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May 9, 2019


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May 12- May 18, 2019

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The funeral for Catherine Schupp will be Friday May 17th 1:00 pm in the sanctuary.
Social Justice Brunch Follow-up Questionnaire - Please help our Social Ministries Planning Team assess our March 31 Social Justice Brunch and plan our next one.  A brief questionnaire is available online here If you prefer a print version, copies are available on the usher's table in the narthex.  There are just 8 questions which will take less than 3 minutes to answer!  EVERYONE at Good Shepherd is invited to participate, whether or not you attended the March 31 event.  Please complete your questionnaire by May 19, 2019.  Completed hardcopies may be placed in the lockbox in the narthex or handed to one of our Social Ministries Team members: Deborah Beebe, Shaun Hardy, Kathryn McMahon, or Lynn Wood.  Results will be shared with the congregation in June.

Next Sunday will be a Parish wide cleanup after the 10:30 service. Tasks include weeding, replacing light bulbs inside and out, cleaning roof gutters, pruning bushes, cleaning the kitchenette. Please plan to help and bring appropriate tools.
Wednesday, May 29 at 7:30 pm in the sanctuary, Dr. Stephen Ackert will present The Story of Handel's Messiah. Some copies of the vocal score will be provided, if you have your own copy please bring it. This promises to be an informative and enjoyable musical event

BEE-YOND AMAZING!!  - Those are Deena's words to describe the amazing outpouring of support for the 2019 Heifer Campaign.  The grand total is $4,016.87!!  That amount will purchase 133 (almost 134) bee packages!  Good Shepherd, you have outdone yourself.  I think that all of us can agree that the dedication, hard work, and passion that Deena has put into the 2019 Heifer Campaign are also BEE-YOND AMAZING!!
Ministries United Silver Spring Takoma Park (MUSST)  - A recent letter from MUSST thanks Good Shepherd for our contributions, which are sent twice a year.  They represent 20% of your contributions to the Globe.  In 2018, MUSST helped 196 clients avoid eviction, maintain their utility service, and obtain needed medical prescriptions.  Although the bulk of their income comes from government and private grants, the availability of these grant monies is always precarious and they do not cover the full extent of needs.  For that reason, MUSST continues to be extremely reliant on congregational contributions.  For more specifics, you are encouraged to speak with Shaun Hardy, who represents Good Shepherd on the MUSST Board.  Our generosity makes an essential difference to local groups, such as MUSST.
Saint Luke Food Pantry  - This is another form of local outreach where each can, bag, and box of nutritious staples makes an immediate difference in the lives of clients who suffer from food insecurity.  The economy might be "sunny" for many, but not for all.  We who can are called by Jesus as his followers to share with others.  We take this very seriously at Good Shepherd.  Social Ministries thanks you in Jesus' Name.  

Fourth Sunday of Easter 
First Lesson:  Acts 9:36-43 
Psalm:  23                
Epistle:   Revelation 7:9-17
The Gospel:   John 10:22-30  
The Week of May 12 - May 18, 2019
Holy Eucharist Rite I, 8:30 am
Children's Chapel & Sunday School, 10 am
Chimes Choir
Holy Eucharist Rite II, 10:30 am
Coffee Hour 11:45 am hosted by Sullivan, Womack, Garcia & Elliott
Violin Recital, 2 pm, Ed Wing
BSA Troop 97, 4 pm, PH
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 5 pm, Church
GS Troop 5016, 7 pm. EW
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 7pm, Church
SDA Worship, 6 pm, Church, EW

Holy Eucharist/Healing, 11:30 am, Church
French Class, 2 pm, PH
Chimes Choir, 7 pm, EW
Vestry, 7:30 pm, Narthex
Choir Rehearsal, 8 pm, EW
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 7 pm, PH
Schupp Funeral, 1 pm, Church
SDA Worship, 6 pm, Church
Needlers, 9 am, St. Francis Rm
SDA Worship, 9 am, Church
SDA Sabbath School, 9:30 am, PH, EW
SDA Committee meetings, 12:30 pm, PH
SDA Worship, 5 pm, Church
Manantial de Vida Apostolic, 6 pm, EW   
Holy Eucharist Rite I, 8:30 am
Children's Chapel & Sunday School, 10 am
Chimes Choir
Holy Eucharist Rite II, 10:30 am
Coffee Hour, 11:45 hosted by Vanvisa Sivali
Spring Clean-up
BSA Troop 97, 4 pm, PH
Manantial de Vida Apostolic Church, 5 pm, Church
Youth Group, 6 pm
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Lyn Womack

May 19 Flowers Nella Fisher



May 26 Flowers Burckles

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