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March 19, 2020


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Updated Information from Fr. David
Dear Good Shepherd family,
I am writing to inform you that Bishop Mariann has directed that churches in the Diocese of Washington be closed until May 16th. There is a link to the bishop's letter below. Therefore, we will continue not having rehearsals, meetings, worship services or other ministry activities in the church building during this time.
This action is being taken in accordance with the recently issued guidelines from the CDC. One effect of this pastoral direction from Bp. Marian is that our observance of Holy Week and Easter will be very different this year. Our wardens, our vestry and I will be having conversations in the coming weeks to determine exactly what our observance of Holy Week and Easter will look like so please stay tuned. Also, if you have suggestions or thoughts about this, please be in touch.
Please be assured that you all continue to be in my prayers and I remain with you in Spirit even as it is not possible to be physically together. Remember that my mobile number is 202-491-4340 and my email is rector@gsecmd.org and feel free to be in touch via text, phone or email if you have questions, need someone to pray with or someone to talk to. Also, please keep being deliberate about keeping touch with each other and praying for one another.
Bishop Mariann will be presiding and preaching at a virtual worship service on Sunday, March 22 at 11:15am on the Washington National Cathedral site. I will be celebrating the Eucharist and discussing the readings on Facebook Live on Wednesday, March 25 at 11:30.  I encourage you to join these virtual worship opportunities as way of remaining connected to one another and the wider Church. Finally, we continue to provide updates via email and on Good Shepherd's website and Facebook page.
Finally, as I said to you in my first note about our response to COVID-19, remember that as Christians we have not been given a Spirit of Fear. Our default setting is hope. So, don't panic, continue praying for our leaders and for one another and keep up the hand washing.

Saint Luke Food Pantry Drive-by Food Collection This Sunday, March 22, 10:30-11:00 in the church parking lot.  Per Fr. David's special email on Monday, this is your opportunity to drive by, drop off your purchases for the food pantry, and receive a blessing from Fr. David in the knowledge that you are already a blessing to others.  Social Ministries refer you to Fr. David's email for specific suggestions. 

Sermon for Sunday March 22 - click here

See Fr. David's facebook video presenting the Wednesday (March 18) 11:30 am service. Click on the Facebook link below .

A message from Deena Groshong, Senior Warden
Hello church family and friends!  I hope all are doing well.  As we adjust to this "new normal," I'd like to remind everyone that Good Shepherd's financial situation continues as before.  We would appreciate it, if you are able, to keep your pledge up-to-date by mailing a personal or bank-issued check to the office weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.  As we practice "social distancing," let us remember that we are always connected through the love of God.  Take care.

Heifer -    Our 2020 Heifer Lenten Project will be postponed until further notice.  It would be appreciated if everyone kept their "piggy banks" at home until the Ingathering date is announced.  What happens when the pig pen gets broken?  You use the pig pencil!  Thank you to all.

Bag Lunch Preparation Found a Way Last Saturday - You can't stop determined GS folks from providing food for those who count on us and that's all I'll say. 

The Fourth Sunday in Lent 
First Lesson:   1 Samuel 16:1-13 
Psalm:     23
Epistle:   Ephesians 5:8-14
T he Gospel:   John 9:1-41    

The Week of March 22, 2020


Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 4   pm, Church
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 7 pm Church



Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 6:30 pm, Church

SDA Worship, 6 pm, Church

SDA Worship, 9 am, Church
SDA Sabbath School, 9:30 am, PH, EW
SDA Board Mtg. 2 pm
SDA Worship, 5 pm, Church
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 6 pm, EW   
Manantial de Vida Apostolic Church, 4 pm, Church
Birthdays and Anniversaries
March 22 - March 28: Jacob Lundsford, Jack Lundsford, Caleb Perry, Anna Gilcher, Elizabeth Quinn, Eric Reiffenstein
Anniversaries: Sal & Linda Campo, Laura & Abraham Denmark
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