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July 5, 2019


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 July 7-13, 2019

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The Parish Administrator is on vacation this weekThe Office is closed today.

From your Deacon: The ICE sweep is now expected to happen July 7. If you know of anyone who is feeling scared or apprehensive, here is a phone number for information 202-335-1183, "ICE Rapid Response"  that is answered 24 hours daily in English or Spanish. They will provide information about immigrants' rights and who to call for help. More information about how we can help those in need will be forthcoming.


Summer French classes begin next week--July 8 - Yes, your brain can learn French!  Want to get ready for the trip to France? Or would you just like to have some fun and watch your brain (painlessly) acquire French? French classes continue at Good Shepherd this summer on Wednesdays at 2 pm (Advanced Beginner/Intermediate level). Several Good Shepherd parishioners attend the Advanced Beginner class at my house on Mondays at 9:45 am. There are many other classes & levels available, including evening online classes (via Zoom video conferencing). More details at elevateeducationconsulting.com/your-brain-can-learn-french. Scholarship help/sliding scale available-don't let cost be an obstacle. Want some more good news? There are no homework assignments & no grammar exercises.

"Cooking for Our Neighbors" on July 13 Good Shepherd's 5th annual "Cooking for Our Neighbors" day is Saturday, July 13.  This year we have the opportunity to prepare 100 hot meals and serve them to formerly-homeless residents of Cordell Place (Bethesda) and Seneca Heights (Gaithersburg) - two supportive housing complexes operated by the Montgomery County Coalition for the Homeless.   Susan Callahan is once again opening her spacious kitchen at the Universities at Shady Grove to us where we'll partner with student volunteers from Campus Kitchens in cooking the food.

To sign up or get more information, please contact Shaun Hardy ( shardy@ciw.edu) or Allen Wyrick (thrualens@mac.com ) and indicate which of the following "teams" you wish to join.  "Cooking for Our Neighbors" is organized annually by Good Shepherd's Social Ministries Committee.  With your help this year's event can be the best ever!
Team 1: Cooking at Shady Grove, 9 AM - 12:30 PM (15-18 volunteers needed)
Team 2: Delivering and serving meals at Cordell Place, 12 Noon - 2 PM (6-8 volunteers needed)
Team 3: Delivering and serving meals at Seneca Heights, 12 Noon - 2 PM (8-10 volunteers needed)
Pilgrimage to France - April 23-30, 2020
Mark your calendars! The dates are set for next year's pilgrimage to southwest France. More details will be coming next month. The pilgrimage will be led by Anna Gilcher and David Wacaster with support by Wonder Voyage. We are really looking forward to deepening our connecting with God and with each other through this pilgrimage experience. 


Another Way to Contribute to Good Shepherd  Good Shepherd has a brokerage account with TD Ameritrade, an online broker.  This means that parishioners who wish to donate stock, bonds, or mutual fund shares to the church have an easy way to do so.  If investments are held in a brokerage account, your broker can transfer them to Good Shepherd's TD account, for which Lynn Hutcheson has the account number and other required information.  If you have paper shares that you wish to donate, you can take them to one of TD's offices to begin the procedure.

Saint Luke Food Pantry -  Each of us does have the power to make a positive difference in a way that might seem small unless you are the person who is sent to Saint Luke Food Pantry to obtain staples to ward off food insecurity for yourself and your family.  Each of us has the power to help make sure that the shelves at the food pantry are full of nutritious staples found in cans, bags, boxes, and jars.  Protein ideas include canned tuna and chicken; peanut butter (and jelly for sandwiches); hearty soups; chili with beans; black or red beans to be served with rice; high protein cereals.  Canned fruit and vegetables, pasta and sauce, and condiments are also welcomed.  Remember that it is often the adolescent (or younger) children in the family who are responsible for preparing meals for themselves, their parents, and their younger siblings.  Please bring your staples to the bins at the back of church.  You are also welcomed to take them yourself to Saint Luke Lutheran Church at the corner of Dale Drive and Colesville Road. (Rte. 29) between 10 am and 2 pm on weekdays.  Park on Dale Drive.

The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
First Lesson:  2 Kings 5:1-14
Psalm:    30            
Epistle:   Galatians 6:(1-6) 7-16
The Gospel:   Luke 10:1-11, 16-20 

The Week of July 7-14, 2019

Holy Eucharist Rite I, 8:30 am
Holy Eucharist Rite II, 10:30 am
BSA Troop 97, 4 pm, PH
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 5    pm, Church
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 7 pm, Church
SDA Week of Prayer, 6 pm, Church, EW

Holy Eucharist/Healing, 11:30 am
Lunch Bunch, 12:30 pm, PH
Calendar Planning, 2 pm, PO
French Class, 2 pm, PH

Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 6:30  pm, PH

SDA Worship, 6 pm, Church
"Cooking for Our Neighbors" 9 am, Offsite
SDA Worship, 9 am, Church
SDA Sabbath School, 9:30 am, PH, EW
SDA Worship, 5 pm, Church
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 6 pm, EW   
Holy Eucharist Rite I, 8:30 am
Holy Eucharist, Rite II, 10:30 am
BSA Troop 97, 4 pm, PH
Manantial de Vida Apostolic Church, 5 pm, Church
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