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eVOICE for September 22, 2022


The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

September 25, 2022

We will be celebrating with Transfiguration Church (via Zoom) at 9:00 am and in-person at 10:30 am at Good Shepherd. Masks are still required. 


This Sunday, September 25, we will have a bilingual service at 10:30 am. September is an important month in the history of Latin American independence and our service will be a chance for the people of Buen Pastor to share the diversity of cultures within our congregation. We will pray for unity and wellbeing for all the people of the Americas. We’ll enjoy food and fellowship after the service, so please bring food to share if you are able.

SHRINEMONT -  It is that time of year to register and pay for our fabulous parish retreat to Shrine Mont from Friday October 21 to Sunday October 23. Rooms are still available.  Payment pays for room and meals. (A double room is $188 per person, single room $256, youth aged 4 to 12 $90 each and aged to 3 are free.) Here is a link  to register and details about fees and where to send in payment. We would like to have all registrations completed by the end of September. If you have any questions reach out to Nellie or Brian Thompson.

Diocesan Retreat: Grace Upon Grace - Experiencing the Self-Giving of God in our Everyday Lives  Fr. Martin L. Smith will lead a weekend silent retreat from Friday, October 28 to Sunday, October 30, 2022 at the Bishop Claggett Center in Maryland. The retreat will focus on recognizing the many hidden and often unexpected ways in which God’s grace permeates our lives: “Of His fullness we all have received, grace upon grace.” (John 1:16). There will be ample opportunity in a supportive atmosphere of silence to reflect, to pray, and to gain insight from several addresses which will ‘unpack’ this central mystery of the good news of Christ. More information about the retreat, including how to register, can be found here.

St. Dunstan's Bethesda is presenting a Mixed Media Liturgical Art Exhibit by Sue Carroll. Sept 11 - Oct 30, weekdays from 10 am - 1:30 pm. 

Interfaith Action for Human Rights - The Rev. Ann Moczydlowski will be presenting "Hope for American Criminal Justice Reform" via Zoom on Thursday September 29th at 7 pm. This presentation is hosted by Church of the Ascension Gaithersburgh. Register here.

Racial Reparations: In preparation for an important vote regarding racial reparations at our next diocesan convention, we are invited and encouraged to attend the Diocesan symposium on reparations on October 1 from 10:am to 3:00 p.m. at Calvary Episcopal Church in Washington, DC. Register for the symposium here

Telephone prayer meeting every Saturday at 9:15 am. The number to call to join the prayer meeting is 508-924-2778. If you have any questions contact Lynette Clark at 301-357-1726. 


Take a deep breath and let it out with a sigh! 

The vestry had a very fruitful meeting on Wednesday evening. One exciting outcome is that we approved extending our agreement with our wonderful Interim Rector via a Letter of Agreement. Mother Anna will serve as Interim Rector at Good Shepherd until a new Rector is called or either party gives two months notice of termination of the agreement. The agreement specifies the same salary and half-time job responsibilities agreed upon for the period of August 1-October 31, 2022 and is for a term of one year, meaning that if it is still in effect as of October 31, 2023 (neither party has terminated the agreement, no new rector in place), a new agreement will need to be negotiated and approved.

As Lara Case’s sponsoring congregation for ordination, we also approved her application for ordination to the diaconate, which is her next step. Signing the application indicates that we support Lara’s diaconal ordination and see no reason that she should not continue to move through the process. Lara is currently working in a church in the Diocese of Olympia (Washington State). If you did not catch her update in the eVoice, please ask for a copy if you’d like to see it.

These two items were on our “consent agenda,” which means that the vestry had time to digest the information in advance and ask questions; then, since we were all in agreement, we were able to approve these items without further discussion. This left room during our meeting for a really interesting and helpful conversation about finances. Mother Anna first led us through an exercise about the Good Shepherd annual budget, helping us to see what we already know and don’t know. This prepared us for a very helpful and detailed presentation from the Finance Committee about our current financial situation—you’ll be hearing lots more about this in the coming weeks. 

Our next step in the transition process is to do an outside financial audit. We’ve gotten the information we need from the Diocese and will be embarking on this step in the next week or two. Then, we will begin work with a representative from the Diocese about the nitty gritty of what all of this means in our search for a new rector. 

That’s all I have time for today. More next week! And don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions.

Much love and many blessings,

Anna G. & Rosemary 


From Deacon Kathryn: Shout out to Deborah Beebe and Lynette Clark, who together handled the Food Drive last Saturday morning! And thanks also to the stalwarts who brought in donations. The next Food Drive will be Saturday, October 1, 11-12. We are ever grateful for your generosity – I know it’s not always easy. Unfortunately the need is not only still there, it is increasing.  Updated Manna Food Center List Link

Normally I would be going down to St Thomas Church to bring our donations to the immigrants this Saturday, but I have to attend a day-long meeting on Tending Our Soil. Of course you don’t need me to go; you just need to go down to St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Dupont Circle. If you have any questions about it, you can email me at deacon@gsecmd.org, or call me at 202-510-3716. 

Immigrants from south of the border:  Thank you so much for the many generous donations. The most urgent current needs are small and medium sized adult underwear and socks (unworn) and bras (lightly worn ok). They can also use more toiletries, shoes, belts and diapers. We will collect these items JUST AS WE DO FOOD: You can bring it to the bins in the narthex or to the next Food Drive. Money is of course always helpful too  (link directly to St Thomas Dupont Circle). Money helps in particular with cell phone service and data.

Shepherd's Table: You can volunteer (in person) to serve meals (breakfast, lunch or dinner) at Progress Place (downtown Silver Spring) or hand out prepared meals for families at Parkland Middle School and Riverdale Elementary School!! You must sign up on the service hub: https://shepherdstable.volunteerhub.com and if you need assistance, please let Debbie Beebe know (240-393-5614)

Support for Ukraine and those affected by Hurricane Fiona

1. Episcopal Relief and Development - https://www.episcopalrelief.org/ukraine-crisis or https://support.episcopalrelief.org/hurricane-relief/

2. Razom for Ukraine - https://razomforukraine.org


The Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

First Lesson: Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15

Psalm: 91:1-6, 14-16

Second Lesson: 1 Timothy 6:6-19

The Gospel: Luke 16:19-31

The Week of September 25, 2022

Sun 9/25 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom 9 am, Choir Rehearsal 9 am,  in-person at GSEC 10:30 am, BS Troop 97 3 pm, M de Vida 5 pm

Mon 9/26  M de Vida service, 5 pm, BS Pack 249 6 pm

Tues 9/27 SDA service 6 pm,

Wed 9/28 Bible Study 11:30 am

Thur 9/29  M de Vida 5 pm,

Fri 9/30 Parish Office closed, SDA 6 pm

Sat 10/1  SDA service 9 am, Food Drive 11 am, M de Vida 5 pm, SDA 6 pm

Sun 10/2 Virtual Eucharist via Zoom 9:00 am, Choir Rehearsal 9 amin-person at GSEC 10:30 am, Buen Pastor 1pm, BS Troop 97 3 pm, M de Vida 5 pm


Frank Desmond (GS member),  Lynette Clark (GS member), John Elliott (GS member), Joan DeMoss (GS member), Ethen O'Brien (family of Lynette Clark).

Names of Family and Friends will remain on the list for 4 weeks.

Zoom Readers ( 9 am):

Sept 25 Greg Wood, Lillian Luksenburg

Oct 2 Elspeth Nunn

Oct 9 Richard Nunn

Oct 16 Ray Groshong

Oct 23 Deena Groshong

Oct 30 Araba Pobee

LEM & Lector

Sept 25 Diane Russell

Oct 2 Liz Cocke, Elisa Elliot

Oct 9 Debbie Beebe, Jasciel Stamp

Oct 16 Linda Campo, Florence Walters

Oct 23 Donna Clemons-Sacks, Elspeth Nunn

Oct 30 Diane Russell, Dorothy Turner-Jones

September 25-October 1 Birthdays: Shannon Botts, Sarah Janesko, Deborah Stroman


Sept 25 Grace Jallah, Rosemond Cole

Oct 2 Diane Janesko, Shaun Hardy

Oct 9 Eric Reiffenstein, Sal Campo

Oct 16 Patricia Dorn, Florence Walters

Oct 23 Joan Lewis, Kirk Franklin

Oct 30 Grace Jallah, Rosemond Cole

Vestry on Duty

Sept 25 Nina Scott

Oct 2 Peter Beyer

Oct 9 Jasciel Stamp

Oct 16 Florence Walters

Oct 23 Ray Battistelli

Oct 30 Rosemary Addy

Clergy & Staff

Interim Rector
The Rev. Anna Olson

The Rev. Kathryn McMahon

Organist & Choirmaster
George Drumwright

Parish Administrator
Lynn Hutcheson
Vestry & Delegates
Senior Warden
Anna Gilcher

Junior Warden
Rosemary Addy

Lynette Clark
Nina Scott
Vanvisa Sivali
Peter Beyer
JasCiel Stamp
Florence Walters
Ray Battistelli
Debbie Beebe
Becky Parks

Cecily Thorne
Ray Groshong
Counters & Recorders (All serve on a rotating schedule, two counters and one recorder each Sunday)

Ray Battistelli
Elisa Elliot
Kirk Franklin 
Becky Parks
John Rees
Vanvisa Sivali
Florence Walters
Greg Wood
Jim Woodhams
Allen Wyrick
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