entitled Career Pathways: Five Ways to Connect College and Careers, the researchers laud the California Community Colleges system for making the LaunchBoard a highly effective way to empower students as they research career paths. In particular, the LaunchBoard stands out nationally for its ability to educate learners on the expected earning outcomes of graduates, student enrollment trends and how veterans and first-generation students have landed desired roles. It is further differentiated by its focus on not just California community colleges, but K-12 school districts as well. Click here to learn more about LaunchBoard.
ICTICT/Digital Media: Colleges Help Build Cybersecurity Pipeline through Summer CyberCamps
According to, California has a shortage of approximately 45,000 cybersecurity professionals . To close the skills gap, it's critical to engage potential talent - and to start early. A dozen Bay Area community colleges joined together to do just that this summer, hosting CyberCamps for middle and high school students as part of a larger effort to enhance IT and cybersecurity K-12 pathways to meet the needs of area employers in the Information Communications Technologies/Digital Media sector . More than 600 students from the Bay Region learned how to secure networks and harden operating systems, gaining foundational skills that can help put them on a pathway to further study. The camps were made possible through funding from the Bay Area Community College Consortium's Regional Joint Ventures Fund.
California Cyberhubs At a state level, CCC has joined education and industry partners to form the California Cyberhub, a cybersecurity education organization funded by the California Community Colleges Doing What MATTERS for Jobs and the Economy program. The California Cyberhub website provides tools for educators and serves as a central location for cybersecurity competition and event listings. Check out the Cyberhub website. 

article7ICT/Digital Media, Small Business Sectors Join to Host Annual Conference for Faculty
Digital Media _ Business Educators Conference 
In June, the Information Communications Technologies/Digital Media sector teamed up with the Small Business sector to host the 2017 Digital Media & Business Educators Conference at the College of the Canyons. The annual conference, held over three days, drew faculty members from colleges throughout the system. With multiple conference tracks to choose from and keynote addresses on diverse industry topics, the conference was a great example of how sectors are coming together to stay on top of trends and innovations in their fields, which is crucial to advancing workforce development.
To get a better sense of what the conference offered, here is the website .

launchboard LaunchBoard

LaunchBoard News

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The LaunchBoard CTE Outcomes Survey tab has been revamped, including showing results by region and sector and incorporating a new question-and-answer format interface. Check it out here. 
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