We have the second of our two monthly food drives this coming Saturday, February 20, 11-12 in the Good Shepherd parking lot. We will again have a short Noonday Prayer service after the collection, at about 11:45. Please be sure to wear masks and observe social distance from each other. Also please be aware and considerate of the SDA congregation as they leave their service.  
Rosemary Addy Candidate for Junior Warden
 I have been attending Good Shepherd for about 2 years. From the beginning, I found the people to be friendly and inclusive. I especially appreciate the efforts people make regarding social justice issues, whether it be in the sermons or in one of the book groups or adult education classes. The fact that there are ongoing conversations is important.
 Since I have been at Good Shepherd, I have participated in food drives, church grounds cleanup, and adult education classes. I also assisted with food drives in another church I attended previously.
 In the past, I have worked on several political campaigns and also served as the Domestic Policy Analyst for the national Church, where my two primary issues were hunger relief and hate crimes legislation. Through these positions, I have developed my organizational skills, which I believe will be an asset to Good Shepherd. When I get involved in causes, I am passionate about those causes and work to see them succeed.
As the people’s warden, I want to work on keeping the congregation connected during the pandemic and beyond by finding ways to bring people in. I would like to see Good Shepherd become even more involved in the social justice issues facing our community and our country, and will work toward that end.
Peter Beyer Candidate for Vestry
My wife, Susan, and our 2-year old daughter Naomi began attending Good Shepherd in July 2019. We had been attending church in Baltimore since 2014, but had moved in 2016. After a few years of long distance membership, we realized it was time to find a new home closer to home. Father David came highly recommended by our Dean, so we gave Good Shepherd a shot. Immediately we knew it was the place for us due to the warmth, commitment to service, and the clear evidence of God’s love living within the Good Shepherd community.
  It’s my great pleasure to sing in the choir, and to ring in the chimes choir. We are so lucky to have George and Ray, and I have greatly enjoyed being in these groups. This musical activity is a continuation of our previous lives; back when we attended the Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore, both Susan and I sang in the choir (before Naomi’s arrival in our lives prompted me to go solo!). I also rang bells in the handbell choir. We had a few personal milestones at the Cathedral as well: Susan and I were married there, and a few years later Naomi was baptized. Naomi also played Baby Jesus in the Christmas pageant (Daddy was an angel)!
  First and foremost, I will try to draw on what I believe is a natural gift of humility and listening. I have not served in a leadership position before, and am also new to the Good Shepherd community, so I look forward to learning as much as possible. I will bring my whole heart to the vestry and will do my best to absorb, reflect, and act upon the life of the congregation as a whole. 
 I’m coming into this with mostly an empty slate, waiting to see how the Spirit moves. I trust that the specifics will reveal themselves progressively during my three-year term, but for now all I can say is I hope to see growth: an ever more vibrant, engaged, and effective congregation, and one that welcomes all and assures that each and every member is blessed.
Florence Walters Candidate for Vestry
I have been worshipping at GSEC for approximately 30 years. I came to this place as a guest of my then mother-in-law and never left. At first, I was just an attendee coming when I had to take her (the MIL) to church and then pick her up. My child was just an infant then. She turned to me one Sunday and said she was taking the baby in with her as she would not have her grand child growing up without the benefit of belonging to a faith community. Therein I started attending on a more frequent basis getting my heart, soul and body refreshed, renewed, and refilled. Now it is 30 years later and having renewed my baptismal and confirmation vows it is much too late to leave. I think I am here to stay.
As a member of GSEC, I have served on various committees and have been actively involved in much of the activities here including, being on the vestry twice, chairing the Grocery Certificate Program, leading Adult Education forums, being a member of the search committee that called the current rector, Sunday School teacher, former member of the Chimes Choir, an Acolyte, Lunch Bunch member among other things. 
Being elected to serve as a vestry member again I am hoping that I will be able to contribute to the continued growth and expansion of the parish. I am also hoping that as a vestry member we can work together in finding different ways in which we can take the church out into the wider community while at the same continue to serve the core membership. 
I am excited to be called to serve on the vestry and look forward to the help and support that I’ll get from each of you.  
Garret Nicholson Candidate for Vestry
My wife and I have attended Good Shepherd for about 2 years and appreciate the diverse congregation.
My wife and I usher at services and contribute to the food drives. I shared my expertise as an architect at a previous parish.
I would like to see a program of scripture reading at the parish.
Lenten Adult Ed Series From Many One: Conversations Across Difference
In this 5-week series led by Deacon Linda Mahler, we will explore ways to have conversations with others across the many differences that separate us. In a cultural moment shadowed by pandemic, fractious politics, and deep division within families, communities, and nations, we have the opportunity as people of faith to partner in simple ways to celebrate difference, listen with curiosity, and promote healing. Whether you are an extrovert who feels comfortable talking to others or an introvert for whom this seems difficult, there will be much to learn from each other and to share.
 The class will meet on Zoom on 5 Thursday evenings from 7:00-8:00 PM:
February 25th, March 4th, March 11th, March 18th, and March 25th.
If you would like to participate, please email Linda at: MahlerLindaL@gmail.com or call her on 202-232-8232.
Stations of the Cross During Lent Each Friday in Lent EXCEPT Good Friday, Deacon Linda Mahler will lead a virtual “walk” through the stations of the cross using a traditional liturgy called “The Way of the Cross”. It offers prayers and Scripture describing Jesus’ journey from judgment to crucifixion on Good Friday. Participants will have the opportunity to read portions of the liturgy aloud if they wish to. The liturgy is the same each week. Walking the Stations of the Cross is an ancient spiritual practice that many people have found meaningful as they prepare for Easter, whether they do it just once or twice or every Friday during Lent. Stations of the Cross will be offered on Zoom from 7:00-7:30 PM: February 19th, February 26th, March 5th, March 12th, March 19th, and March 26th. If you would like to participate, please email Linda at MahlerLindaL@gmail.com or call her on 202-232-8232.

Introducing EPPN Action Alerts - The Episcopal Public Policy Network (EPPN) is working on projects and activities that help advocate for safe and affordable housing; for enough food for everyone and adequate healthcare; for sanctuary for those living in fear; and the respect and equality for all. The EPPN is part of The Episcopal Church’s Office of Government Relations (OGR) to engage Episcopalians on federal public policy from a faith-based perspective and to let them have a voice. I will be adding Action Alerts to the eVoice as I receive them, and my hope is that you will find them informative and inspirational. The legislations OGR are prioritizing now are Urge Congress to Advance Study of Reparations and to Pass COVID Relief Now. To register for Action Alerts go to: episcopalchurch.org/ministeries/office-government-relations. For any questions or help contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726 or ilovegoldens@gmail.com.

Friday, February 26 1-3 pm will see the first of a series of events hosted by Luther Rice Baptist Memorial Church’s computer gurus, Collyn Coram and Erica Quan, together with parishioners of their church. Each meeting will feature such topics as Zoom: Apple and Android Cell Phone Basics, How to Get On and Get Around Online Banking and Shopping; Security and how to protect your computer. There is a link here here   to register by completing a short questionnaire on your computer experience. Revs. Linda Mahler and Kathryn McMahon will be present as well. It is aimed at anyone 50 and older (AARP age!), beginners and experienced alike. I have already learned from this team and am looking forward to more! A Zoom link will be sent closer to the event.   Rev. Kathryn McMahon, Deacon 202-510-3716.

Telephone prayer meeting every Saturday at 9:15 am. The number to call to join the prayer meeting is 508-924-2778. If you have any questions contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726. 
Feed the Globe - Big Globe misses its Sunday visitors. Even worse, Baby Globe (a gift from Carol Lewis) is making a big fuss because it is hungry. NOTE: If you can't make it to a food collection, you can mail a check to the church. Make the check out to Good Shepherd and write "Globe" on the memo line. The groups we support through the Globe still need our assistance. These groups are Shepherd's Table, Saint Luke Food Pantry, Center Global, and MUSST. Thank you  

Shepherd's Table Wish List - A way to respond to the needs of Shepherd's Table is through the WISH LIST link on their website:  https://shepherdstable.org.

See an update from MCCH here.
The First Sunday of Lent
First Lesson: Genesis 9:8-17
Psalm: 25:1-9
Epistle: 1 Peter 3:18-22
The Gospel: Mark 1:9-15

The Week of February 21, 2021
Sun 2/21 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd at 10:30 am followed by the Annual Meeting. Live webcast: 11:15 am @cathedral.org, Manantial de Vida 2:30 pm Church
Mon 2/22
Tues 2/23
Wed 2/24 Virtual Eucharist via Facebook 11:30 am
Thur 2/25 Lenten Adult Ed via Zoom 7 pm
Fri 2/26 Stations of the Cross via Zoom 7 pm
Sat  2/27 Telephone Prayer Meeting 9:15 am, SDA 9:30 am Church,
Sun  2/28 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom for Good Shepherd at 10:30 am. Live webcast 11:5 am @cathedral.org, M de Vida, 2:30 pm.
John Elliott, Oscar Mujica-Martorell (friend of Lillian Luksenburg), Winetta Moses, William Kocian, Stacy Scott (friend & family of the Scotts), June Samuelian, Jamill Mathews (family, friend of the Campos), Tony Callahan (family of Susan Callahan).
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Birthdays and Anniversaries:
February 21 - February 27: Jose Obando, Gary Anderson, Bill Sudbrink. Anniversary of Morgan Hoover & Lee Levine.
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