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May 21, 2020

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T he Seventh Sunday of Easter  May 24
We will be celebrating The Seventh Sunday of Easter virtually with the Church of the Transfiguration and the Church of the Epiphany via Zoom at 10:30 am. A link and instructions will be emailed. We hope you will join us for this worship service. 

George Drumwright has a Youtube channel.  click here
Update from Fr. David
Dear Good Shepherd family,  

Under the guidance and with information from the Bishop and Diocese, your leadership team (Clergy, Wardens, and Vestry) has begun discussions regarding reopening the church building. The Diocese has provided a phased approach to gathering for church worship and building use. It is too early to say when this will happen. But, because of the virus, be aware that "things" will change to incorporate best health practices as recommended by the CDC. Stay tuned...

As always I am available to you  in Spirit even as it is not possible to be physically together. Remember that my mobile number is 202-491-4340 and my email is rector@gsecmd.org and feel free to be in touch via text, phone or email if you have questions, need someone to pray with or someone to talk to. Also, please keep being deliberate about keeping touch with each other and praying for one another.   I am celebrating the Eucharist and discussing the readings on Facebook Live on Wednesdays at 11:30 am.  I encourage you to join these virtual worship opportunities as way of remaining connected to one another and the wider Church. Finally, we continue to provide updates via email and on Good Shepherd's website and Facebook page. (Link Below)

Bishop Mariann has provided information on sharing an agape meal (in a small group or alone) in her most recent  blog. 
An Update from Saint Luke Food Pantry - On May 18, Lynn Wood spoke with Ruth Manchester about the food pantry and how it is now functioning.  She encouraged me to share the information with all of you.  After you have read this update, I direct you below to the specifics of how you can offer support during these times of additional need if you are able.  

Saint Luke Food Pantry has switched during Covid-19 times from distributing bags of staples to providing Giant cards to those in need.  These cards are distributed on Thursdays from 12-3 at the Highland turnaround.  Recipients have previously been referred by social services agencies that include school social workers, MUSST, and Linkages to Learning.  The number of Giant cards given to each family depends on the number of persons in the family.  Envelopes with the name of the family are prepared prior to the distribution.  Recipients are given the date and time frame to receive their cards.  When they arrive, they show identification, receive their envelope, and then move on.  Because the arrangements are made ahead of time this is not a distribution point with a long line and the possibility that there may not be enough for all.  If anyone arrives without a prior referral, they are invited to return at 3:00 to discuss next steps.  

For each of the past two Thursdays, some 100 families, representing a total of almost 400 persons each time, have received the Giant gift cards.  Many of these families are already known to Ruth and her co-workers.  Some 90% of the families are Latino, many undocumented, which means they are not eligible for other programs that provide food support.  While Ruth knows personally that food insecurity is THE issue for these families, she does not follow them around as they shop.  She told me one story of a family whose elementary-age child had begun wetting the bed due to stress and anxiety.  That family wrote her of their gratitude for the Giant cards that enabled them to include adult-size diapers among their purchases. 

At this point, Ruth says that with financial contributions, they are just able to attend to the needs of all those who have been referred, but she is concerned how long this ability will be there.  To that end, the organist from Saint Luke put on a fundraising concert (100% to go to this Covid-19 relief program) on Sunday, May 17, at 5:00.  I encourage all of you to access the recording of the concert just to enjoy listening.  Click here  St. Luke.  Since the performance is no longer live, you can make contributions per the instructions below, referencing the concert if you wish.  Thank you.   concert

4 Times the "Regular" Numbers! - Saint Luke Food Pantry is experiencing 4 Times the typical number of requests for food assistance.  The Montgomery County Commission for the Homeless is housing almost 4 Times the typical number of residents in May, divided among 4 shelters rather than just the one on Tate Court.  While many of us miss our typical hands-on responses to hunger and food insecurity of preparing bag lunches and/or purchasing healthy staples, what we can do now is respond in the manner that these two feeding partners of ours have requested.  That preferred way now is through financial contributions.  With funds received, Saint Luke Food Pantry purchases Giant cards for distribution.  MCCH orders meals from local businesses for its clients, thereby providing nutrition while also supporting the local community.  

To assist MCCH, Social Ministries has contributed $200, which represents our typical bag lunch expenditure for May.  To assist Saint Luke Food Pantry, in place of helping to fill our bins with staples to be delivered by John MacArthur, we encourage you, if you are able, to make a contribution to the food pantry in one of the following ways: 
1.  Online:  Go to  http://www.saintluke.us and click on "donate."  Then go to Covid hunger relief and continue as directed.  OR  2.  Check:  Make your check payable to Saint Luke Lutheran Church.  On the memo line, write "Covid 19."  Mail the check to Saint Luke Lutheran Church, 9100 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring, MD 20910.

A message from Deena Groshong, Senior Warden
Hello church family and friends!  I'd like to remind everyone that Good Shepherd's financial situation continues as before.  We would appreciate it, if you are able, to keep your pledge up-to-date by mailing a personal or bank-issued check to the office weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly or clicking on the donate button on our website.  Thank you to all who continue to do so.

Heifer -    Our 2020 Heifer Lenten Project will be postponed until further notice.  It would be appreciated if everyone kept their "piggy banks" at home until the Ingathering date is announced.  What was the pigs' laundromat called?  The HogWash!
Seventh Sunday of Easter  
First Lesson: Acts 1:6-14
Psalm: 68:1-10,33-36
Epistle: 1 Peter 4:12-14;5:6-11
The Gospel: John 17:1-11

The Week of May 24, 2020

Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd
at 10:30 am
Live webcast: 11:15 am @cathedral.org.
Memorial Day

Adult Education via Zoom 7:30 pm

Virtual HE 11:30 am/Facebook




Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd at  10:30 am.
Live webcast: 11:15 am @cathedral.org.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
May 24 - May 30: Nell Jeter, Florence Walters, Jillian Newby, Michael Gillespie, Kindra Nicol, Jayden Sivali and Grace & Andrew Jallah.
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